Apr 27, 2017

Question Paper English Language Class 5 of a School Final year

 Question Paper English Language of a School  Final year

Roll No

Class -V
Full Marks: 80
Time 2 Hrs

This Question Paper Consists of 04 printed pages

1. Write a paragraph on any one topic. (15)
a)An experience in a crowded bus.
b) While walking on the road, you suddenly find a one thousand rupees note. What would you like to do with.
2. a) Write a letter to your friend inviting him her to join you in a picnic during the winter holidays. (10)
write a letter to your cousin about your hobby
3. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:
How often have you returned from a trip to the out doors disappointed at not having seen any animals? Some days even birds, other than bold and friendly ones, are hard to see. Wait There are certain explanations for this. Perhaps you were walking too fast or noisily on the dry leaf littered forest floor or you were talleing non-stop with a friend Or wearing bright-coloured clothes with a million little things jingling in your pockets? Before setting, out, be sure to prepare for your trip. Always wear dull, earth coloured clothes in the woods. Never carry or wear shiny, metallic objects. Wild birds and animals are extremely sharp eyed and alert. Most often, strange, noisy and brightly coloured clothes send the creatures running away into hiding, Luck, as well as patience and knowledge is equally important to have a glimpse of these creatures When watching animals, use their own methods of camouflage. Try and wear a hat or a cap that hides a good part of your forehead, for it is one part of the body that stands out, Carry a green netting which you can we as a hide. a) What are the two things one should avoid when going out to watch wildlife?(2)
b) What kind of clothes should one war in the woods (2)
c) What are the two ways of camouflage mentioned in the passage(2)
d) Choose the correct answer: (1 x 2- 2)
i) This passage is meant for people who like to watch.
1) birds 2) Animals 3) nature and wildlife ii)It tells us how to act.
1) At the Zoo. 2)in a park 3) in the woods or forests.
e) Make sentences with the following words: (1 x 3= 3)
disappointed, patience, bright coloured
f)Find out the words in the passage which mean the following (1 x 4)
i)to hide something or blend with to surrounding
ii) information gained through experience
iii) to the highest degree
iv) light ringing sound
/ Final TE 15-16/ Class v/English Lan
Page- 2 PTO

4. Pick out adverbs and state their kinds (2 x 5 10)
a) The old man laughed merely
b) Lost time never returns
c) Kapil has completely forgotten to invite us
d) The programme is going to begin soon e) All the books were lying here on the floor
5.Change the sentences as directed in the bracket: (1 x 7=7)
a) We caught the late evening bus.(Future continuous Tense)
b) Susan is writing a story. (Past Perfect Tense)
c) The policeman ran after the thief (Turn to negative)
d) They talk to us rudely.(Present Continuous Tense)
e) Sweta has a toothache. (Simple Future Tense)
Prince goes to dance class with his friend. (Present perfect Tense)
g) The old farmers are ploughing the field.(Simple Present Tense)
6. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions (1 x 7 7)
a) Remo goes home lunchtime week days
b) I went Rajasthan last year December
c) The tiger swam the river
d) The students reached the school 6:30 am but the school gates nd open it was 7:30 am
7.Fillin the blanks with the correct tense of the verbs given in the bracket: (1 x 6 =6)
a)_____________ you ever____________ to New York ?(be))
b)We______just_______________the news of his promotion (receive)
Final TE 15-16/ Class v English Lan
Page-3 PTO
c) They ___________________(drink) small cups of coffee after they___________________(finish) their supper.
8. Use but although, because, in order to, since, 'or' to join three pair of sentences correctly: (1 x5=5)
a) The bey did not succeed. He studied hard.
b)went go to School tomorrow. I am down with fever.
c) Joseph bought a book on aviation. He wanted to learn more about flying.
d) Many things have changed. I came here last year.
e) The restaurant was not very nice. The food was delicious.
9.write a paragraph describing the picture given below: (5)
Ps Final TE:1516 Class V English Lan
Page -4

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Apr 23, 2017

Question Paper of Moral Science class 5 of a School Final year

Full Marks: 40
Class v

I. Answer the following questions: (8× 2=16)
a) What made Rita so cheerful

b) what does God want us to be?
C) How can we radiate beauty and spread cheer and happiness like the sunflower?
d) How did the man describe the nature to his companion?
e) How can life be destroyed?
f)How do our parents and elders show their love to us?
g) What is our duty towards our parents?
h) What is required to live in harmony in a family?

II . Fill in the blanks: (4 x 2=8)
a) Tree ______________ lasts for ever.
b) Happiness shared is happiness ______________.
C) ______________ is showing kindness to a person who does not deserve it.
d) Home is where the ______________ is.
Ill. What should be done and why? 4 x2=8
a) When you see your teacher struggling with a bundle of books,
b) When you see a blind man trying to cross a road.
c) When your friend is in need of money?
d) When your helper does not come to work?
IV) God measures our obedience to him by our obedience to our parents, teachers and elders. Write a prayer thanking him for your parents and teachers in school.

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Apr 22, 2017

State How the story 'Hunger' by Nasira Sharma brings out the socio-economic Inequality between the Have and Have-Nots

State how the story hunger written by nasira Sharma drinks out the socio economic inequality between the have and the have nots question mark what do you think is the reason for the huge economic disturbances between these two classes in the developing country. By Nasira Sharma

The story 'Hunger' is a criticism on the economic imbalance in the society. Here the author Nasira Sharma has brought out a difference between 'have' and 'have nots' during the Iranian revolution.

After the Islamic revolution in Iran and the setting up of republican government, there was a huge economic disturbances. Various instances given in the story reveals about these social differences.

First the story is introducing a Marketplace where a young educated man Rizwan is selling cold drinks. It is a crowded place and people are buying things lavishly. A rag seller Qasim is also found approaching to the place for selling the warm clothes. Though Rizwan is educated but he is facing unemployment and poverty problem. With some tips of Management, he finds a job for himself in the Kihaan newspaper.

He has been asked to submit 5 interviews of different professionals without passing any greetings to get confirm his appointment in the company. The interview will be published in the newspaper.

Kasim was his first interviewee. This man starts interviewing Qasim. Qasim answered as he was asked by Rizwan one by one. Through the interview, we also came to know about the typical condition of Qasim and his family; who survived with 500 rupees per month. References were also given about the new government and its policies; which was criticized by Qasim as a betrayal of government. Therefore it proved that the lower class people were not happy at all and they were suffering with acute poverty. This group of people were illiterate class.

Youth like Rizwan was also undergoing same problem. His father left him few years ago and his two brothers were fallen off from the school. Rizwan's mother was also sick and all these things he had to shoulder all alone. Due to his poverty, he is not able to improve his conditions. Where as the elegant class of people made no difference in their lifestyle. They do not bother about their neighbour's conditions. Therefore it is a strong condemnation upon socioeconomic inequality, as well as literal unemployment and starvation. class='shadow' alt=' '

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Apr 16, 2017

God Lives in the Panch Comment that a fair Judgement Weighs more over Friendship

16 marks question:In the story God Lives in the Panch, comment that a fair judgement weighs more over friendship .

In the story God Lives in the Panch Alagu Chaudhary and Jumman Sheikh shared a friendship was eyed by all. The villages were adapt with the idea that this friendship; which had cocooned out after years of togetherness, would endure the trust of all time.

They settled in individual lines until one day a scenario ; which took place in their village tested their year long friendship . An aunt of Jumman sheikh had taken refuge under his case and was well looked after till she wrote awayall her property to her nephew . Things started getting murkier as the nature of treatment for the aunt by Jumman started undergoing a scam change.

God Lives in the Panch comment that a fair judgement weighs more over friendship

They was abused day and night verbally and physically by Jumman and his wife. The aunt with no relations of her own and the Panchayat fot solve her woes. Eminent villagers gathered but Aalgu Chowdhri was selected as the head of the Panch. Alagu was caught in a cleft stick. He did not know which way to turn. After hearing of the case , it was very evident that the weight of friendship was equally heavy as the weight of the judgement.

Yet a man of discipline as he was he decided to give his judgment in favour of his friends aunt. The villlagers were stunted at his historic verdict . The relation between the two friends became strange. A few months later a different situation arose in which Alagu ; who has sold his bullock to a trader refused to pay him the full amount after the bullock died of worst training. Quarrel broke out and there was alot of evashing of dirty lines in the public. Street fights , squabbles , hurling abuses at each other were almost a daily sight. The situation had to be brought under control and so the matter came before the Panchayat.

This time as luck would have it Jumman Sheikh was elected as the head of the Panch. When he started to chair the meeting he understood the implication of of a judge. The villagers thought that the time had comes for Jumman to setle his score with Alagu. But the verdict against Sahu shook them out of their stooker as they realised that judgement ; which needs to be fair always weights heavier than friendship. Jumman Sheikh passed the verdict on behalf of Panchayat in favour of Alagu.

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Apr 9, 2017

'Journey By Night' Revolves Rround a Task of Small Boy Sheltering his Sibling Comments Class 10 ICSE

These are the 16 marks question asked in ICSE examination. It is asked to comment about the centre theme of the story or the character. Its quality of writing is the prime criteria to secure good marks in the examination.
Norah Burke
Question: Journey By Night is such a story; which revolves around the supreme task entrusted with a small boy sheltering his sibling against all odds. - COMMENT.

Sher Singh and his younger brother lived in a small Hamlet surrounded by forest modeled with all odds for survival. Things were not easy for the people of Sher Singh's village as danger were lurking around every Luke and corner waiting to pounce on these innocent villagers. Things became murkier when the younger brother of Sher Singh was downed with acute stomach pain. All the in house portion and treatment failed to bring the abated result.

It was then Sher Singh decided that he is going to traverse the distance fro his village Laldwani to the hospital carrying his brother. His father an ace hunter was out off for some unknown expedition. Sher Shing understood that if his brother left untreated , They might loose him in the failing battle of death. The mother had to stay back for looking after their live stalk back in the village. The mother made a sling for Sher Singh to carry the younger son with the little ease. It was evening and the forest was looking threatening and dark. The destination waas at least fifty miles away and he will get help only if he crosses the jungle .

The first encounter which Sher Singh had was with that of a cobra wicked and venomous. He did not want any confrontation and therefore slipped off into the matted grass. Kunwar , his brother was twisting and groaning but Sher Singh that a lot of struggle lay ahead and it was not the right time to rest.

He then began his journey into the impenetrable forest. He came across the right of bear tracks in the dust. He was too tired to inch any further and that is why he decided to rest against the tree. He put down Kunwar's sling and himself braced severing pain tearing through his muscles. He was jolted to consciousness of his position when he heard a trumpeting herd of animals. Sher ingh wa glad that he was outside the river and much above the elephants. The river bed shown like ivory but beads of perspiration had only accumulated on the forehead of Sher Singh, sensing eminent danger. The herd of elephants had given quite a squeal and Sher Singh awaited with abated breadth and waiting for the crisis to subside. The elephants were so near that he could smell their musky odor squelching under their feet. Sher Singh awaiting for him and his brother.

At last , Sher Singh was helped by some people on his way and he managed to reach the hospital by a truck. His journey was full of suffering and the task like this was beyond the limit of a child of twelve years. The courage and determination of Sher Singh to save his brother is an example of limitless approach for a child. He was called loudly by doctor as Sher Singh Bahadur during his brother's treatment. He replied that his father is not present. Sher Singh has shown an exemplary determination and love towards the life of his beloved brother. "

The main theme of the story revolves around the courage and determination and fraternal love of Sher Singh.

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Apr 5, 2017

'Indian Heroes' Discuss with reference to the Story | Summary | Paragraph | Conclusion | English Literature

Sixteen marks question of English Literature is asked in ICSE examination and this is asked to comment about the main character or the main story of the chapter. For example this quesition will be asked as given below.
The sacrifice of the unsung heroes in the Mumbai Terror Attack of 26/11 is highlighted and their patriotism was epitomised. Discuss with reference to the story.

In the wake of Mumbai Terror attack, the country saw some of the greatest patriots joining hands to fight terrorism. Terrorism had never been so brutal, so devastating. People had seen the wrath of the terrorists making innocent people their victim of anger. Mumbai tourists, Indian and rest of India stood transfixed at the horror that the terrorist fired on innocent lives. Few people realized at that point that life is jeopardized badly due to unscrupulous thinking of the certain men. Hotel Taj the heritage hotel of Mumbai was under seize.

Dinner dining in one of the most famous restaurant failed to see the light of another day. Terrorists burst into the hotel and started fighting aimlessly . Four hostages were taken and young old men, women and children where held at mansion; while the terrorists danced the Deadly Dance . Life came to a halt and rest of India sat viewing to their television set as horror unveiled its naked face.

 Indian Heroes  Discuss with reference to the Story | Summary | Paragraph | Conclusion

Commander Sandeep UnniKrishnan; young soldier was sent to combat the terrorizing force . The young soldier did not think about the consequences and took it upon his stride, shielding his comrade and non-chalently embracing death in the process of the operation. Sandeep Unnikrishnan was martyired.The whole country saluted the sacrifice of this young blood . His bereaved parents were proud of him, but this country once again lost a young blood at the altar of terrorist attack. The terrorists did not spare anyone as they moved on ruthlessly attacking with meticulous planning. Various places where bubbling with innocent pupulous of Mumbai.

The next destination of terrorist was railway station where people running to and fro caught unaware by the impending danger. Vishnu Zende teh announcer for the night sensed trouble. Instead of shielding his own life , he thought it as his utmost duty to help commuters giving continuous directions to the innocent people to escape the blood bath.

Karambir the general manager of the hotel Taj disregarded the safety of his own immediate family and joined hands to rescue others. His wife and son being trapped in one of the rooms of Taj died of suffocation. He fought for the safety of his guests and became one of the many unsung heroes ; who can defy terrorism with utmost breadth and determination.

Three police officers Hemant Karkare, Ahok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar embraced death as they wanted to intercept the terrorists on the way to destruction. Chhotu chaywala staioned in front of the Mumbai station helped many without thinking the safety of his own life and thus was enlisted one of the many unsung heroes .

The sacrifice of sundra Samuel safeguarding the life of two year old toddler went down the street glorifying the service of a dedicated governess. She saved him when Nariman house was attacked and the child's parents were killed. Except one all the terrorists were gunned down but they were denied a proper burial by the caretakers of Cemetry showing to the world that humanity is above all and heroes are ordinary men who rise to the situation above all proving to one and all that all value can be squashed with just determination.

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