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How to Learn How to Make Simple Posters for the topic promotion of Indian language

A question asked by a persone is reproduced here :

How to prepare poster for the topic promotion of Indian language art and culture?

This is an Example of a simple poster that I created for my youtube video.

How to prepare poster for the topic promotion of Indian language

How to Prepare posters:

How to prepare posters for the topic promotion of Indian language art and culture? Poster art and design is something that Indian language art and culture professionals spend most of their time in. Creating effective posters is a difficult task especially in such a short time frame. Making sure that your art and posters is effective is important. It is necessary to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes in your posters and that they are easy to understand and use. There is a saying in business "If you want to sell, then have to make sure that the poster does not look like an email".

In fact, even though an art and culture professional spends most of his life designing posters for the Indian language topic, he doesn't have the time to design complex posters that a graphic designer does. A good graphic designer can spend up to 2 years designing an intricate poster for an Indian language topic. However, an art and culture professional can spend less than an hour in making a simple poster for the same topic.

As I mentioned earlier, an art and culture professional is better off making simple posters that the graphic designer makes. The reason is simple - the graphic designer spends most of his time in making graphics for his emails, posters and banners. Making simple posters is all that he has time for.

For a graphics professional, making simple posters is all that he has time for.

First Make Simple Posters:

So, if you are planning to become an art and culture professional, you must learn how to make simple posters. I would like to tell you the steps that I took to learn how to make simple posters.

Watch News Papers and Magazine to adopt better design:

Firstly, find out a suitable Indian language paper for making simple posters. I would suggest using a poster paper that has English as the main language. Then, check out some relevant Indian paper products that you can use for making simple posters and print them out. If you are a graphic professional, you can design graphics using Microsoft Front Page, powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat. Besides this there are many online websites for creting posters e.g. . If you are an art and culture professional, you can use other graphic software for designing simple posters.

I have designed it at
How to Learn How to Make Simple Posters at canva

After printing out the relevant Indian paper products, you can tape them up and put them on a cardboard box. This is called as a cardboard box and it has a purpose. It is meant to protect your Indian paper products and it is also meant to make your work look more professional.

Lastly, you can then tape up a few simple posters and post your back. You can then use them as freebie as favor. You can use the posters to advertise your Indian business and products. You can also place them in public places for people to see.

So, that is how you learn how to make simple posters. Have fun with it and do not be in a rush to make many posters. Just do enough to enjoy the craft.


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