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Percentage Class 7 Mathematics with sum explanation

This video contains following explanation. 1. Introduction about percentage. 2.Relation between percentage and fraction. 3.Conversion from percentage to fraction, percentage to decimal and vice versa. 4. Smaller unit of various quantity as a percentage of its larger unit. e.g. Paise as a percentage of Rupee, centimeter as a percentage of meter. 4. A quantity as a percentage of another quantity. This video has explanation about these sums of percentage class 7 Mathematics. 1 Convert 7/16 into Percentage. 2. Convert 0.35 into percentage. 3. Covert 1:4 into percentage. 4. Convert 27 1/2 % into fraction. 5. Express 23 1/5 as decimal. 6. 16 2/3 % of length is 200 m find the length. 7. Find x . if x% of Rs 100 = 16. 8 . IF a number 500 is reduced to 425. Find the percentage reduction. 9. A sum of Rs 1000 first increases by 12 1/2%. Then resulting sum decreased by 10%. Find the resulting sum.

Ratio Mathematics ICSE Tutorial Class 7

There are four videos of Ratio class 7. Few sums have also been explained with very easy steps. If there are any doubts then comment below. We will try to clear those doubts. 1. Understanding Ratio: 2. Comparing Ratio Basic and Shortcut method: 3. Compound Ratio , continued Ratio Dividing a number in a given Ratio: 4. Solution of few problem of ratio: These sums of Ratio class 7 have been discussed in this video: 1. write in simplest form 72:108, 1/6:1/2, 15cm to 4m. 2. Population of a village is 32400. The ratio of literate to illiterate person in the village is 11:7. Find the actual number of literate person and illiterate person. . 3. If a, b and c are three numbers such that a:b=4:9 and b:c=27:35. Find a:c 4. In what ratio should we increase 650 to obtain 1000.

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8. Hindi Dictation (IMLA) Writing Practice - तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास

This Hindi dictation video is tried to provide practice of hard Hindi words (तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास ). The dictation was created in set of three hards words. E.G three words are dictated at a time with a provision of time so that learner can write them. After that those words are written so that you may check and correct those. -These words are those type in which mistakes are done by many learner.