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My Childhood Question Answer Class 4 ICSE

Question 1. Which line in the lesson tells us that life in those days was simple? Answer 1. The line that tells us that life in those days was simple , " The standard of living was then, as a whole, much more simple than it is now." Question 2. What did the servants do to save themselves from troubles? Answer 2. The children were under the rule of the servants . To save themselves from troubles they suppressed their right of free movement. Question 3. When did the Children complain? Answer 3. The children never complained for being less properly dressed except when old Niyamat, the tailor, would forget to put a pocket into one of their tunics. Question 4. Why does the writer say, "Nothing ever came so easily to us"? Answer 4. The elders of the children used to maintain a distance from them. They were beyond their reach. Children hardly used to spend time with them. So, certain desirable things were obtained by them in difficulty. Question 5. What was

Reference to the Context Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Class 9 & 10 ICSE

1- "Whose Woods these are I think I know His house is in the village ..... To watch his Woods fill up with snow. " Question a. Whose woods are referred to in the above lines question mark why has the speaker stopped by the Woods? Answer a. The neighbour's wood has been referred in the given lines. The beauty of the woods were very enchanting and so the speaker stopped by the wood. Question b. Who will not see the speaker stopping by the woods? The woods are lovely, but its owner stays in his house in the village. Comment on this situation. Answer b. In the given extract a coldest evening has been referred by the poet. The real owner of the Woods chose to stay at home covered in his blanket and protected, unlike the speaker who decided to venture in the woods and enjoy its beauty. Question c. What do the words:woods and the village symbolise in the poem? Answer c. In the given extract woods symbolizes pleasing enjoyment, the darkness of ignorance a

Small Pain in My Chest Reference to the Context Class 9,10 ICSE

1- "The soldier boy was sitting calmly underneath........ figutes on the ground lay still by morning's light" Question a. Why was the soldier boy sitting underneath a tree during the war? Answer a. The soldier boy was sitting underneath a tree as he was fatally wounded in the war. He was unable to move on therefore he confined himself to the tree's shade. Question b. What is meant by 'sitting calmly'?What does it show about the condition of the soldier? Answer b. The meaning of the given phrase is that the soldier was completely exhausted to move on about himself, therefore, he sat down calmly underneath the tree. The condition ofd the soldier was tremendously horrifying as war left him so much disabled that he was unable to get up by himself. Question c. Why does the soldier ask the narrator to come near him? Answer c. The soldier boy asked the narrator to come near him to get some help. Question d. How can you conclude that 'the batt

Kabuliwala Reference to the Context Class 9 & 10 ICSE

1- "Before I could begin to enlighten her on the differences between.........who is Mum to you." Question a. With reference to the extract, name the father and the daughter. from the daughter's questions, what can you conclude about her character? Answer a. In the given extract the father is the narrator and Mini is the name of the narrator's daughter. It can be concluded from the daughter's questions that she is a talkative girl always bursting with questions. Question b. In the story, there are two fathers. Compare them as far as their professions are concerned. Answer b. The two fathers in the story are the narrator and Rahmat. The narrator is an author by profession whereas Rahamat is a pedlar who used to bring seasonal goods from his own country. Question c. Whichis one of the most important traits of the daughter'sn character?How does her father react to? Answer c. The most important traits of the daughter's character are that sh

God lives in the Panch Reference to context Class 9 & 10 ICSE

1- "The friendship was not the outcome of any sudden impulse........or you'll spoil him, is what he used to say." Question a. Give examples from the story to show that Alagu and Juman were fast friends? Answer a. Alagu and Jumman were intimate friends.They used to till their lands in common, were partners in money lending business and used to take care of each other's household, in case of either's absence. Question b. What was the secret of their mutual trust and confidence? Answer b. The secret of their mutual trust and confidence was that they possessed common outlook and community of ideas. Question c. What kind of teacher was Jumman's father?What result did his percepts produce on his son? Answer c. Jumman Sheikh's father was a strict teacher who possessed conviction that" Don't spare the rod or you will spoil him". Due to the strict teaching of Jumman's father, Jumman achieved scholarships and success in his life.

The Last Leaf Reference to the Context Class 9 &10 ICSE

1- "This way people have of lining up on the side of the undertaker makes...........a man for instance." Question a. Who is the first speaker in the extract?What kind of a man is he? Answer a. The first speaker in the given extract is "doctor". The doctor was skeptical about his curative powers because he felt it is very difficult to treat a sinking patients who has lost all hopes of survival. Question b. Who is the 'little lady' referred to in the extract?What is she suffering from? Answer b. The little lady is referred to Johnsy. Johnsy was suffering from pneumonia that was an epidemic in the country. Question c. What chances does this'little lady; have of recovering? Why? Answer c. According to the doctor, thwe chances of survival for Johnsy was very slim. She was not only suffering from deadly pneumonia but was also hovering around the borderline of pacimism Question d. What does Sue reply to the first speaker's last ques

The Professor Reference to the Context Class 9& 10 ICSE

1- "By God's grace,all my children ..........must have a black sheep" Question a. ? Answer a. In the given line "all my children / are well settled in life", the speaker meant that his children have been successful in getting a job and they have got settled down in their life. Question b. What does the speaker want to convey when he says , "Both have cars"?What does it convey about the Indian society? Answer b. The speaker desired to convey about his children's success as they both possessed cars and have got established in their life. It conveys the usual boasting of property and status by the Indians. Question c. What is the 'Other referred to in the above lines? What does the speaker say that he is not doing good "so well"? Answer c. Other is referred to the third son of the speaker in the given line the speaker says that he is not doing good which means he is trying to achieve success in his life. Question d. What do

50.अं ं और अः ः के बारे में और अंतर About Hindi ं and ः also D...

This video of Hindi is the most demanded one by commenters. Understanding ANG and AH [ ं और अः ः ] for many learner is difficult. They usually get confused with Chandrabindu and Bindu ( ं ). This has been clarified in a more simple way. They also want to know about Difference between ANG and AH [ अं और अः के बारे में और अंतर ]. In Hindi this is called अयोगवाह . अं is called ANUSWAR अनुस्वार and अः is called विसर्ग. Word example of अनुस्वार are: अंत अण्डा गङ्गा कम्पन चञ्चल Word example of विसर्ग are: क्रमशः रामः, प्रातः, अतः, सम्भवतः,

Reference to the Context Doctor's Journal English Literature Poem Class 10

1. "The morning stretched calm, beautiful and warm...... Magnesium flares ?." Question a. How is the morning described in the extract? In what mood was the narrator? Answer a. the poet begins the narration on a peaceful note. When the day dawnedit was come, beautiful and warm full stop the narrator was come and he relaxed himself by usual stretching of his hands and body after waking up from sleep. Question b. What started the narrator? What did he think of it? Answer b. the narrator was startled by two sudden splashes which took place one by one. He wondered about the flares of magnesium whether it is seen during a war. Question c. What was the impact of the explosion on the place and the people? Answer c. the roof and the wall of the building collapsed and the Deborah got started all around the narrator. All his under shirt and his drawers got burnt. He was totally confused and was incapable of understanding the situation that time. Question d. How much did

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8. Hindi Dictation (IMLA) Writing Practice - तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास

This Hindi dictation video is tried to provide practice of hard Hindi words (तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास ). The dictation was created in set of three hards words. E.G three words are dictated at a time with a provision of time so that learner can write them. After that those words are written so that you may check and correct those. -These words are those type in which mistakes are done by many learner.