Dec 30, 2017

Critical Sum of Speed Time and Distance Class 7

Question 1. The distance between station A and B is 120 km. A train travelling at a speed can cover the distance in 2 hours 30 minutes. By how many km/h should the speed of the train be increased for it to take 30 minutes less to cover the distance. ?

Solution 1.
Case 1:
Data given:
Distance between station A and B = 120 km
Time taken by the train = 2 h 30 minutes
=(2+30/60) h
=5/2 h
Speed S1 of the train in km/h = D/S
=48 km/h
Case 2:
Distance between station A and B = 120 km
Time taken by the train = 2 h
Speed S2 of the train = 120/2
=60 km/h Increased speed (S2-S1) = (60-48) km/h
=12 km/h Ans.

Question 2. Two trains start from the same staion in the smae direction. The speed of the first train is 70 km/h and that of the second train is 20 m/s. 1) Which train is moving faster ?
2) What is the distance between the trains after 1 hour and 15 minutes ?

Answer 2. Speed of the first train = 70 km/h
Speed of the second train = 20 m/s
i)Speed of the second train in km/h= 20x(18/5)
= 72 km/h
Therefore the second train is moving faster.
ii) Time = 1 h 15 m
=1+1/4 h
5/4 h
Distance covered by the first train= DXS
=70 X 5/4
87.5 km
Distance covered by the second train in the same time = D X S
= 72 X 5/4 km
90 km
Therefore the distance between two train after 1 h 15 minutes will be (90-87.5 ) km
=2.5 km Ans.

Question 3. Mohan could run a 100-m race in 20 seconds. After training , he can finish the race in 15 seconds. By how much has he improved his speed? ?

Answer 3. Speed of Mohan = D/ S
5 m/s
Time taken to complete the race after training = 15 s
Speed of Mohan after training = 100/15 m/s
20/3 m/s
Improvement = (20/3 -5 )
=5/3 m/s
1 2/3 m/s or 1.67 m/s Ans.

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Dec 25, 2017

Write in about 250 words whether or not you regret the passing of your childhood days-I REMEMBER I REMEMBER

It’s a somber reality that when we’re toddlers, we wish to grow old and when we’re adults, we wish to go back to our childhood days.

Of course, I regret the passing of my childhood days. I really miss those innocuous fights, splendid games, crazy fears and the concern of my parents that acted as a shield to protect me against everything.

Those were the days when I didn’t have to worry about anything. Also, whatever I wished was fulfilled by my parents. This self-centered world was far away from my reach. I was free to do everything and anything and I knew that if I fall, my dad was there to hold me up. But today, I have no one by my side.

i remember i remember Write in about 250 words whether or not you regret the passing of your childhood days

Being a toddler, fights meant not talking for a day and when the demands were not fulfilled, simply shedding off tears did everything. Today, there is no one to lend a shoulder to sob and fights mean “Good Bye for-ever”. I yearn to go back to those blessed days and stay there for an unchanged forever.

Childhood is that period of a man’s life when there’s no worries, work or anxieties and is liberated from the filthy noise of the worldly stuff. A child’s soul is the purest of all and all it desires is of love. It’s said that time flies and so does the childhood. We don’t realize how and when the childhood gets blurred and we enter into our adulthood- a sinful phase of life.

The poem I REMEMBER I REMEMBER is written by Thomas Hood
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Dec 23, 2017

Answer of I Remember I Remember Poem English Literature Class 6

Question 1. What does the poet remember about the house where he was born?

Answer 1. Childhood memories always remain intact within us irrespective of the time elapsed. The poet remembers every ounce of jovialness and happiness that he experienced in his childhood.
The poet recalls how the sun shined in the morning and its rays propagated through the house’s window to wake him up. He personifies sun as a human who is always on time, neither arrives soon nor does it delays.
The poet also describes the vivid variant flowers and the presence of Laburnum tree which his brother planted on one of his birthdays.

Answer of I Remember I Remember Poem English Literature Class 6
Question 2. Name the flowers that are mentioned in the poem.

Answer 2. In the poem ‘I Remember, I Remember’, the poet has mentioned various species of flowers including red and white roses, violet lilies and lilacs. The description of these flowers symbolizes the presence of a heavenly aura that enveloped poet’s childhood.

Question 3. What does the poet say about swallows?

Answer 3. Swallows are migratory birds that migrate thousands of miles each year. They symbolize love, affection and loyalty of the traveler to always return to their kith and kin. They are also used as the emblem of freedom.
There can be two depictions to the usage of swallow that the poet has made in this poem. First, the poet talks about his freedom and how he used to fly in his country boundaries. He didn’t realize how his flight took him miles away from his childhood bliss. Second, the time flies as swallows and the poet realizes that his good days didn’t last long. Now, he carries the weight of the worldly stuff on his shoulder.

Question 4. What is the ‘childish ignorance’ that he refers to in the poem?

Answer 4. In his childhood, the poet used to think that those branches of the fir tree were close enough to heaven. The poet didn’t realize that he himself was in the enclave of heaven. The inability of the poet to count the fathoms between him and the heaven is referred to as ‘childish ignorance’.
For now, the poet is no longer a child and is living cumbersome days of the city life. Today, he rues for his childish ignorance.

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Dec 15, 2017

Answer of "Season" English Literature Class 6

Question 1. Describe in your own words-
a)Summer in the hills.
b)Summer in the plains.

Answer 1. a)Summer in the hills: Summer in hills are welcomed with happiness. It is because the people face the severe cold for longer period of the year. Therefore Summer brings happiness for the hilly area. The little birds sit on the door and expresses their happiness.

b)Summer in the plane: Summer in plain is very much painful. It makes people dry. People search shade to escape the blazing sun. Summer in plain area is not welcomed by the people. It creates the scarcity of water in plain area. Therefore I can say that Summer season in plain area is opposite to that of hilly area.

Question 2. What are the characteristics of spring ?

Answer 2. In most of the countries Spring is a pleasant time. After coldness of winter the mellow warmth of Spring brings very good feeling for everyone. Trees grow new leaves. Flower blooms and birds build their nests. The countryside looks green with life.

Question 3. Why are rains welcome in tropical countries ?

Answer 3.In tropical countries rain is welcomed by the people. It brings the cool and relief after heat of the Summer. The nature looks fresh and clean. It seems that there are no dust in the air. The green colour of the leaves look very much clean and fresh.

Question 4. Who was Persephone? Who carried her away

Answer 4. Persephone was the daughter of Zeus; who was the king of the gods. She was a beautiful girl with pink cheeks like apple blossoms and blue eyes like the blue of the sky on a sunny April Morning.
Hades was the grim ruler of the Underworld, the Land of the Dead. He was a lonely king with shadow and ghost for his companions.

Question 5. What happened to the earth when Persephone was away? Why was it so ?

Answer 5. When Persephone was away , her mother Demeter wandered sadly over the earth. Demeter neglected all her duties. Therefore the crops failed and the ground becate barren.

As she was corn-goddess and looked after the harvest,the crops failed and the ground became parched and barren. It seemed that the earth felt sorry for Demeter and mourned with her.

Question 6. How did Demeter discover what happened to her daughter ?

Answer 6. Demeter continued her search. One day she was passing by a stream of Sicily island, she saw the girdle of Persephone near the shore. She conclded from the girdle as the girdle is saying "I am the nymph of the stream. I came up from the underworld". She had got married with the king Hades ; who was the king of the Underworld.

Question 7. How did the Greeks explain the coming of spring ?

Answer 7.The Greeks explain the coming of spring with a brilliant story. In which Persephone came back from the Underworld and stays with her mother. At such time the trees are covered with blossoms, the birds sing , and the green earth seems to be full of joy. The presence of Persephone on earth brings spring and fine weather.

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Dec 14, 2017

Answer of 'Water' English Literature Poem Class 6

Question 1. What does the poet mean by the line ‘Journey across to France on it’? Consult the atlas if required.

Answer 1.France is a European country that extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. The poet stated that one can journey across to France over waters because the boundaries of the country are connected to each other via various rivers including the Seine River, the Loire River, the Gironde River and many more.

Answer of
Question 2. Why does the poet say that we must ‘watch carefully’?

Answer 2.Water takes many forms, and each form is elegant in its own way. We’re having the privilege to admire them all but, our future generation may be deprived of the same. Water is on its verge of extinction because of our inhuman activities. Hence, the poet suggests watching the waters carefully because you may not know that it may be the last opportunity to have a glance over such a beautiful scene and later, you’d have to write eulogies on the water to introduce it to your children.

Question 3. List both the harmful and beneficial aspects of water that have been mentioned in the poem.

Answer 3.Water has its own pros and cons. The poet has stated various benefits and harmful effects of water in the poem. The benefits include: one can wash clothes and utensils, cool hot things and warm cool things via hot and cold streams and it is also used for drinking purposes. The fires can be extinguished with water and it’s a home for various life forms. It is used to heat body by filling radiators with hot water. We can enjoy various water sports, sail to different places and have fun. The buildings in which we reside are made up of cement mixed with water. We wash our cars and make fountains of water. Not only humans, even plants need water to grow. Water is a major source of electricity. On the other hand, the harmful effects of water include: when water gushes over with sheer force, it’s strong enough to kill a man. The simultaneous action of water and oxygen causes rusting of metals. When one freezes water in a glass, the glass breaks because the solid form of water expands itself.

Question 4. What message is the poet trying to convey in the line ‘Just leave it shimmering in a river or pool’?

Answer 4.The poet says ‘Just leave it shimmering in a river or pool’. This is because water generates a sense of calmness and clarity. Mere gazing at the waves shining softly with a wavering light drastically improves our mental health. The statement can also be interpreted as: we’re destroying the rivers under the name of development and within no time they will disappear. Hence, the poet pleads to leave the water shimmering in the river or pool and not harm it anymore.

Extra Question : What do you think is the message that the poet wishes to convey through this poem? Write it down in about 150 words?

Answer: This poem is written by Jonathon Kingsman when he was 14 years old. Today, he’s 47, and it’s high time to approve of the fact that water is on its verge of extinction. Water is a part and parcel of our lives and one can’t deny this fact. In the poem, the poet has mentioned various applications of water and, he has also mentioned its harmful effects. The message that poet wishes to give through this poem is to save water because once extinct, water will never come back.

Water is one of the primary element responsible for life on earth. Our ancestors used to worship rivers and all other elements of nature. But, we as a recently developed technological society have become indifferent to water. The poet suggests to save water else, we’ll be left with nothing except repenting. The absence of water will bring the life on earth to an end.

By: Jonathan Kingsman
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Dec 8, 2017

List of Hindi words with Sh ऐसे शब्द जिसमें ष बीच में आता है

List of Hindi words with ष



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