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Question Answer of The Poem ' The Violet' English Literature Class 5

Question: 1.What is the color of the flower? Answers: 1.The colour of the flower was violet. Question: 2.What does the poet mean by a 'rosy bower' ? (Tick the correct meaning) a)Shower of roses b) A pleasant place in the shade under rose plants. c) A hut covered with roses. Answers: 2. The correct option is b)A pleasant place in the shade under rose plants.. Question: 3.Why does the poet wants the violet to be in a rosy bower ? Answers: 3. The poet wants the violet to be in the rosy bower to show its beaty , so that the poet can go to the valley to see the beatiful flowers. Question: 4.What lesson the does the violet teache us ? Answers: 4.The poem teach us to be quiet, modest and gentle.

Question Answer of 'The Ant and The Cricket' English Literature Class 4

Question: 1.Why did the cricket began to complain? ? Answers: 1.1. The cricket began to complain when he found out at home that the cupboards were empty with no food and the winter was to come. Question: 2.What did the cricket do in summer months ? Answers: 2. The cricket sang in the summer months. Question: 3.Describe the condition of the cricket. ? Answers: 3. The condition of the cricket was that he didn't have a crumb, flower or a leaf to eat on the snow-covered ground . Question: 4.Whom did the cricket ask for help? ? Answers: 4. The cricket asked a miserly ant for help. Question: 5.What did the cricket tell her? ? Answers: 5. The cricket asked the ant whether he would provide him shelter from rain and a mouth full of grain. He also said that he would only borrow and would repay her tomorrow . Question: 6.What does wicket mean? ? Answers: 6. Wicket means a small gate. Question: 7. What does the word 'fable' mean? Answers: 7. Fable means

Summary 'The Ant and the Cricket' Class 4

The fable starts with a cricket who is in search of food and warmth in winter because he spent all of his time singing instead of collecting food during summer. He then sets off to see a miserly ant in hope that he would provide him with grain and shelter but the ant questions why and after knowing that he sang all summer, he hastily makes the cricket go away. So the fable 'The Ant and the Cricket' tells us that if we live without work and have a lazy life, we will live without food.

Question Answer 'Gopal Bhand Stories' English Literature class 5

Question: 1.why did Gopal and the other guest stay at the palace guest house at night ? Answers: 1. One day there was a great celebration in the palace; which continued late into the night. So Gopal and the other guests stay at the Palace guest house at night. Question: 2.Why did the barber Put the blame On the face the Maharaja had seen first in the morning? Answers: 2. While trimming the Maharaja the barbers hand slipped and the razor nicked one of the Maharaja fingers to save himself from pool, as the barber was quick - witted, he put the Blame On the face the Maharaja had seen first in the morning. Question: 3.How was than Gopal' answer to the Maharaja? Answers: 3. Gopal's answer to the Maharaja was quick-witted. Question: 4.What did the Maharaja realise when he heard Gopal's sensor? What does this tell you about the Maharaja? Answers: 4. The Maharaja realised his mistake and burst out laughing. From this we come to know that Maharaja was a kind he

Question Answers Of HEIDI English Literature Class 4

Question: 1. What is the Hay compared to? Answers: 1. The hay is compared to gold because as Heidi opened her eyes, a beam of sunlight came through the hole in the wall making hay shine like gold. Question: 2.Why was Heidi glad to leave Ursula? Answers: 2. Heidi was glad to leave Ursula because she had to stay indoors so that the old woman could see her and couldn't go to play outside because Ursula was deaf and cold and had to sit by the kitchen fire to stay warm. Question: 3.Why was Heidi delighted? Answers: 3. Heidi was delighted because she could go to the pasture with Peter. Question: 4.Why was Heidi gathered flowers? Answers: 4. Heidi gathered flowers so that she could take them home and stick among the hay in her bedroom so that it would look like a meadow. Question: 5.What was Heidi doing behind the little hillock ? Answers: 5. Heidi was smelling the primulas behind the little hillock because it had the most delicious scent.

Summary of HEIDI English Literature Class 4

Heidi is a young girl whose parents are dead and she is living with her grandfather in the mountains. As she cheerfully wakes up, she is glad to be living with her grandfather and is happy leaving old Ursula because she never got a chance to go out. She leaps from her bed and gets up ready to see that Peter was waiting with the heard and grandfather was bringing Daisy and Dusky from the stall. She cleans herself with water and looks like a boiled lobster. She was delighted to go with Peter to the pasture. The sky was clear and deep blue and the flowers were blooming. Heidi rushed to and fro at the sight of blue gentian, primroses and dainty yellow rock-roses. Peter was having a hard time watching the goats and Heidi at the same time. Peter and Heidi continued going further when Heidi's apron was full of flowers. By ....... Johanna Spyri ......... ......

The Number System Natural Number Whole Number Integer Prime Number Composite Number

Natural Number : These are the number that start from 1 and have no end . e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., Whole Number : the natural numbers including zero are the whole number . e.g. 0,1,2,3,4.... Integers : All negative and positive natural numbers including zero are integers. e.g. .... - 4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Even Number : The integers that can be completely divided by 2 are called even numbers. Odd Numbers : The integers that can't be completely divided by 2 are called odd numbers. e.g. -5,3,7,19 etc Important Note: 1 is neither a prime number nor a composite number. Prime Number : A natural number that can only be divided by 1 or the number itself. e. g. 5, 23, 7 etc. Or, The natural numbers that have only two positive factors. 1 and the number itself. Knowing kind of numbers is basic knowledge for doing good in mathematics. It is very much important to have clear cut idea about the number system. Keeping this view all the kin

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8. Hindi Dictation (IMLA) Writing Practice - तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास

This Hindi dictation video is tried to provide practice of hard Hindi words (तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास ). The dictation was created in set of three hards words. E.G three words are dictated at a time with a provision of time so that learner can write them. After that those words are written so that you may check and correct those. -These words are those type in which mistakes are done by many learner.