Jun 11, 2017

Hindi Matra and other Doubt Clearing video

An In depth workout about Hindi writing Doubt clearing.

Basic knowledge of writing Hindi correctly is very important. I have tried to illustrate the basic difference between closely pronounced words Hindi words.

A lot of appreciation have been received on Youtube comments by visitors. Therefore I thought to gather all the videos at one place. I hope these videos ; which have been created after in depth study , will add value in your learning and I am sure it will erase a lot of mistakes from your Hindi knowledge.

The pronounciation of matra is very important. In this video it is read with clear and straight forward pronunciation.

Difference between ChandraBindu and Bindu | चंद्रबिन्दु और बिंदु में अंतर

Difference between s sh shh स श ष मे अंतर जानें

a aur aa ka antar samajhana | अ और आ की मात्रा का अंतर समझना

Edited Hindi Matra Ke Doubts Clearig हिन्दी की मात्राओं का डाउट क्लियरिंग

छोटी इ और बड़ी ई मे अंतर

Foa all video watch this full PLAYLIST

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