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If Thou Must Love Me Sonnet XIV Reference to the Context Class 9 & 10 ICSE

1- " If thou must love me, let it be for nought ..... A sense of pleasant ease on such a day." Question a. What does the speaker mean by saying let it be for not? How does the speaker want her lover to love her? Answer a.  The poet asks her lover not to love her for the sake of apparent love. She wants her lover to love her with genuine and unconditional affection. Question b. What are the things she does not want to be loved for? Answer b. The poet does not want to be loved for her superficial qualities like smile and good looks and way of speaking and so on. Question c. What is the reason for asking her lover not to love her for those particular traits? Answer c. The poet feels that if he loves her for her superficial attributes then the love would diminish when her superficial qualities will fade away. Question d. Give the meaning of: 1- For a trick of thought.2-A sense of pleasant ease on such a day. Answer d. 1: A particular way of thinking which may m

A Little Grain Of Gold Question and Answers Class 4 ICSE

Question 1. Why does the poet compare the golden chariot in the distance to a gorgeous dream? Answer 1. The poet compared the golden chariot in the distance to a gorgeous dream because the chariot was extremely beautiful and the owner of the chariot will provide him alms. Question 2. Why does the poet call the rider on the chariot king of all kings? Answer 2. The poet call the rider on the chariot king of all kings because he expected that all his poverty days will come to an end when arms will be given to him unasked from the owner of the chariot. Question 3. What makes the poet's hopes rise on seeing the visitor on the chariot? Answer 3. The poet's hope rises on saying the visitor of the chariot because he will provide him the means which will end his poverty. Question 4. Why is the poet filled with sorrow on discovering the grain of gold? Answer 4. Question 5. Where did the chariot stop? Answer 5. The chariot appeared in the distance like a gorgeous dream

The House On the Heath Questions and Answers Class 4 ICSE

QUESTION ANSWER Question 1. Where the chase children arrived after their journey? Answer 1. The Chase children arrived in London on a cold, wet dark evening after their journey from the north. Question 2. What were their expectations after arriving in London? Answer 2. Children expected to be met at the station but no one was there for them. They waited and waited, while the evening grew darker and their toes and noses colder. Question 3. What are the name of the children? State their condition on arriving in London? Answer 3. The chase children are four in numbers. Sally, elder girl put her pet dog Snippet inside her coat to keep him warm but he still shivered. Kiwi, a boy stood on the sides of his feet and hung his head, like a tired pony. John seems to be the eldest who frowned and Jinny was the youngest of them all. Question 4. What did the Children do after waiting for long? Answer 4. After waiting for a long time, John took the decision at last to take a taxi. Qu

9. Hindi meaning of Official Words in English ऑफिस में प्रयोग होने वाले ...

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8. Hindi Dictation (IMLA) Writing Practice - तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास

This Hindi dictation video is tried to provide practice of hard Hindi words (तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास ). The dictation was created in set of three hards words. E.G three words are dictated at a time with a provision of time so that learner can write them. After that those words are written so that you may check and correct those. -These words are those type in which mistakes are done by many learner.