Sep 18, 2018

Hindi Writing Practice Dictation IMLA-10 video Practice session

Sentence by sentence Hindi dictation (IMLA) is compiled in these videos. The videos have been made such that it dose not need help of parents or any other to the learner. This is the first part. It will be continued upto minimum 10 videos

Take a paper and pen. Start listening and writing. Repeat the the video practice two or three time. I am confident that you will get lot of confidence for Hindi writing.

This video is about a diary of a boy ; who landed to Japan by air and expresses his first experience about Japan. It is very interesting. The fourth part will also be taken from this diary.

This Hindi dictation is about a letter written to the principal of a school for scholarship by a students. This dictation have few hard Hindi words. It will help students to learn and get practice for Hindi writing

In this dictation a topic of essay chosen ; which is AIM OF LIFE. You will also be excited to know the fact of these sentences.

This dictation (IMLA) of Hindi is about lucidity of language. Hard words can never be turn an article into an effective creation but the easy understanding of the article can fill life , emotion and attraction in the article.

....Next 4 videos will be published here.........
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Sep 8, 2018

4. He said, "When is the next train?"-Change Narration

17. He said, "When is the next train?"

Ans.: He asked when the next train was.

18. "Where is your little companion?" He said to the children.

Ans.: He asked children where their little companion was.

19. He said to me, "Are you well?"

Ans.: He asked me if he was well.

20. He said, "Do you know me?"

Ans.: He asked if she knew her.

21. Ram said to hurry , "Will you go there?"

Ans.: Ram asked Hari if he would go there.

22. The teacher said , " why are you late Ram?"

Ans.: The teacher asked Ram why he was late.

23. He said , , " Is it day or night?"

Ans.: He asked if it was day or night .

24. " Will you be here for the next five minutes?" He said, "yes", I answered.

Ans.: He asked me if I would be there for the next five minutes and I answered yes.

 4. He said, "When is the next train?"-Change Narration

25. The teacher said , " Who does own this office book?"

Ans.: The teacher asked who owned that office book .

26. " Do you like this ?" He said ,"yes", I answered.

Ans.: He asked me if he like that and I answered yes.

27. He said, " Will you come to the cinema?" ,I said ,"yes."

Ans.: He asked me if I would come to the cinema and I answered yes.

28. I said to him, " Have you prepared your lesson? ",He replied, "yes."

Ans.: I asked him if he had prepared his lessons and he answered yes .

29. Sumita said to Prabal , "good morning.How are you?"

Ans.: Sumita wished Prabal good morning and asked how he was .

30. The boy said to the teacher , " May I enter the class, sir?"

Ans.: The boy asked the teacher if he might enterthe class.

31. He said , " Do you know who is coming? "

Ans.: He asked me weather I knew who was coming .

32. Hello! he said, "Do you need any help?"

Ans.: He wished me hello and asked if I needed any help.

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