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A Little Grain Of Gold Question and Answers Class 4 ICSE

Question 1.Why does the poet compare the golden chariot in the distance to a gorgeous dream?

Answer 1.The poet compared the golden chariot in the distance to a gorgeous dream because the chariot was extremely beautiful and the owner of the chariot will provide him alms.

Question 2. Why does the poet call the rider on the chariot king of all kings?

Answer 2.The poet call the rider on the chariot king of all kings because he expected that all his poverty days will come to an end when arms will be given to him unasked from the owner of the chariot.

Question 3. What makes the poet's hopes rise on seeing the visitor on the chariot?

Answer 3.The poet's hope rises on saying the visitor of the chariot because he will provide him the means which will end his poverty.

Question 4. Why is the poet filled with sorrow on discovering the grain of gold?

Answer 4.

Question 5. Where did the chariot stop?

Answer 5.The chariot appeared in the distance like a gorgeous dream and the poet wonddered who was this king of all kings.

Question 6. Why did the man think his evil days were at an end?

Answer 6.The man thought thought that his evil days where at an end because he felt that his luck of life had come to him which will end his poverty .

Question 7. What does kingly JEST mean?Who said what hast thou to give to me?

Answer 7.The meaning of kingly JEST is royal joke.The given line had been said by the king to the beggar.

1-"The chariot stopped where I stood. Thy glance fell on me and thou camest down with a smile .I felt that the luck of my life had come at last. Then all of a sudden thou didst hold out the right hand and say what the has to give to me."
Question a. Where did the chariot stop?

Answer a.The chariot appeared in the distance like a gorgeous.

Question b. Who came down with a smile?

Answer b.The rider of the chariot who is the king came down with a smile.

Question c. What did he feel?

Answer c.The speaker felt that the luck of his life had come at last.

Question d. The speaker felt that the luck of his life had come at last.

Answer d.The poet took out little grain of corn and give it to the king.

2-"But how great my surprise when at the day's end I emptied my bag on the floor to find a least little grain of gold among the poor heap. I bitterly wept and waste that I had had the heart to give thee my all."
Question a. What was the surprise?

Answer a.The surprise was that the king asked something from the beggar to give to him.

Question b. Why did the poet weep?

Answer b.The poet wept because he offered little amount of grain which turned to gold. If he had provided a larger amount then it would have turned into gold.

Question c. Name the poem and its poet.

Answer c.Name the poem and its poet.

3-" My hopes rose high and me thought my evil days where at an end and I stood waiting for arms to be given an asked and for wealth scattered on all sides in the dust."
Question a. Why did the speakers hopes rise high?

Answer a.The speaker's hopes rose high because the visitor from the chariot would provide him alms that would end his poor days.

Question b. What was the speaker waiting for?

Answer b.The speaker was waiting for the alms given to him asked from the king.

Question c. Which word in the above line means something unpleasant?

Answer c.The word in the above lines which means something unpleasant is evil.

Question d. What does "at and end means"?

Answer d.The words at an end means that it has come to an end.

4-"Ah what a kingly just was it to open diaper to a beggar to beg I was confused and stood and decided and then from my wallet I slowly took out the least little grain of corn and give it to thee."
Question a. What does kingly jest mean?

Answer a.Kingly jest means joke which is royal.

Question b. Why was the speaker confused?

Answer b.The speaker was confused because the king asked alms from him.

Question c. What did he take out from his wallet?

Answer c.The poet took out a little grains of corn from his wallet.

Question d. Which figure of speech is used in the above lines?

Answer d.The figure of speech used in the above lines is alliteration that is present in the words beggar to bed and the least little grain.


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