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Summary of the poem "Small Pain in my Chest" by Narrator Class 9 & 10

SUMMARY OF THE POEM "SMAIL PAIN IN MY CHEST" STANZA 1:LINE 1 TO 4: "The Soldier boy was sitting calmly ........lay still by morning lights." EXPLANATION: The soldier boy was sitting calmly underneath that tree.As the narrator approached him(or walked towards him) ,he could see him signalling to him to go towards him(soldier boy).The battle had been a stiff one that lasted through the night and numbers of dead bodies were lying on the battlefield. STANZA 2:LINE 5 TO 8: "I wonder if you'd help me sir,........for I have a small pain in my chest." EXPLANATION: The soldier boy wondered if narrator would help him.He gave a best possible smile to narrator maybe to hide his pain.He asked narrator for a sip of which could give him a slight relief.He along with his soldeir colleagues fought the batlle all throughout the night without any scarce rest.The soldier asked narrator only a sip of water for he had a small pain in his chest. STANZA 3:LINE 9 TO 12

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8. Hindi Dictation (IMLA) Writing Practice - तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास

This Hindi dictation video is tried to provide practice of hard Hindi words (तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास ). The dictation was created in set of three hards words. E.G three words are dictated at a time with a provision of time so that learner can write them. After that those words are written so that you may check and correct those. -These words are those type in which mistakes are done by many learner.