Dec 2, 2018

Paraphrase of The Merchant Of Venice ACT 1 SCENE 2 Class 9,10

Act 1 Scene 2:Belmont, A room in Portia's house

Enter Portia and Nerissa

Line 1 to 2;Speech of Portia:

By my faith Nerissa my little body is tired of tired of this great world.

Line 3 to 10;Speech of Nerissa:

You would be happy if your miseries were in same amount as your good fortunes and I had seen people who are as much gloomy having every facilities as people having nothing.Your happiness would not decrease if your status is in mid way between poverty and riches.Those who have too much of anything will age sooner but those who have enough lives longer.

Line 11;Speech of Portia:

Good sentences and told in proper way.

Line 12;Speech of Nerissa:

They would be better if these sentences are followed or obeyed.

Line 13 to 29;Speech of Portia:

If knowing the good advice was as easy as to follow then chapels would have been churches and poor men's cottages would have been prince's palaces.It is a good preacher who follows his own advices.I can easily teach these twenty people than being one of them to follow my own teaching.The brain may devise laws for body but the heat of desire over leaps these cold laws.Youthful high spirits are like hare which easily leaps over the nets of limping good advice.But this reasoning is not enough to choose a husband for me.Oh, me the word "choose",I may neither choose whom I like nor refuse whom I dislike.Therefore the will of the living daughter curbed by will of a dead father.Is it not hard Nerissa that I can Neither choose nor refuse.

Line 30 to 40; Speech of Nerissa:

Your father was always virtuous and holy men at their matured age have divine guidance. Therefore the lottery he had devised for you in these three casket of gold ,silver and lead is for choosing the person who shall rightly love you. The meaning of the line inscribed on each casket must understand the meaning.but what warmth is there in your feeling toward these suitors that have already come here.

Line 41 to 44 ; Speech of Portia:

I request you to name them and as you name them I will describe them and According to my description level my affection for them.

Line 45 ; Speech of Nerissa:

First there is Neapolitan prince

Line 46 to 49; Speech of Portia:

Ay that an inexperienced young man like young horse , For he does nothing but talk only of his horse and he thinks it an appreciable job that he can shoe his own horse.

Line 50 ; Speech of Nerissa:

Then is the County Palatine

Line 51 to 59; Speech of Portia:

He does nothing but frown as if he would say "An you will not have me?choose"He hears merry tales and smiles not .I fear he will become the most weeping man when he will grow older being so full of unpleasant gloom in his youth.I would rather like to marry to a dead white skull with bones in his mouth than either of these two .God protect me from these two.

Line 60 ; Speech of Nerissa:

How about the French lord Monsieur Le Bon?

Line 61 to 72; Speech of Portia:

God made him and let he be accepted as a man.In truth I know it is sin to be a mocker .But he has a horse better than Neapolitan and a better habit of frowing than the county one.He has other men characteristics but no personality of his own.If a throstle(thrush; a common English Bird) sings he immediately starts to jump up and down and fights with his own shadow with his sword. If I will marry him I am going to marry Twenty husbands as he has characters of twenty men in him.If he despise me I will forgive him but if he loves me passionately then I will not be able to return his love.

Line 73 to 74 ; Speech of Nerissa:

What about Falconbridge, the young Baron of England?

Line 75 to 84; Speech of Portia:

You know I don't speak to him for he does not understand my language nor I him.He knew neither Latin,French nor Italian and you are the witness in the case that I have very little knowledge in English.He is a fine young man but who is going to talk to a dumb-show.He dresses himself very strangely-I think He bought his jacket from Italy his breeches from France his hat from Germany and his manners from everywhere.

Line 85;Speech of nerissa :

What you think about the Scottish Lord his neighbour?

Line 86 to 92; Speech of Portia :

He had a charity for his neighbour for he borrowed a blow on his ear from the englishman and he sweared he would pay him again when he was able.THe Frenchman gurranteed that he would repay the debt.

Line 93 to 94; Speech of Nerissa:

How did you like the young German the Duke of Saxony's nephew?

Line 95 to 101; Speech of Portia :

Very bad condition in the morning when he is sober(normal) and in most bad condition when he is drunk in the afternoon .When he is in best condition then he is little worse than a man and when he is in worst condition then he is little better than a beast.If the worst thing that could ever happen that should happen but I hope I could manage to go with him.

Line 102 to 105; Speech of Nerissa:

If he chooses the right casket then if you refuse him then you are refusing to accept your father's will.

Line 106 to 111;Speech of Portia :

THerefore for the fear of the worst I request you to set a glass of Rhenish wine glass on the opposite casket for if the devil be within him and if he is not drunk then I know he will the casket with wine .I will do anything Nerissa but I don't want to get married to a drunkard.

Line 112 to 118; Speech of Nerissa:

You need not to fear lady that you will have to accept any of these lords ,they themselves acquainted to me their decision is to return to their home instead of troubling you unless to win by some other means other than this casket method.

Line 119 to 125; Speech of Portia :

If I have to live as old as Sibylla then I will live as pure as Diana unless I aam obtained by someone else by the method of my father's will.I am glad this crowd of suitors are reasonable for there is not one among them for whom I do not wish to be absent.I pray to God to grant them a fair departure.

Line 126 to 129; Speech of Nerissa:

Do you remember lady in your father's time a Venetian ,a scholar and a soldier that came in the company of Marquis of Montferrat?

Line 130 to 131;Speech of Portia :

Yes ,yes It was Bassanio I think it was his name.

Line 132 to 134;Speech of Nerissa:

True madam he of all the men that ever my foolish eyes looked upon was the best for deserving a fair lady.

Line 135 to 137;Speech of Portia :

I remember him well and I know he is worthy of your praise. [enter a servant] How now ,what's news?

Line 138 to 142 ; Speech of Servant :

The four strangers are expecting you madame to take their leave and there is a messenger the fifth one came from morocco ; who has been representative of his master and said that his master will be here tonight.

Line 139 to 151; Speech of Portia :

If I could welcome the fifth one as I am happy as to bid the other four farewell then I should be glad of his arrival .If he has the condition of a saint and complexion of a devil then he should rather shrive me than wive me While we shut on door for the suitor then another knocks at the door.

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Oct 6, 2018

5. Health is better than wealth -Transformation of Sentences

1.Health is better than wealth. (Use: preferable)

Ans. Health is preferable to wealth.

2. He took every care yet he died. (Use : In spite of....)

Ans.In spite of taking every care he died.

3.Does anyone like paying fine? (Use: No one......)

Ans. No one like paying fine.

4. Beside making a promise, he kept it. (Use: Not only, but also)

Ans. He not only made a promise but also he kept it.

5. This watch may be expensive but I will by it. (Begin : However......)

Ans. However expensive the watch maybe but I will buy it.

6. It would be sensible to take him to hospital, before he collapse. (Begin : We had......)

Ans.We had been sensible enough to take him to the hospital before he collapse.

7. You would help me greatly by your advice. (Begin : I would.....)

Ans. I would be greatly helped by your advice.

8. Reema is not the cleverest girl in the class. (Ends :......than Rima)

Ans. Many other girls are clever in the class then Reema.

9.He is not only a good orator , but also an excellent actor. (Begin : Besides being.......)

Ans. Besides being a good orator he is an excellent actor.

10. They said , " We are sure Anil was here last month." (Begin : They said......)

Ans. They said that they were sure that Anil was here last month.

11.To show disrespect to your teacher is not good. (Begin : It......_)

Ans. It is not good to show this respect to your teacher.

12.The result surprised everybody in the town. (Begin : The result took.....)

Ans. The result took everyone to surprise.

13.Sand and potash largely make glass. (Begin : glass is .....)

Ans. Glass is largely made of Sand and Potash.

14. Shut the gate at once," the manager said to the gentleman. (Begin : The manager ordered....)

Ans. The manager ordered the gentleman to shut the door at once.

15. You remembered to post the letter, didn't you. (Begin : you didn't .......)

Ans. You didn't remember to post the letter.

16. To sleep under a tree at night is not advisable. (Begin : It is ....)

Ans. It is not advisable not to sleep and directory and directory under a tree.

17. He is too old for the job. ( Remove "too")

Ans. He is so old that he cannot do the job.

18. He saw the police and ran away. (Begin : As soon as ......)

Ans. As soon as he saw the police then he ran away.

19. It does not matter if we lose. (Begin : What if....)

Ans. What if we lose that it.

20.He is sorrowful, but yet hopeful. (Begin : Notwithstanding.....)

Ans. Notwithstanding the fact that he was sorrowful but also helpful.

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Sep 18, 2018

Hindi Writing Practice Dictation IMLA-10 video Practice session

Sentence by sentence Hindi dictation (IMLA) is compiled in these videos. The videos have been made such that it dose not need help of parents or any other to the learner. This is the first part. It will be continued upto minimum 10 videos

Take a paper and pen. Start listening and writing. Repeat the the video practice two or three time. I am confident that you will get lot of confidence for Hindi writing.

This video is about a diary of a boy ; who landed to Japan by air and expresses his first experience about Japan. It is very interesting. The fourth part will also be taken from this diary.

This Hindi dictation is about a letter written to the principal of a school for scholarship by a students. This dictation have few hard Hindi words. It will help students to learn and get practice for Hindi writing

In this dictation a topic of essay chosen ; which is AIM OF LIFE. You will also be excited to know the fact of these sentences.

This dictation (IMLA) of Hindi is about lucidity of language. Hard words can never be turn an article into an effective creation but the easy understanding of the article can fill life , emotion and attraction in the article.

....Next 4 videos will be published here.........
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Sep 8, 2018

4. He said, "When is the next train?"-Change Narration

17. He said, "When is the next train?"

Ans.: He asked when the next train was.

18. "Where is your little companion?" He said to the children.

Ans.: He asked children where their little companion was.

19. He said to me, "Are you well?"

Ans.: He asked me if he was well.

20. He said, "Do you know me?"

Ans.: He asked if she knew her.

21. Ram said to hurry , "Will you go there?"

Ans.: Ram asked Hari if he would go there.

22. The teacher said , " why are you late Ram?"

Ans.: The teacher asked Ram why he was late.

23. He said , , " Is it day or night?"

Ans.: He asked if it was day or night .

24. " Will you be here for the next five minutes?" He said, "yes", I answered.

Ans.: He asked me if I would be there for the next five minutes and I answered yes.

 4. He said, "When is the next train?"-Change Narration

25. The teacher said , " Who does own this office book?"

Ans.: The teacher asked who owned that office book .

26. " Do you like this ?" He said ,"yes", I answered.

Ans.: He asked me if he like that and I answered yes.

27. He said, " Will you come to the cinema?" ,I said ,"yes."

Ans.: He asked me if I would come to the cinema and I answered yes.

28. I said to him, " Have you prepared your lesson? ",He replied, "yes."

Ans.: I asked him if he had prepared his lessons and he answered yes .

29. Sumita said to Prabal , "good morning.How are you?"

Ans.: Sumita wished Prabal good morning and asked how he was .

30. The boy said to the teacher , " May I enter the class, sir?"

Ans.: The boy asked the teacher if he might enterthe class.

31. He said , " Do you know who is coming? "

Ans.: He asked me weather I knew who was coming .

32. Hello! he said, "Do you need any help?"

Ans.: He wished me hello and asked if I needed any help.

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Aug 30, 2018

3. The teacher said to me, "You are wrong"-Change Narration

1.Ram says, " I am ill" (Change Narration)

Ans. Ram says that he is ill.

2. He said, " I have seen a ghost."

Ans. : He said that he had seen a ghost .

3.The teacher said to me, "You are wrong'"

Ans.:The teacher said to me that I was wrong .

4. He said , " I lived many years in China."

Ans.: He said that he had lived many years in China.

5. He said,"I shall not go there."

Ans.: He said that he would not go there.

6. He said," I must go home now."

Ans.: He said that he must went home then.

7. He said , " I wrote to her the day before."

Ans.: He said that he had written to her the day before the previous day.

8.He has said," I am very sorry."

Ans.: He said that he is very ill.

9.He will say," I am very sorry."

Ans.: He will say he is very sorry.

10. He said , " I shall go tomorrow."

Ans.: He said that he should go home the next day.

11. He said, "I will do it."

Ans.:He said that he would do it.

12. Raman said, "I must go."

Ans.: Raman said that he must went.

13. He said , "I have had my breakfast."

Ans.: He said that he had had his breakfast.

14. " I have lost my books and yours too." He told her.

Ans.: He told her that he had lost books and her too .

15. He said, " Why did you go there?"

Ans.: He asked why she had gone there.

16. He said, " Where is she going?"

Ans.: He asked where she was going.

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Aug 12, 2018

2 He said I wonder if I will meet those officers again Begin: He wondered that

1. He said I wonder if I will meet those officers again. (Begin: He wondered that....)

Ans.He wondered if he would meet those officers again.

2. To squander away your money is very disappointing. (begin it is.. )

Ans. It is very disappointing that you are squandering away your money. .

3.This is the best book that I have read. (begin: I have not read....)

Ans. I have not read any other best book than this.

4. Do not be greedy and you will be happy. (Begin : If ....)

He said I wonder if I will meet those officers again Begin: He wondered that

Ans. if you will not be greedy you will be happy.

5.This is not the way a gentleman should behave. (Begin : Is that....)

Ans. Is that a way a gentleman should behave.

6. First deserve then Desire. (begin Don't Desire....)

Ans.Don't desire when you don't deserve.

7.Hospital staff must admit all emergency cases. ( Begin: All emergency cases....)

Ans. All emergency cases must be admitted by all hospitals. .

8."I have had fever for many days, doctor", said he. ( Begin: He said to the doctor that....)

Ans. He said to the doctor that he had had fever for many days.

9. She said, "I think I may complete this project tomorrow ." (Begin : She said that ......)

Ans. She said that she thought she might complete that project the next day.

10.To destroy the wildlife is unwise. (begin : . (Begin :it is......)

Ans. It is unwise to destroy the wildlife.

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Aug 10, 2018

1. The ministers are holding a meeting tomorrow. Begin with : A meeting

1. The ministers are holding a meeting tomorrow. (Begin : a meeting.._)

Ans. A meeting is being held by the ministers tomorrow.

2. Nobody has behaved with us like this before. (Begin :Never...)

Ans. Never anyone has behaved with us like this before.

3.So father, you will buy the house as I have been suggesting"' she said. (BEGIN:she reminded....)

Ans. She reminded her father to buy the house as she had been suggesting to him.

4. To know if tomorrow will be fine is impossible . (Begin : It is.....)

Ans. It is impossible to know if tomorrow will be fine.

The ministers are holding a meeting tomorrow. Begin with : A meeting

5.Very few cities are as big as Kolkata. (Begin : biggest....)

Ans. Kolkata is one of the biggest city.

6.Didn't I meet you in the library yesterday? (END:Didn't I....) (END:Didn't I....)

Ans. I meet you in the library yesterday, didn't I?

7.Who will not help a man in distress? (Anybody....) (Anybody....)

Ans. Anybody will help a man in distress.

8.We found a few boys in the class. (USE:Many boys....) ( USE:Many boys....)

Ans. Many boys were not found in the class.

9.This shop does not accept cheques. (Begin : Cheques ......)

Ans.Cheques are not accepted in this shop.

10.I will help you if I can,” he promised me." (Begin : He promised me that)

Ans. He promised me that he would help me if he could.

Above 10 sentences are for practice. There are many sets of these type of sentences. it is our best effort to provide maximum practice sets to the students.

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Aug 2, 2018

Find the Smallest 6 digit number which is exactly divisible by 175

The question is reprouduced here.

Find the smallest 6 digit number Which is exactly divisible by 175

smallest 6-digit number= 100000

Hint: smallest 6-digit number is 1 with 0 written 5 times. Smallest 1-digit number is 1. Smallest 2-digit number is 10 , Smallest 3-digit number is 100 and so on .

Quotient= 571
Remainder= 75
100 more can divide it exactly and will remain smallest 6 digit number.
Therefore, The required number = 100000+100

Hint: Remainder is the amount in the dividend (100000). Therefore this excess amount when added to 100 to get the exact dividend divisible by 175.

Find the smallest 6 digit number which is exactly divisible by 175
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Jul 27, 2018

Find the largest 5 digit number Which is exactly divisible by 48

The question is reprouduced here.

Find the largest 5 digit number Which is exactly divisible by 48

largest 5-digit number= 99999

Hint: largest 5-digit number is 9 written 5 times. Similarly largest 1-digit number is 9. Similarly largest 2-digit number is 99 and so on .

Quotient= 2083
Remainder= 15
The required number = 99999-15

Hint: Remainder is the excess amount in the dividend (99999). Therefore this excess amount is deducted to get the exact dividend divisible by 48.

Find the largest 5 digit number Which is exactly divisible by 48

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Jun 11, 2018

Common sum with number System for class 8

1. Write all possible numbers using the digits 3,6 and 8 without repeating of digits.

The numbers are:

3 at unit place: 863,683

Hint: keep 3 at unit place and interchange the position of 8 and 6

6 at unit place:836, 386

Hint: keep 6 at unit place and interchange the position of 8 and 3

8 at unit place:638,368

Hint: keep 8 at unit place and interchange the position of 6 and 3

Question: Do it yourself for 2,4 and 9

Common sum with number System for class 8

2. How many whole numbers have two digits.

Solution: The two digits whole numbers are from 10 to 99. e.g. 10,11,12......99.
Therefore the two digit numbers= 99-(10-1)

Note:Its general formula is : For two digits number = two digits highest number-(two digits lowest number-1)

3. How many whole numbers have three digits.

Solution: The two digits whole numbers are from 100 to 999. e.g. 100,101,102......999.
We will apply the same formula by changing the numbers of digits only.
Therefore the three digit numbers= 999-(100-1)
Used formula is :three digits highest number-(three digit lowest number-1)

4. What are the greatest and smallest four digits number that can be formed by using the digits 3,0,9,7 without repeating any of the digits in a number?

Solution: The four digits largest number = the digits in descending orders (9,7,3,0)
The four digits smallest number = the digits in ascending orders (0,3,7,9) but we have to keep smallest digit 3 at the start to make it four digit smallest number otherwise it will become three digits number if it is started with 0.

5. Find the difference between smallest 6-digit number and and greatest 5-digit number.

Solution: The smallest 6-digit number=100000
The greatest 5-digit number=99999
difference= 100000-99999
=1 Ans.

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Jun 10, 2018

4.Ramesh has enough money for 6 weeks if he spends Rs 1400 per week

4. Ramesh has enough money for 6 weeks if he spends Rs 1400 per week during summer vacation. How long will the money last if he spends Rs 1050 per week?

Solution( By Unitary Method) :

Here we have to find out nos. of weeks. Therefore we will keep the week at right side in the statement.

∵ By spending Rs 1400 per week the money lasts for 6 weeks.

∴ By spending Re 1 per week the money lasts for 6x1400 weeks.

Explanation: For Re 1 per week spending the money will lasts for more numbers of weeks. . Therefore multiplication has been done.

∴ By spending Re 1050 per week the money will last for (6x1400)/1050 weeks.

Explanation:For Rs 1050 per week spending, the money will lasts for less numbers of weeks in comparison to previous spending of Re 1 per week. Therefore division has been done.

= 8400/1050

= 8 weeks Ans.

4.Ramesh has enough money for 6 weeks if he spends Rs 1400 per week
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3. Eight people eat a stock of food in 30 days. How many people

3. Eight people eat a stock of food in 30 days. How many people will consume the stock of food in 20 days?

Solution( By Unitary Method) :

Here we have to find out nos. of people. Therefore we will keep the people at right side in the statement.

∵ In 30 days a stock of food is eaten by 8 people.

∴ In 1 day same stock of food will be eaten by 30x8 people.

Explanation: For 1 day more nos. of people will be needed to eat the same stock of food. Therefore multiplication has been done.

∴ In 20 days same stock of food will be eaten by (30x8)/20 people.

Explanation: For 20 days lesser nos. of people will be needed to eat the same stock of food. Therefore division has been done.,/p>

= 240/20

= 12 people Ans.

3. Eight people eat a stock of food in 30 days. How many people
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2. if 20 men can complete a job in 4 days. How many men

2. if 20 men can complete a job in 4 days. How many men will be required to finish the work in 40 days?

Suppose x men will be required to complete the job in 40 days

∵ To complete a job in 4 days the required men are 20 .

∴ To complete the job in 1 day the required men are 20x4 .

( explanation: in 1 day more men will be needed to complete the same job, therefore for more men multiplication has been done.)

∴ To complete the job in 40 days the required men are (20x4)/40 .

explanation:lesser number of men will be needed to complete the job in 40 days in comparison to one day. Therefore division has been by 40

= 80/40

= 2 men Ans.

2. if 20 men can complete a job in 4 days. How many men
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1.Three men do a job in 8 days. How long will 4 men

1.Three men do a job in 8 days. How long will 4 men take to finish the job?

Solution( By Unitary Method) :

Here we have to find out days. Therefore we will keep the days at right side in the statement.

∵ 3 men complete the job in 8 days

∴ 1 men complete the job in 3x8 days.

( explanation: one man will take longer to complete the same job, therefore for more days multiplication has been done.)

∴ 4 men complete the job in (3x8)/4

explanation: 4 men will take lesser time to complete the same job in comparison to 1 man, therefore for less days division by 4 has been done.

= 24/4 ,

= 6 days Ans.

1.Three men do a job in 8 days. How long will 4 men
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Jun 6, 2018

Difference Between O and Au Matra | ओ और औ की मात्रा मे अंतर समझना

Difference between these two Matra (मात्रा) can be understood by reading and writing practice.

For this a list of few simple words of o (ओ) and Au (औ) Matra atra (मात्रा) is given here. After that you are advised to watch the video.

Difference Between O and Au Matra | ओ और औ की मात्रा मे अंतर समझना

Search online Hindi writing editor in google . You will find two or three efficient editor to write Hindi with keyboard. This will help to ask question in the comment box.

Here is the list of word. You should write these words with the help of someone who can dictate you.

ओ की मात्रा वाले शब्द औ की मात्रा वाले शब्द
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May 19, 2018

Difference between Chhoti E and Badi EE Matra | छोटी इ की मात्रा बड़ी ई की मात्रा

The main difference between chhoti e and badi ee matra of hindi is that the chhoti e pronounced for very short period of time and badi ee is pronounced for long period of time

e.g. 3 or 4 second( I am mentioning 4 second jus as my own experience . This is not written in any book.) The list of Hindi words of chhoti e and badi ee that needs practice are listed below:

And don't forget to watch the video.

छोटी इ की मात्रा वाले शब्द बड़ी ई की मात्रा वाले शब्द
नीति कथा
Difference between Chhoti E aur Badi EE Matra | छोटी इ की मात्रा बड़ी ई की मात्रा

मात्राओं का अन्तर समझना बहुत जरूरी है। छोटी इ और बड़ी ई की मात्राओं का अन्तर समझना सबसे अधिक जरूरी है। इस विडियो में केवल यही बताया गया है।

इस विडियो में मात्राओं के ग़लत उच्चारण के लिए क्षमा कीजिए . दूसरे वीडियो मे यह उच्चारण ठीक किया गया है

After watching first video watch second video.

The above video will be improved for making it more useful and the mistakes of matra pronunciation will be corrected. Till watch by ignoring the pronunciation of matra instead of mantra.

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Geography Question Papers Class 5 Final Year


Class V
Full Marks: 80

Time: 2 Hrs.
This Question Paper Consists of 03 printed pages.

Geography Question papers class 5 page 1

1. Name the following(10 x 1=10)

a) The largest sand desert in the world.

b) Leading producer of petroleum in the world.

c) Tribal people of Australia.

d)The tallest building in the world.

e) The desert where was no rainfall for ten years.

f)The dam on the river Sutlej

g) Drink made from fermented milk .

h) A source of fresh water in desert.

i) Houses made of ice.

j)Ship of the desert.

k) Nomads of Arabian Desert.

l) The country that export large part of wheat.

m) Tribal people of Kalahari Desert.

n) The water bodies that are formed behind dams.

o) A weapon used for hunting.

Geography Question papers class 5 page 2

2. Fill in the blanks:(15 x 1= 15)

a) Farmers of Egypt are called________________

b)In the Pampas there are huge cattle ranches called ________________

c)Copper and nitrate are mined in the________________ Desert of chile.

d) Copper comes from ________________

e)The Inunits keep dogs called ________________used to drag Sledges

f)Snow storm called ________________are common in the Tundra.

g) The place where ores are mined are called________________

h) The process of breaking down of rocks into small grains are called________________

i) The two main types of soil found in India are ________________

j)The cold Gross lands are called________________ in North America and ________________ in South America.

k) The main occupation of the Inunits are________________and ________________

l) The rocks making up the Earthis crust contain________________

3.Rewrite the following sentences by correcting the underlined words. (5 x 1= 5)

a)Mica is mainly found in odisha

b) Black soil is found in Chota Nagpur Plateaus

c) Bauxite is used to make iron and steel.

d) The Sam people mainly hunt seals for meat, skin and

e) Rain water which seeps into the ground is called Fresh water .

4. Give two examples of each of the following. (4 x 10=40)

a) i) How have plants adopted to live in the Hot Desert ?(4)
ii) Who are Caravan travelilers ? What do they do?(1+2)
iii) What is basiolrrigation ?(3)

b) i) How is livestock ranching different from nomadic herding?(3)
ii)Who are Khoi Khoi ? What is their main food ?(1+2)
iii) Why are very few trees found in the cold grad land ?(2)
iv) How did the life of the American Indians change after the European settlers came to North America.(2)

Geography Question papers class 5 page

c) i) What are the three main occupations of the people in cold land ?(3)
ii) What products do the Same people get from the merica reindeer ?(2)
iii) Write in detail about the life style of Inumits . (5)

d) i) Name three types of forest found in India.(any three) found in India.(3)
ii) Where are the following soils found in India(3)
iii) How are rivers useful to us ?(4)

5. Mark the following places on the world map:(any five)(5)

a) a) Sahara desert
b) Pampas in South America
c )Tundra Region
d) Thar desert
e) Downs in Australia
f) Atacama desert

________________ X ________________

This Question Paper can be used for practicing your preparation.
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May 13, 2018

Computer Question Paper Class 5 of a School


Question Paper Computer Class 5 ICSE

Subject: Computer
Class V
Full Marks: 80
Time: 2 Hrs.

1. Fill in the blanks: (10 x 1= 10)

a) The _____________ tab displays the text in a slide in Normal view .

b) ____________ is a sequential display of slides in full screen mode.

c) The _____________ box is located on the left of the Formula box.

d) A _____________ of cells implies a group of cells forming a rectangular agea.

e)_____________ view helps to see all the slides of a presentation in miniature form.

f)An _____________ is a specific set of instruction used for carrying out a proudure.

g) _____________ connects one part of the flow chart to another.

h) The speed of a modem is measured in _____________

i) The first webpage that opens when we open a website is called _____________ .

j) The first webpage that opens when we open a website is called _____________ .

2. Write True or False..................... (10 x 1=10)

a) Downloading means transfering files from your computer to a server

b Mozilla Firefox is an Internet explorer.

c) Facebook is a social networking site.

d) The direction of a flow chart should be from right to left.

e)Diamond symbols is used to indicate the decision making step.

f)Once a worksheet is added to a workbook, it cannot be deleted.

g) The statusbar displays the inaformation about a selected command in progress.

h)Ctrl+Pis used to select the whole worksheet.

i)MSExcel is a part of Microsoft Office software package

j)Editing a worksheet means modifying, altering or deleting its contents

3. Match the following:..................... (5 x 1=5)

a) F5
b) Ctrl+A
c) Ctrlkey
d) Ctri+sS
e) Internet service

i) To save a workbook
ii)To select the entire text
ii) Online banking
iv) Selecting non adjacent cell begining
v)Run the slide show from the

4.Correct the wrong statements : ...........(3 x 1=3)

a) Home button reloads a fresh copy of the webpage you are working on.

Forward button is used to go back to the previous webpage .

c)Process box is cirsular in shape

5. Write the full form of the following : ........(5 x 1 = 5)


b) b) URL

c) c) IRTF

d) d) MODEM

e) e) HTML

6. Draw and label the MS Excel:2010 window. (7)

7. Answer the following : (5 x 1 = 5)

a) Write the advantage of the spread sheet program. ..........(5)

b) Write the steps to view presentation in slide Show. ..........(5)

c) What is the difference between a flow chart and an algorithm? Write any three rules to be followed , while making a flow chart...........(5)

d) What is e-mail? Write its advantages. ..........(5)

e) What is search engine? Give four examples...........(5)

f) Draw flow chart: ..........(3+3=6) i)i) To compare two numbers 15 and 30 and print the greater number. ii) to make a phone call.

g) Define web browser ? Give examples...........(5)

h) What is MS Excel ? Define a worksheet and a work book...........((2+2-4))

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Apr 22, 2018

Important Comments for Hindi Doubt Clearing Videos and Reply

These are the doubts of many viewers from all parts of the world. The solutions of those doubts are explained below.

Question: आधा ल् को और कोई सबद में कैसे पढ़ें .

Solution- Suppose I take an example of half word उल्का. Here half ल् is pronounced for short period of time in comparison to ल . And half ल् is pronounced with क as ल्का. 
Watch these two video. 1. 

Question: Vinod Singh 6 days ago
Sir main hindi ma bhot week hoo muza hindi likhne nahi aat ha aap he kuch bato aap reply zuar dana please sir ji

Reply:. Watch this video

madangopal brijpuria 1 week ago
प्र ( प र ) प्र कोई अक्षर नहीं है

Reply:. Azra Ahmad 1 week ago
प्र is not any word in Hindi.
wheb प and र pronounced simultaneously in Hindi it becomes प्र. 
These types of letter are mostly comes from Sanskrit.
For example :
प्रकाश , क्रय, क्रमशः, प्रेम, प्रयोग, द्रुत, श्रीमान, भ्रम

Question: narendar singh 3 months ago
Sir kya ap kri क्रि ya कृ is type ke doubt me difference bta skte ha

Reply. Azra Ahmad 3 months ago
कि के साथ र = क्रि
क पर ऋ की मात्रा = कृ

Question: Abhi bhi confusion ha both sound same pta kase chlega ki ra ki mntra ha ya ree ki ha jase क्रि and कृ me sound same ati ha jase kbhi kuch clearly bta skte ho
paul haokip 1 month ago
Toh matlab angrezi shabdo mein र aur sanskrit se jude shabdo mein ऋ lagayi jati hai...?

Reply. क्रि = क्रिया
क्रय, क्रेता, प्रकाश, श्रम, भ्रम.
Maximum Sanskrit words are with ऋ matra.

Question:Vandana Prasad 3 days ago
ढ aur ढ़ mein kya farak hai....plzz bataiye

Reply. Watch this video for difference between ढ aur ढ़ .

The exact video will be made for this.

Question:Reshlal Netam 1 week ago
हंस और हँसना में कौन सा बिन्दु लगाएँ जाते हैं कृपया स्पष्ट करें आप के इस विडियो के लिए धन्यवाद

Reply. Azra Ahmad 6 days ago
हँसना = Right
हंस = Right
Because हंस = हन्स
This is according to the best of my knowledge.

Question:Sanjay Yadav 1 week ago
sir ye btao adha k adha s kaise samjhe plz plz tell me sir

Reply. Azra Ahmad 5 days ago Half letter are pronounced with short period of time in comparison to that of the full letter.
watch this video:

Question:Dinesh Lakshkar 1 week ago (edited)
नीचे दिए हुए दो शब्द है उनका प्रयोग कब किया जाता है
1 इसलिए
2 इसीलिए
सभी विद्वजन कोशिश करें।

Reply. Azra Ahmad 2 seconds ago
इसलिए : आप बीमार हो इसलिए आप को आराम करना चाहिए .
इसीलिए : मेरे बात को आप ध्यान नही दिए , आप की तबीयत और खराब हो गई, इसीलिए मै किसी को उपदेश नही देता हूँ.
इसीलिए is used in a complex sentence to confirm something proven conditions. It is confirmed in the second sentence that what ever i told in first one is hundred percent true and perfect.
It is according to the best of my knowledge.
If some one can add his knowledge to this , then it will be a better discussion. Show less

Question:MANISH SHARMA 1 week ago रां इसे क्या बोलेंगे

Reply. Azra Ahmad 1 week ago
र आधा न के साथ
रांत = रान्त
This is according to the best of my knowledge.

Question:Reply · Jitendra More 2 weeks ago ब्र र्व्र ह्र द्ध स्र ह्म ऐसी अक्षरे को कैसे पढ़ा और समझा जा सकता है

Reply. Azra Ahmad 2 weeks ago
Thanks for advice. I have no any video on these words. I will sure try to create a video on these letters.

Normal explanation of shubham Kart: shubham kart
2 months ago
main difference bhi btayen ji.
'स ' उच्चारण करते समय जीभ को दाँत की ओर ले जाना पड़ता है इसलिए 'दन्त स' कहलाता है ।
'श' के उच्चारण के लिए जीभ को तालु के तरफ ले जाना पड़ता है ( उपर की ओर समतल भाग जो है ) इसलिए 'तालव्य श' कहलाता है ।
'ष' उच्चारण के लिए जीभ को मुर्धा की ओर ले जाना पड़ता है ( दाँत के ऊपर और तालु के नीचे जो खुरदुरा भाग है ) इसलिए 'मुर्धन्य ष' कहलाता है ।
एक बार उच्चारण कर के देखें पता चल जाएगा ।

Question: Vimal Kumar Bansal
1 month ago
मैंने कहीं पढ़ा था कि 'ष' को ट वर्ग के साथ होने पर 'श' की तरह से तथा अन्य स्थानों पर 'ख' की तरह बोला जाता हैं। पर इससे 'वेश-भूषा' को कैसे बोला जाये यह समझना मुश्किल हो जाता हैं।

Reply. Azra Ahmad
Azra Ahmad 1 second ago
Sorry for late reply. अधिकतर ष का उच्चारण ख तब होता है जब यह प्रारंभ मे आता है. जैसे षटकोण को खटकोण बोलते हैं

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Apr 21, 2018

Hindi Matra Learning With Example UPDATED | हिन्दी के मात्रा सीखना

1. hindi vowel and its matra.

अ (no matra for अ) आ इ ई उ ऊ ए ऐ ओ औ

Watch all matra in image. These 9 matra's symbol are given respectively for the 9 vowels mentioned above:

2. In this part three letters have been illustrated with all 9 Matras.

का , क़ि , की , कु , कू , के , कै, को, कौ ,

गा, गि , गी, गु , गू, गे , गै , गो, गौ

च , चा , चि , ची , चु , चू , चे , चै , चो , चौ

3. About five letter is used to illustrate 9 Matra with examples.

क -- (No matra symbol on a consonant letter)
but क = क् + अ

का --कागज
क़ि -- किरण
की -- कीमत
कु -- खुटिया
कू -- कूटना
के -- केला
कै -- कैसा
को -- कोमल
कौ -- कौशल

गा= गाना
गि= गिरना
गी= गीत
गु= गुम
गू= गूगल
गे = गेट
गै= गैरकानूनी
गो = गोपाल
गौ = गौरव

चा = चाचा ,
चि = चिकना ,
ची = चीखना,
चु = चुकाना,
चू = चूरन ,
चे = चेतन ,
चै = चैताली ,
चो = चोर,
चौ = चौरस,

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Apr 16, 2018

Question Paper Science Class 5 ICSE


Question Paper Science Class 5 ICSE

Subject: SCIENCE
Class V
Full Marks: 80
Time: 2 Hrs.

(Answer all the questions)

1. Name the following..................... (10 x 1=10)

a) The uppermost vertebra

b The largest part of the brain

c) The opening of the eye through which the light enters the eye lens.

d) The tiny buds present on the surface of the tongue

e) The sensory nerve that joins the eye to the brain

f)The gas that is filled in electric tubes to give a bright glow

g) The heavenly body revolving around a planet in space.

h) The first man to go into space

i) People who study earthquakes

The only active volcano in the Indian subcontinent

2. Fill in the blanks: (10 x 1- 10)

a) We can not move our _____________ jaw

b) Muscles are attached to the bones by strong fibres called ____________

c) The lowest two pairs of ribs of ribcage are called _____________

d) The system that controls all other systems of our body is the _____________

e)_____________ air is warmer than _____________ air

f)_____________ permanganet crystals are added to the water of wells for killing germs.

g)Water must be boiled for at least _____________ minutes

h) The craters on the surface of the moon are formed by pieces of rocks called _____________

i) No sound can be heard on the moon as there is no _____________ on the moon.

3. Match the column Idian satellite The firs

a) The hinge joint ................. ii) skin cancer

b) Cornea ................. iii) The shoulder joint

c) sense organs .................iv) The knee

d) medulla .................i) earthquake

e) The ball and socket................. v) The circular transparent sein the front portion of the joint eye

f) ultraviolet rays connects us to the outside world

g) Aryabhatta .................vii) Richter scale

h) Kalpana Chawla .................viii) Connects the brain to the spinal cord

i)Eathquate .................ix) crust

The earth's upper layer .................x)Space travellers

4. Give two examples of each of the following : ........(5 x 2 = 10)

a) organ system

b) solids that dissolve in water

c) diseases caused by impure water

d) opaque bodies

e) gases present in atmosphere

(Answer all the questions)

5. Answer the following questions: ...........(4 x 2=8)

a) Why do we feel uncomfortable on a humid day?

Write the functions of cerebellum .

c) Why does the moon shine?

d)What is drought?

6. Differentiate between the following (4x 3 = 12)

a) voluntary and involuntary muscles.

b) sensory and motor nerves.

c) solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.

d) filtration and distillation.

7. Answer the following questions:...........(5x4=20)

a) How is our skeleton useful to us?

c) How are man-made satellite useful to mankind

d) Mention the processes involved in the treatment of the town water supple

e) How can you take care of your eyes

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Apr 15, 2018

Paraphrase of The Merchant Of Venice ACT 1 SCENE 1 Class 9,10

1."Line 1 to 7 speech of Antonio"

In truth I know not why I am so sad.It makes me tired.But I still don't know how I have it,found it or came by it.What it is made up of and what of its origin.This sadness makes me so absent-minded that I do not know who I am.

Paraphrase of The Merchant Of Venice ACT 1 SCENE 1 Class 9,10 image 1
2.Line 8 to 14 speech of Salarino

You are stressed because you are worried about your rich ships (argosies ) which are sailing stately like gentlemen and important citizens on sea surface.Or as it is procession of the sea to surpass the small commercial boats by these argosies.The small ships move up and down as if they were showing respect ,As if they speed fast by them with their canvas sailing.

3.Line 15 to 22 speech of Salanio

Sir believe me If I had such a business operation the better part of my affection would be sailing at the sea.I should be holding up the grass blade to see in which direction the wind is blowing.I would be looking for ports , harbors and channels and every which would harm my venture.I would be full of doubts that these things would make me sad.

Paraphrase of The Merchant Of Venice ACT 1 SCENE 1 Class 9,10 image 2
3. Line 23 to 41:Speech of Salarino

When my breath would be cooling my soup then it would shiver me giving the ugly thought of what harm might the wind do to my ships.I should not be watching the hour glass because it would give me the thought of shallow waters and sandbanks in which my wealthy ships would be docked in sand.She would be lowering her top of the mast than her sides to kiss the sand in which she is buried.I should not go to the church and see the holy edifice of stone which would give me the thought of dangerous rocks harming my gentle vessel's side and scattering all the spices on the stream and covering the roaring waters with silk.Just before this moment the cargo was so much valuable and now its worth is nothing.If I can imagine all this could happen shall I not have the imagination of such a disaster would cause me on my merchandise.

4. Line 42to 46 speech of Antonio:

Believe me no that I thank my luck for it .My business is not trusted upon one ship,nor is my whole estate is concentrated on the luck of this year.Therefore my merchandise makes me not so sad.

5. Line 47 Speech of Salarino:

Why then you are in love?

5. Line 48 Speech of Antonio:


Line 49 to 58 Speech of Salarino:

Not in lov e either Then let us say that you are sad because you are not merry and it was as easy for you to laugh and leap and say that you are merry because you are not sad.Now by two-sided Janus Nature has framed strange fellow in her time Some will have wrinkles on their faces because when they laugh their eyes appear to be peering through folds.They laugh at bag piper as foolishly as a parrot laughs at anything.Others such have an expression that they will show not their teeth to smile though Nestor would swear that the joke was laughable.

6. Line 59 to 61 Speech of Salanio:

Here comes Bassanio the noblest friend.Good bye Gratiano and Lorenzo,We will leave you with better company.

7. Line 62 to 63 Speech of Salarino:

I would have stayed till I had made you happy if worthier friends had not arrived and prevented us.

8. Line 64 to 66 Speech of Antonio:

I think you are not taking their coming as excuse as you have some important business calls to that you have taken as an opportunity depart from here.

9. Line 67 Speech of Salarino:

Good morning my friends.

10. Line 68 to 69 Speech of Bassanio:

Good gentleman when we shall have a party?You are becoming strange to me.

11. Line 70 Speech of Salarino:

When we are free and when it is mutually convenient we shall meet. [Exit Salarino and Salanio]

12. Line 71 to73 Speech of Lorenzo:

My lord Bassanio since you have found your friend Antonio We will leave you but at dinner time remember that where we must meet.

13. Line 74 Sppech of Bassanio:

I will not make you sad.

14. Line 75 to 78 Speechof Gratiano:

You look not well Signior Antonio .You are too muc anxious about worldly matters.Those who spend too much time worrying about worldly matters are never really happy. Believe me your appearance has changed so much.

15. Line 79 to 81 Speech of Antonio:

I interpret the world as a stage where every man has a role to play and mine one is a sad one.

16. Line 82 to 106 Speech of Gratiano:

Let me play the role of fool with mirth and laughter when one laugh let wrinkles appear on the face and let my live warmed by the wine than my heart sighing and groaning with sadness.
Why should a man whose blood is warm inside sit as still as a carved staue of his grandfather and be motionless during the working hours,gradually work himself to be in a jaundiced state by being irritable.I am saying this out of love for you.There are sort of men whose faces are overcasted with pale expression as unchanging as the surface of a pool of standing water and as the cream on the top of milk.They deliberately put on an air of solemnity with the intention of creating a reputation of wisdom,gravity and deep thought. When they open open their lips as if they were Sir Oracle and let no sound is heard when they are speaking.O my dear Antonio I know many of these things .These people are only reputed as wise people.I am very sure that when they would speak would damn those ears.Hearing them their brothers would call them fool.I will take out time for all these things.Come Lorenzo Good bye to you I will end my good advice after dinner.

17. Line108 to110 Speech of Lorenzo:

Well we will leave you till dinner time but I must be the one who always remains dumb because Gratiano never give me to chance to speak.

18. Line 111 to 112 Speech of Gratiano:
Well keep me with you for two more years and you will forget to recognise your own voice.

19. Line 113 Antonio:

Goood bye I will become a talkative person because of this advice.

20. Line 114-115 Speech of Gratiano:
Thanks indeed because Silence is commendable only in dried tongue ox. [Exit Gratiano and Lorenzo]

21. Line 116 Antonio:

Does it make any sense?

22. Line 117 to 122 Speech of Bassanio:

Gratiano speaks a great deal of nonsense more than any man in venice.His reasons are like that of two grains of wheat hidden in two bushes of chaff. You will take all day longer to find them but when you have found it there worth is nothing.

23. Line 123 to 125 Speech of Antonio:

Well tell me about the lady whom you promised to visit secretly. You have promised me to tell about her.

24. Line 126 to 138 Speech of Bassanio:

It is not unknown to you that how I have disabled my means of living By living rather in a grand style than my modest means allow me to keep up.I never compel myself to give up this noble living but my chief problem is to come out off these debt from my youth which has been rather too extravagant.To you Antonio I owe the most in both money and love.And your feelings give me the right to tell you my all plannings and intentions to make myself free from these debts.

25. Line 139 to 143 Speech of Antonio:

I request you Antonio Let me know your plannings and if it is perfectly honourable in nature then my purse my people and my all resources are all yours.

26. Line 144to 156 Speech of Bassanio:

In my school days When I had lost one arrow then I used to shot the another arrow in the same direction and used to watch it very carefully. In doing so I used to find the both. I urge this childhood proof because it has pure innocence.I owe to you the much and like a self willed youth , the amount I used to owe to you has been lost.But if you send another loan that self way I am sure I will reach the goal to find the both or at least bring you the first amount.I will remain a debtor for the first amount.

27.Line 156-164 Speech of Antonio:

You know me very well but you are spending time by appealing to my love in this complicated manner.In doing all this things you have done more wrong on doubting on what I can do for you than if you have destroyed my all wealth.You should only say to me what I can do for you. I am prepared to do it , therefore only speak.

28.Line 165-180 Speech of Bassanio:

In Belmont there lives a rich princess and She is fairer than the word'fair'.Sometimes from her eyes I receive speechless messages of love.Her name is Portia.She is not less beautiful than Cato's daughter and Brutus's wife Portia.The world is also not ignorant of her beauty and wealth because renowned princesses come from all the four directions. Her bright golden lock of hair hang from her cheeks like a golden fleece and her seat of Belmont is like Colcho's shore and many adventurous suitors come here.O Antonio if I had the means to become a rival with these suitors.My mind foretells me that I will be a lucky winner.

29.Line 182-189 Speech of Antonio:

You know that all my fortunes are at sea.Neither I have money nor any goods to raise this present amount of money.Therefore go forth and take me as your insurer to go to Belmont to fair Portia.I am sure that I will get rid of this debt soon by my business credit.

Note: THE ORIGINAL LINE IN THE IMAGE MAY BE UP AND DOWN I.E. NOT AT THE RIGHT POSITION OF THE EXPLANATION. KINDLY READ BY MATCHING THEM. Paraphrase of The Merchant Of Venice ACT 1 SCENE 1 Class 9,10 is explained here line by line for the student to understand the content in normal English. It is because the Drama Merchant of Venice is written in Archaic English.
The Merchant of Venice is a renowned drama by William Shakespeare of 16th Century......
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Apr 12, 2018

Reference to context of INDIA'S HERO English Literature Class 9 , 10

1."WONDERFUL" said Mrs. Baruah Remember that it does not have to be a profession............were eager to speak in front of their classmates" (Reference to context)
Question a. Who is Mrs Baruah? Give her full name. Why does she exclaim "WONDERFUL"?

Answer a.In the story “India’s Hero" Mrs Baruah is a middle school teacher who has been portrayed as an accomplished teacher with a cheerful personality. She encourages class participation in different activities.
She is a strict disciplinarian because at the moment she entered the students has settled down in their seats. She was an emotional person too.
Her full name is Mrs Reeta Baruah.
She has exclaimed WONDERFUL because when she asked about the assignment completion then all the forty hands went up in unison. She has beamed at this moment because she thought that the assignment will be a drudge for her students.

Question b. What assignment did Mrs Baruah give and to whom? What is the strength of the class? How do we know that the children had done their work?

Answer b.Mrs Baruah gave her students an assignment on the topic on "what they would like to be when they grow up"
The strength of the class was forty.
When Mrs Baruah asked about the assignment then all the forty hands went up in unison proving that students had completed their task

Question c. c---What else does the author write at the start of the story which tells us that the students were eager to speak in front of the classmates ? What does their eagerness indicate?

Answer c. At the start of the story the author wrote that an air of thrill and enthusiasm prevailed in the class when Mrs Baruah entered the class. This tells us that the students were eager to speak in front of their classmates.
The eagerness of the students indicates that they were very anxious to read their assignment aloud in front of the class.

Question d. Who was the first speaker ?What did he speak of? Who was his idol?

Answer d.The first speaker was Ajit basu.
He spoke of how he wanted to become the best cricketer in the world.
Sachin Tendulkar was his idol.

Question e. -Name the next two speakers. What did they want to be when they grew up?

Answer e.Gayatri Chhabra and Sanjay Damle were the next two speakers after Ajit Basu.
Gayatri Chhabra wanted to be a social worker like her mother.Sanjay Damle elaborated on the theme of flying an airplane with air and cloud as his terrain.

2. " Clearing his throat ...... who led down his life fighting the terrorists in Mumbai in November 2008." (Reference to context)
Question a. Whom does 'he' referred to in the extract? How would you describe him as a student?

Answer a.In the story “India’s Hero" 'He' has been referred to Kabeer ; who read in class 8A.
Kabeer is a shy student. He is not accustomed of facing the entire class and speaking out aloud in front of them. He is an emotional and simple boy ; who valued folks like him therefore he prepared his speech from the depth of his heart defining common people having contribution in different field.

Question b. Was he very confident as he stood up to speak before the entire class? what does it tell about Kabeer?

Answer b.No , Kabeer was not very much confident to speak up before his class mates because his hands were shaking and beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead.
This tells us that though Kabeer was not confident but he somehow stood up to speak before his class. He showed maturity and have guts at that moment to speak up to his class mates.

Question c. What did the other children speak about ? How was this speaker speech different from that of the other students?

Answer c. Kabeer's class mates spoke about professions like that of actors, sport stars and politicians etc.
Kabeer's speech was different from his friends as it did not focus on a particular person, quality or profession. It was a combination of traits of different people coming from different walks of life-people who had stirred Kabeer's heart.

Question d. When did major Sandeep Unnikrishnan became a part of NSG? How had he served in the army before he joined the NSG?

Answer d. major Sandeep Unnikrishnan became a part of NSG in January 2007
When he was 31 years older , he served two tenures with his battalion in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operation.

Question e. Write in your own words the reactions of the students as the speaker spoke about the life of Major Unnikrishnan? What do you think to be the reason for such a reaction?

Answer e. The silence prevailed in the class room of 8A . All the eyes were focussed on Kabeer . The Students were waiting for the next lines of the speech . Three minutes were given to each student and Kabeer spoke only for one minute .
Kabeer's speech attracted every ear and eye present in the class room. There was a pin drop of silence and the speech created a suspense in the atmosphere of the class room . Kabeer gave a pause after speaking about Major Unnikrishnan. The students were waiting for Kabeer to continue further his speech . This could be the possible reason for such a reaction of the students.

3. "Sandra saved Moshe when Nareeman house was attacked. Both of Moshe's parents were killed in the attack.
When I grow up I want to be like the caretaker of the Kabristan in Mumbai; who refused to allow the dead terrorists to be buried there. "
(Reference to context)
Question a. Who was Sandra? How was she associated with Moshe?

Answer a.Sandra Samuel was an Indian nanny.
Sandra Samuel saved the life of two years old Moshe Holtzberg during the November 2008 attack on Nareeman House.

Question b. What does the action of the caretakers of Kabristan tells us about these people? What did they proved by their action?

Answer b.The caretakers of Kabristan refused to allow the dead terrorists to be buried in the Indian soil.
This action of the caretakers tell us that they had a great love for their country and the people living in the country. They proved that the only true religion in the world is love and respect for all human beings.

Question c. What according to Kabeer is the only true religion in this world ? What do you think of him from his speech?

Answer c.According to Kabeer , the only true religion in the world is love and respect for human beings. This tells us the Kabeer was an emotional and simple boy who valued simple folks like himself. He turned out to be the true hero of his class and would surely grow up to be the good citizen of the country.

Question d. What was the reaction of the class when Kabeer's speech ended? What effect did his speech have on Mrs Baruah?

Answer d. As Kabeer's speech slowly ended, the class rose as one, applauding and cheering for Kabeer.
Mrs Baruah dabbed a handkerchief to her eyes because tears welled up in her eyes and she was feeling that her students would surely uphold the virtue of peace tolerance and selflessness \ when they grew up.

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