Nov 29, 2017

Up in the Air - Reference to the Context Class 6

Answer with reference to the context.
1."They gazed in wonder at the strange new visitor."
Question a. who are they? Who is the visitor?
Question b. How had the visitor reached the house?
Question c. Why did they gaze at the visitor in wonder?
Question d. ?

Answer a. They are Jane and Michael the two children of Mr and Mrs Banks. Visitor is the Mr Poppins.

Answer b. The visitor Mr Poppins reached the house holding her hat with one hand and carrying a bag in the other. As she was inside the gate , the wind seemed to haul her up into the air and fling her at the front door of the house.

Answer c. They gazed at the wisitor in wonder because they had never seen the thing like this. Mr Poppins was completely a strange in look and feel to them.

2."Well, this is indeed a pleasant surprise," a voice greeted them.
Question a. Who were being greeted? And who greeted them?
Question b. Why could they only hear the voice and not see the person the speaker?
Question c. Who do you think was more surprised: the speaker or the ones spoken to? Quote a line from the text that, justifies your answer.?

Answer a. Marry Poppins , Jane and Michael were greeted by Mr Wigg.

Answer b. They could not see the speaker because the speaker was hanging in the air upside. That is why they can only hear the voice of Mr Wigg.

Answer c. Jane and Michael were more surprised.

THE LINE: "saw that the children were so astonished at seeing him up in the air, tht their mouths were wide open."

3. "It's awkward, of course," he continued, but not unpleasant. Does this ever happen to either of you?.
Question a. Who is the speaker? To whom is the person speaking ?
Question b. What awkward, but not unpleasant' thing is the speaker referring to? Did that thing happen to the people the person was speaking to?
Question c. Do you think it is awkward? Why??
Question d. ?

Answer a. Mr Wigg is the speaker. He is speaking to Jane and Michael.

Answer b. The awkward is the state of being remain floating in the air due to becoming filled with the laughig gas on his birthday. It causes him difficulty of not getting down untill something sad or serious thought comes in the mind of Mr Wigg.

It did not happen to the person he is speaking to.

Answer c. Yes , I think it is completely awkward. It is because too much laughing can put someone at this state is not acceptable for a normal person. sometime's fun is alright but compulsory happening is awkward. He was once 12 hours floating in the air; which is completely problamatic.

4."We're here and it's there. It's an awful tragedy! But it's terribly comic too!' .
Question a. Who are 'here' and what is "there'? Also, explain 'here' and 'there'?
Question b. Why does the speaker refer to the situation as a tragedy'?
Question c. What do you think of the incident-is it tragic or comic??

Answer a.Mr Wigg, Jane and Michael are here and Table was still there (on the floor) . Here means the up side in the air ; where two children Jane and Michael were hanging in the air with Mr Wigg. There indicates the floor on which the table was laying.

Answer b. The situation is tragedic because Jane and Michael were hanging with Mr Wigg the table was still on the floor. They were about to have tea. If table is on the floor and all of them were up in the air then it is completely a tragedy at this situation.

Answer c. I think it comic rather than tragedic. Watching this type of situation is funny in normal scene. Guests are hanging up in the air inside the room and a table remains on the floor. If someone entes at this situation then he will feel fun and he will be unable to stop his laugher. Therefore according to my point of view it is completely comic.

By: P L Travers
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Nov 27, 2017

Answer of 'Up In the Air' English Literature Class 6

Question 1. Who lived at Number 17? How could one reach it?

Answer 1.Mr. and Mrs Banks lived there with their four children.

It was situated in Cherry Tree Lane. One can reach by enquiring the policeman at the cross road. He will points the required road. From there first to your right second to your left and then right again to reach at Number 17.

Question 2. Describe the appearance of Marry Poppins?

Answer 2.Marry Poppins was quite strange in physical look. She was holding her hat in one hand and she was carrying a bag in other. She was thin with large feet and hands. Her eyes were smalll with peering blue.

Question 3. Why did Michael think Mr Wigg was called so?

Answer 3.Michael thought was matching with the activity of Uncle Albert whose behaviour and lifestyle was full of funny activity. At his birthday ( Friday) he used to feel a surprising thing in himself. On his birthday he becomes so filled with laughig gas that he couldn't keep him on the ground. With that funny thought he used to feel like a balloon and used to become floating in air. That is why his name was so called Mr Wigg.

Question 4. Do you think Mr Wigg was funny? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer 4. Mr Wigg was very funny. He can laugh at almost everything. He is very cheerful man. As and when a funny thought comes to his mind , he becomes like a balloon and finally he remains floating in the air untill he he can think something sad or serious. On Friday which was his birthday he was in a circus. On that day he was so amused that he was in the air for 12 hours and finally got down at stroke of midnight because the next day was Saturday.

Question 5. What did Marry Poppins consider undignified? What is your opinion about it?

Answer 5. Roaring with laughter in the air of All three Mr Wigg, Jane and Michael was very displeasing to Marry Poppins . This was very undignified for her. I think in this type of situation when everyone use laugh and someone don't get the reason of laughing then he will feel isolated from the social point of view. Therefore it is very usual to be displeasing for him.

Question 6. What brought Mr Wigg and the guests down on the floor with a thud? Why do you think it brought them down?

Answer 6.The thought that they would have to go to home was the first sad thought of the day and the moment it came to their mind the laughing gas went out of them and they got down with a thud.

Sudden thought of going home is very critical thought for anyone. The momenint of this thout immediately stopped their laughter and turned them to sad state of mind. That is why this thought brought them down.

Question 7. Did the children enjoy Mr Wigg's tea party? Why do you think so?

Answer 7. The children fully enjoyed the tea party. It because they laught fully on that day . This kind of thing was very unusual for them. That gave a new charm to the children. They also saw to laught at almost everything from Mr Wigg. It was a great experience of their life to remain in the air and having tea with a hanging table in the air. It is because of this type of funny situation and their involvement I think they fully enjoyed the tea party of the afternoon.

This is a extract of a popular children's book , Marry Poppins. ... P. L. Travers
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Nov 20, 2017

Answer Anne Arives at Green Gables English Literature

Question 1. How does any realise that she is not wanted by the children Cuthbert? How does she feel?

Answer 1.When Anne heard the conversation between Matthew and Marilla, she came to know that she was not wanted by the Cuthberts.

During the conversation between Marilla and Mathew, Anne kept silent, suddenly she seemed to grasp the full meaning of what had been said and started crying. Repeating the same verse,"you don't want me ! you don't want me because I am not a boy!".

Question 2. How do you know that Marilla is changing her mind about Anne? why does this happened?

Answer 2.When Marilla took Anne to Mrs Spencer, on the way Anne told Marilla about herself. She related her tragic story , that she was eleven last March and by this time she had already stayed with two families helping the ladies to look after their children, when their desire was over she was put back into the orphanage at Hopeton. When Marilla told Mrs Spencer about the mistake of sending a girl child instead of a boy she immediately thought of sending Anne to Mrs Peter Blewett. As Marilla knew Mrs Blewett, she had a pity on Anne and thought of taking her back with her.

This happened because Marilla had got the detailed life story of Anne, which was very sorrowful.

Question 3. What kind of a person is Mrs Blewett?

Answer 3. Mrs Blewett wa a bad tempered lady. Marillla knew this from the servant girls, she had a family of quarrelsome children.

Question 4. Describe the character of Methew and Marilla.?

Answer 4. Mathew was a simple kind and a very gentle person. He was loving and very polite person . He did not want to hurt the feeling of little Anne. He was caring , So he did not leave Anne alone in the station, instead brought her home for her safely.

Marilla was a positive minded lady. She had a pity for little Anne but she wanted a boy to help them in their farm work. Marilla took Anne back to Mrs Spencer to return her back but when she came to know Mrs Spencer and dhad decided to send this girl to a troublesome family she forgot about her own interest and decided to take the little girl back to her own house . This shows how generous and kind hearted she was.

Lucy Maud Montgomery was Canadian author. She was best known for her series of novels like Anne of Green Gables, The Story Girls etc.
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Nov 13, 2017

Summary of 'Samadhi' Rani Lakshami Bai

समाधि कविता रानी लक्ष्मी बाई के वीरता के प्रति सम्मान अर्पण करने का संदेश देता है।

स्वतन्त्रता के लिए जो लड़ाई रानी लक्ष्मी बाई ने लड़ी उसकी वीरता की कहानी इस समाधि मे दबे राख अनुभव करा देंगे। यह वही समाधि है जहाँ लक्ष्मी बाई ने अंतिम शांस ली थी । इस समाधि मे रानी के अद्भुत विजेता होने की यादें छिपि हैं ।

Samadhi Rani Lakshami Bai Saraans

इस समाधि से कहीं सुंदर-सुंदर समाधि हमे दिखाई देंगे, लेकिन यह समाधि स्वतंत्रता को जीवित रखने की चिंगारी समाए हुए है । यह वीरों के अमर कहानियों की याद दिलाता है । यह समाधि देशप्रेम , आत्म सम्मान और वीरता का अद्भुत प्रतीक है जो रानी को मर्दानी की तरह अमर कर दिया । स्वतंत्रता को कैसे बनाए रखा जा सकता है उसका एक मजबूत संदेश यह समाधि देता है । स्वतंत्रता के प्रति नारी मे यह प्रेम, वीरता और इच्छाशक्ति सायद ही कहीं इतिहास मे दिखाई दे ।

सारांश = summary

...........सुभद्रा कुमारी चौहान .............
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Nov 8, 2017

Answer of Young Night thought English Literature

Question 1. What does the child see and when ?

Answer 1. The child saw the people marching by as clearly as he saw during the day time when he wants to go to bed and his mamma put out the light.

Question 2. Do you think the child is afraid of dark ?

Answer 2. No he was not afraid of dark instead he enjoyed the sight of armies and emperors and kings .

Question 3. What is the "show" compared to and why?

Answer 3. The show was compared to the circus.
Because there were many beast and man marching in that caravan which is also found in the circus.

Question 4. Where does the caravan lead the child ?

Answer 4. The caravan lead the child to sleep.

Question 5. Why does the show move faster and faster?

Answer 5. The show was moving faster because the child was moving ahead faster to sleep.

Question 6. Is the child happy when he is falling asleep?

Answer 5. No, the child was not happy while falling the sleep because he wanted to see something more about the caravan.

........By ....... RL Stevenson ..........
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Nov 2, 2017

Answer of Athos Porthos and Aramis English Literature

Question 1. What quality did Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D. Artagnan have in common ?

Answer 1. Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Atrgnan were all musketeers. They were brave and bold.

Question 2. What did D'Artagnan decide to remember if he survived the duels? Why did he decide this?

Answer 2. D'Artagnan decided to remember to be more polite in furture if he survived the duels.
He decided so because he already knew that he had made a bad impression on Monsieur de Trville. To be a musketeer he will have to satisfy and win over the monsieur de Treville. Politeness can only get him his wishes.

Question 3. What does the motto of the Three musketeers' means?

Answer 3. The motto of the musketeers means 'one for all and all for one'. This means they will all join hand together for a good purpose and all will work together.

Question 4. What did the three musketeers think of D Artagnan, when they met him at the dwelling ground.?

Answer 4.The musketeers thought D'Artagnan to be a worthy opponents they also knew that he was very brave and respected him.

Question 5. Write the character of D'Artagnan in about 10-15 lines?

Answer 5. D'Artagnan was a brave man ; who wanted to be musketeer, he was helpful, polite and wanted to help others in distress. But he accepted challenges and wanted to rectify himself.

..........Three Musketeers......................
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