Jul 7, 2017

Question Answers Of HEIDI English Literature Class 4

Question:1. What is the Hay compared to?

Answers: 1. The hay is compared to gold because as Heidi opened her eyes, a beam of sunlight came through the hole in the wall making hay shine like gold.

Question:2.Why was Heidi glad to leave Ursula?

Answers: 2. Heidi was glad to leave Ursula because she had to stay indoors so that the old woman could see her and couldn't go to play outside because Ursula was deaf and cold and had to sit by the kitchen fire to stay warm.

Question Answers Of HEIDI English Literature Class 4
Question:3.Why was Heidi delighted?

Answers: 3. Heidi was delighted because she could go to the pasture with Peter.

Question:4.Why was Heidi gathered flowers?

Answers: 4. Heidi gathered flowers so that she could take them home and stick among the hay in her bedroom so that it would look like a meadow.

Question:5.What was Heidi doing behind the little hillock ?

Answers: 5. Heidi was smelling the primulas behind the little hillock because it had the most delicious scent.

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