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In the Bazaars of Hyderabad Question Answer for class 8 English Literature

-Sarojini Naidu.

Reference to The Context

(1) What do you sell, O ye Merchants? Richly your wares are displayed.

Q ( a ):    Where are the merchants? What are they doing ?

Ans. :    The merchants were in the Bazaars of Hyderabad.They were selling costly goods.

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Q ( b ):    Name the goods on sell in this patricular shop.Describe their colourful appearance.

Ans. :    The goods on sell were turban, tunics, mirrors and daggers. The turbans were red and silver colour, tunics were made of shining purple brocade , mirrors were framed with yellow amber and the daggers had handles of jade.

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Q ( c ):    Give the meaning of mirrors with panels of amber.

Ans. :    The mirrors sold by the merchants in the bazaar were framed with a yellow colour stone.

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Q ( d ):    Who are likely to buy the tunics of purple brocade and daggers with handles of jade?

Ans. :    Rich mens of Hyderabad like the Nizams and the noble were to buy these costly items.

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(2) What do you sell, O ye Merchants? Richly your wares are displayed.

Q ( a ):    How are the flowers used both in happy and sad occasion?

Ans. :    The flower girls were selling flowers for both happy and sad occasion. They were making crown and garlands for the marriage ceremony. Chaplets were made to decorate the bed of bridegroom .The flowers girls were also making a sheets of white flower to cover the dead bodies.

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Q ( b  ):    What are the flower girls selling?

Ans. :    The flower girls are selling tasstles of blue and red colour flowers, crowns for the bridegroom , chaplets to decorate the bed of the bridegroom and sheets of white flower to cover the dead body

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Q ( c ):    For what purpose were the crowns chaplets and garlands used?

Ans. :    The crowns were used for the brow of a bridegroom ,chaplets and garland were used to decorate the bed a bridegroom.

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(3) What do you weigh , O ye vendors?

Q ( a  ):    What items mentioned in the extract are sold by weight and what items are sold by numbers?

Ans. :    Saffron , tentil ,rice , sandalwood,henna and spices are sold by weight.Chessmen and ivory doce are sold by number.

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Q ( b ):    Name two items of entertainment sold there?

Ans. :    Chessmen and wory dice are the two items of entertainment sold in the bazaar

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Q ( c  ):    What are vendors and pedlars

Ans. :    Vendors and peddlars referred to the sellers to go about with goods for sell.

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(4) What do you make , O ye goldsmiths ?

Q ( a):    What type of shop is referred to in the extract?

Ans. :    It reffers to the gold shop where gold ornaments are being made.

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Q ( b):    What do you understand by gerdles and scabbards?

Ans. :    Girdles are the ornaments worn around the waist by the dancers and scabbards are the sword cases used to keep the sword by the kings

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Q ( c):    What items made of gold were on sell ?

Ans. :    The Goldsmiths are selling wristlet, anklet, rings , girles for dancers, scabbard for the king and bells for the feet of blue pigeons.

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Q ( d):    What is meant by , 'Frail as a dragon-fly's wing.'?

Ans. :    The above phrase means that the goldsmith makes small golden bells as delicate as the wing of dragon fly .These bells are used for the feet of blue pigeons.

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Q ( e):    What items on sell were used by king, dancers and other people?

Ans. :    King used the scabbrd made of gold dancers used girdles and wristlet, anklet, ring are puchased by all the rich people.

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Question: Make a list of food items and cosmetics items in the extract .

Ans: The food items are lentil, rice, spices and saffron.The cosmetic items are sandalwood , henna and saffron


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