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1.Ram says, " I am ill" (Change Narration) Ans. Ram says that he is ill. 2. He said, " I have seen a ghost." Ans. : He said that he had seen a ghost .3.The teacher said to me, "You are wrong'" Ans.:The teacher said to me that I was wrong .4. He said , " I lived many years in China." Ans.: He said that he had lived many years in China.5. He said,"I shall not go there." Ans.: He said that he would not go there.6. He said," I must go home now." Ans.: He said that he must went home then.7. He said , " I wrote to her the day before." Ans.: He said that he had written to her the day before the previous day.8.He has said," I am very sorry." Ans.: He said that he is very ill. 9.He will say," I am very sorry." Ans.: He will say he is very sorry.10. He said , " I shall go tomorrow." Ans.: He said that he should go home the next day.11. He said, "I will do it.…

1. He said I wonder if I will meet those officers again. (Begin: He wondered that....) Ans.He wondered if he would meet those officers again. 2. To squander away your money is very disappointing. (begin it is.. ) Ans. It is very disappointing that you are squandering away your money. .3.This is the best book that I have read. (begin: I have not read....) Ans. I have not read any other best book than this.4. Do not be greedy and you will be happy. (Begin : If ....) Ans. if you will not be greedy you will be happy.5.This is not the way a gentleman should behave. (Begin : Is that....) Ans. Is that a way a gentleman should behave.6. First deserve then Desire. (begin Don't Desire....) Ans.Don't desire when you don't deserve. 7.Hospital staff must admit all emergency cases. ( Begin: All emergency cases....) Ans. All emergency cases must be admitted by all hospitals. .8."I have had fever for many days, doctor", said he. ( Begin: He said to the doctor th…

1. The ministers are holding a meeting tomorrow. (Begin : a meeting.._) Ans. A meeting is being held by the ministers tomorrow.2. Nobody has behaved with us like this before. (Begin :Never...) Ans. Never anyone has behaved with us like this before.3.So father, you will buy the house as I have been suggesting"' she said. (BEGIN:she reminded....) Ans. She reminded her father to buy the house as she had been suggesting to him.4. To know if tomorrow will be fine is impossible . (Begin : It is.....) Ans. It is impossible to know if tomorrow will be fine. 5.Very few cities are as big as Kolkata. (Begin : biggest....) Ans. Kolkata is one of the biggest city.6.Didn't I meet you in the library yesterday? (END:Didn't I....) (END:Didn't I....) Ans. I meet you in the library yesterday, didn't I?7.Who will not help a man in distress? (Anybody....) (Anybody....) Ans. Anybody will help a man in distress.8.We found a few boys in the class. (USE:Many boys....) ( USE:…

The question is reprouduced here.Find the smallest 6 digit number Which is exactly divisible by 175smallest 6-digit number= 100000Hint: smallest 6-digit number is 1 with 0 written 5 times. Smallest 1-digit number is 1. Smallest 2-digit number is 10 , Smallest 3-digit number is 100 and so on . 100000/175
Quotient= 571
Remainder= 75
The required number = 100000-75
=99925 Hint: Remainder is the excess amount in the dividend (100000). Therefore this excess amount is deducted to get the exact dividend divisible by 175.