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Critical Sum of Speed Time and Distance Class 7

Question 1. The distance between station A and B is 120 km. A train travelling at a speed can cover the distance in 2 hours 30 minutes. By how many km/h should the speed of the train be increased for it to take 30 minutes less to cover the distance. ? Solution 1. Case 1: Data given: Distance between station A and B = 120 km Time taken by the train = 2 h 30 minutes =(2+30/60) h =5/2 h Speed S1 of the train in km/h = D/S =120/(5/2) =48 km/h Case 2: Distance between station A and B = 120 km Time taken by the train = 2 h Speed S2 of the train = 120/2 =60 km/h Increased speed (S2-S1) = (60-48) km/h =12 km/h Ans. Question 2. Two trains start from the same staion in the smae direction. The speed of the first train is 70 km/h and that of the second train is 20 m/s. 1) Which train is moving faster ? 2) What is the distance between the trains after 1 hour and 15 minutes ? Answer 2. Speed of the first train = 70 km/h Speed of the second train = 20 m/s i)Speed of

Write in about 250 words whether or not you regret the passing of your childhood days-I REMEMBER I REMEMBER

It’s a somber reality that when we’re toddlers, we wish to grow old and when we’re adults, we wish to go back to our childhood days. Of course, I regret the passing of my childhood days. I really miss those innocuous fights, splendid games, crazy fears and the concern of my parents that acted as a shield to protect me against everything. Those were the days when I didn’t have to worry about anything. Also, whatever I wished was fulfilled by my parents. This self-centered world was far away from my reach. I was free to do everything and anything and I knew that if I fall, my dad was there to hold me up. But today, I have no one by my side. Being a toddler, fights meant not talking for a day and when the demands were not fulfilled, simply shedding off tears did everything. Today, there is no one to lend a shoulder to sob and fights mean “Good Bye for-ever”. I yearn to go back to those blessed days and stay there for an unchanged forever. Childhood is that period of a man’

Answer of I Remember I Remember Poem English Literature Class 6

Question 1. What does the poet remember about the house where he was born? Answer 1. Childhood memories always remain intact within us irrespective of the time elapsed. The poet remembers every ounce of jovialness and happiness that he experienced in his childhood. The poet recalls how the sun shined in the morning and its rays propagated through the house’s window to wake him up. He personifies sun as a human who is always on time, neither arrives soon nor does it delays. The poet also describes the vivid variant flowers and the presence of Laburnum tree which his brother planted on one of his birthdays. Question 2. Name the flowers that are mentioned in the poem. Answer 2. In the poem ‘I Remember, I Remember’, the poet has mentioned various species of flowers including red and white roses, violet lilies and lilacs. The description of these flowers symbolizes the presence of a heavenly aura that enveloped poet’s childhood. Question 3. What does the poet say about

Answer of "Season" English Literature Class 6

Question 1. Describe in your own words- a)Summer in the hills. b)Summer in the plains. Answer 1. a)Summer in the hills: Summer in hills are welcomed with happiness. It is because the people face the severe cold for longer period of the year. Therefore Summer brings happiness for the hilly area. The little birds sit on the door and expresses their happiness. b)Summer in the plane: Summer in plain is very much painful. It makes people dry. People search shade to escape the blazing sun. Summer in plain area is not welcomed by the people. It creates the scarcity of water in plain area. Therefore I can say that Summer season in plain area is opposite to that of hilly area. Question 2. What are the characteristics of spring ? Answer 2. In most of the countries Spring is a pleasant time. After coldness of winter the mellow warmth of Spring brings very good feeling for everyone. Trees grow new leaves. Flower blooms and birds build their nests. The countryside looks gr

Answer of 'Water' English Literature Poem Class 6

Question 1. What does the poet mean by the line ‘Journey across to France on it’? Consult the atlas if required. Answer 1. France is a European country that extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. The poet stated that one can journey across to France over waters because the boundaries of the country are connected to each other via various rivers including the Seine River, the Loire River, the Gironde River and many more. Question 2. Why does the poet say that we must ‘watch carefully’? Answer 2. Water takes many forms, and each form is elegant in its own way. We’re having the privilege to admire them all but, our future generation may be deprived of the same. Water is on its verge of extinction because of our inhuman activities. Hence, the poet suggests watching the waters carefully because you may not know that it may be the last opportunity to have a glance over such a beautiful scene and later

List of Hindi words with Sh ऐसे शब्द जिसमें ष बीच में आता है

List of Hindi words with ष भाषा धनुष विशेष धनुष शुष्क सुष्मा कृषि षड्यंत्र संघर्ष कष्ट अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय भाषाविज्ञान अघोष ओष्ठ संघर्षी विशेषण स्पष्ट दृष्टि पृष्ठ मुखपृष्ठ शीर्षक आशीष प्रतिवर्ष शेष अभिलाषा विषयांतर वर्ष घोषित नष्ट स्पष्ट पुष्टि निष्कर्ष

Up in the Air - Reference to the Context Class 6

Answer with reference to the context. 1. "They gazed in wonder at the strange new visitor." Question a. who are they? Who is the visitor? Question b. How had the visitor reached the house? Question c. Why did they gaze at the visitor in wonder? Question d. ? Answer a. They are Jane and Michael the two children of Mr and Mrs Banks. Visitor is the Mr Poppins. Answer b. The visitor Mr Poppins reached the house holding her hat with one hand and carrying a bag in the other. As she was inside the gate , the wind seemed to haul her up into the air and fling her at the front door of the house. Answer c. They gazed at the wisitor in wonder because they had never seen the thing like this. Mr Poppins was completely a strange in look and feel to them. 2. "Well, this is indeed a pleasant surprise," a voice greeted them. Question a. Who were being greeted? And who greeted them? Question b. Why could they only hear the voice and not see the person the spe

Answer of 'Up In the Air' English Literature Class 6

Question 1. Who lived at Number 17? How could one reach it? Answer 1. Mr. and Mrs Banks lived there with their four children. It was situated in Cherry Tree Lane. One can reach by enquiring the policeman at the cross road. He will points the required road. From there first to your right second to your left and then right again to reach at Number 17. Question 2. Describe the appearance of Marry Poppins? Answer 2. Marry Poppins was quite strange in physical look. She was holding her hat in one hand and she was carrying a bag in other. She was thin with large feet and hands. Her eyes were smalll with peering blue. Question 3. Why did Michael think Mr Wigg was called so? Answer 3. Michael thought was matching with the activity of Uncle Albert whose behaviour and lifestyle was full of funny activity. At his birthday ( Friday) he used to feel a surprising thing in himself. On his birthday he becomes so filled with laughig gas that he couldn't keep him on the ground. With t

Answer Anne Arives at Green Gables English Literature

Question 1. How does any realise that she is not wanted by the children Cuthbert? How does she feel? Answer 1. When Anne heard the conversation between Matthew and Marilla, she came to know that she was not wanted by the Cuthberts. During the conversation between Marilla and Mathew, Anne kept silent, suddenly she seemed to grasp the full meaning of what had been said and started crying. Repeating the same verse,"you don't want me ! you don't want me because I am not a boy!". Question 2. How do you know that Marilla is changing her mind about Anne? why does this happened? Answer 2. When Marilla took Anne to Mrs Spencer, on the way Anne told Marilla about herself. She related her tragic story , that she was eleven last March and by this time she had already stayed with two families helping the ladies to look after their children, when their desire was over she was put back into the orphanage at Hopeton. When Marilla told Mrs Spencer about the mistake of sen

Summary of 'Samadhi' Rani Lakshami Bai

समाधि कविता रानी लक्ष्मी बाई के वीरता के प्रति सम्मान अर्पण करने का संदेश देता है। स्वतन्त्रता के लिए जो लड़ाई रानी लक्ष्मी बाई ने लड़ी उसकी वीरता की कहानी इस समाधि मे दबे राख अनुभव करा देंगे। यह वही समाधि है जहाँ लक्ष्मी बाई ने अंतिम शांस ली थी । इस समाधि मे रानी के अद्भुत विजेता होने की यादें छिपि हैं । इस समाधि से कहीं सुंदर-सुंदर समाधि हमे दिखाई देंगे, लेकिन यह समाधि स्वतंत्रता को जीवित रखने की चिंगारी समाए हुए है । यह वीरों के अमर कहानियों की याद दिलाता है । यह समाधि देशप्रेम , आत्म सम्मान और वीरता का अद्भुत प्रतीक है जो रानी को मर्दानी की तरह अमर कर दिया । स्वतंत्रता को कैसे बनाए रखा जा सकता है उसका एक मजबूत संदेश यह समाधि देता है । स्वतंत्रता के प्रति नारी मे यह प्रेम, वीरता और इच्छाशक्ति सायद ही कहीं इतिहास मे दिखाई दे । सारांश = summary ...........सुभद्रा कुमारी चौहान .............

Answer of Young Night thought English Literature

Question 1. What does the child see and when ? Answer 1. The child saw the people marching by as clearly as he saw during the day time when he wants to go to bed and his mamma put out the light. Question 2. Do you think the child is afraid of dark ? Answer 2. No he was not afraid of dark instead he enjoyed the sight of armies and emperors and kings . Question 3. What is the "show" compared to and why? Answer 3. The show was compared to the circus. Because there were many beast and man marching in that caravan which is also found in the circus. Question 4. Where does the caravan lead the child ? Answer 4. The caravan lead the child to sleep. Question 5. Why does the show move faster and faster? Answer 5. The show was moving faster because the child was moving ahead faster to sleep. Question 6. Is the child happy when he is falling asleep? Answer 5. No, the child was not happy while falling the sleep because he wanted to see something more a

Answer of Athos Porthos and Aramis English Literature

Question 1. What quality did Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D. Artagnan have in common ? Answer 1. Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Atrgnan were all musketeers. They were brave and bold. Question 2. What did D'Artagnan decide to remember if he survived the duels? Why did he decide this? Answer 2. D'Artagnan decided to remember to be more polite in furture if he survived the duels. He decided so because he already knew that he had made a bad impression on Monsieur de Trville. To be a musketeer he will have to satisfy and win over the monsieur de Treville. Politeness can only get him his wishes. Question 3. What does the motto of the Three musketeers' means? Answer 3. The motto of the musketeers means 'one for all and all for one'. This means they will all join hand together for a good purpose and all will work together. Question 4. What did the three musketeers think of D Artagnan, when they met him at the dwelling ground.? Answer 4. The musketeers though

If area of a square is equal to the area of a rectangle. Is perimeter be equal also?

Equal area of square and rectangle will never have equal perimeter. This can be illustrated with formula and with a an example. Let side of a square be x . Let the length and breadth of a rectangle be l and b whose area is equal to the area of the square. I am taking few value of side of the square and taking the equal area the length and breadth are set a value. Case 1: let x=2 Therefore X 2 = 4 Let l=4 and b=1 So that the area remain same. suppose the perimeter of the rectangle be greater than the perimeter of the square. Therefore 2(l+b)-4x will be positive. 2(4+1)-4*2 =10-8 =2 Case 2: let x=4 Therefore X 2 = 16 Let l=8 and b=2 So that the area remain same ie 16 unit. Let check again: 2(l+b)-4x will be positive. 2(8+2)-4*4 =20-16 =4 Case 3: let x=8 Therefore X 2 = 64 Let l=16 and b=4 So that the area remain same ie 64 unit. Let check again: 2(l+b)-4x will be positive. 2(16+4)-4*8 =40-32 =8 Therefore in all three case

Essay on A Visit to a Park in Hindi

पार्क एक ऐसी जगह है जहां हम आनंद ले सकते हैं और अपने परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ अच्छा समय बिता सकते हैं। मैं वसंत के महीने में अपने परिवार के साथ एक पार्क का दौरा किया । यह मेरे लिए बहुत मजेदार दिन था । उत्तोलक पर और उसके आस पास खेलने मे बहुत मज़ा आया।  जब हम पार्क में प्रवेश कर रहे थे। तो हमें पफेटलेट दिए गए थे जिनमें बताया गया था, कि इस पार्क का निर्माण क्यों किया गया था। और यह लिखा था कि "यह पार्क मैरी की याद में बनाया गया है। जो पार्क और हरियाली से प्यार करते थे "। मैरी राष्ट्रपति की बेटी थी। थोड़ी ही देर बाद में पार्क में मेरा सबसे अच्छा दोस्त मिला । फिर हम एक साथ मिलकर कई मज़ेदार गेम खेले । यह दिन मेरे लिए पूरा रोमांचक था। मेरी मां ने स्वादिष्ट सैंडविच, सलाद और फलों के रस को तैयार किया।  पार्क के बीच में, मेरे दोस्त एमी और मैंने एक मेहराब देखा जो कार्नेशन और लताओं के साथ सजाया गया था। यह एकदम असाधारण दिख रहा था । हमने मेहराब के पास खड़े होकर ढेर सारा फोटो खिचवाए । पास में एक खूबसूरत तालाब था , जिसमे बतख और मेंढक थे । यह एक बहुत सुंदर दृश्य था

The Arrow and The Song English Literature for Class 5

Question: 1.What are the things that poet sent into the air? Answers: 1. The poet sent an arrow and a song into the air. Question: 2.Is there ay way of finding out where a song goes ? Answers: 2. No, None has so keen and strong sight that can follow the flight of song. But if someone else repeats the song, then we can make out were it had landed. Question: 3.In poetry, sometimes a word isgiven a new and unusual form . Can you find any such word in this poem? How would it be written in prose ? Answers: 3. 'Breath' to write the simple form of breathe in a close we write sang or sing. . Question: 4. Where did the poet find the arrrow ? Answers: 4.The poet found the arrow unbroken in an oak. . Question: 5.What do you think the poet means who he says, And the song from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend. Answers: 5. By these two lines the poet meant that , when he heard the song which he sang long ago from his friend he came to kno

My Brother Essay in Hindi For Class 4

मेरा एक भाई है। वह बहुत शरारती है। वह मेरी सेवा करता है, और मेरे लिए फ़िक्रमंद भी रहता है । वह मुझे बहुत प्यार करता है।   हम एक-दूसरे के साथ बहुत खेलते हैं। वह हमेशा अध्ययन में मेरी मदद करता है। जब भी मैं उसकी अनुमति के बिना उसके सामान को छूता हूं तो कभी-कभी वह मुझसे नाराज़ हो जाता है। लेकिन थोड़ी देर बाद वह मुझसे माफी माँग लेता है । इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है कि वह एक बहुत ही बुद्धिमान व्यक्ति है। मेरा भाई मेरे साथ अपना सामान शेयर करता है। वह क्रिकेट में अपने कौशल के लिए अपने स्कूल में लोकप्रिय हैं। वह नृत्य, संगीत और कला जैसे अन्य क्षेत्रों में भी भाग लेता है। साथ ही, वह परीक्षाओं में अच्छे ग्रेड प्राप्त करता है। दूसरे शब्दों में, वह आल राउन्ड़र है। वह आसानी से किसी के साथ बातचीत कर सकता है। और इस कारण उसके पास बहुत सारे दोस्त हैं। वे हमारे घर आते हैं, और हम दोनों के साथ खेलते हैं। वह मेरे साथ अपने खाली समय में वीडियो गेम, कैरम, सांप और सीढ़ी और कई और खेल खेलते हैं। वह किसी भी गेम को जीतने के लिए मुझे कई युक्तियां सिखाता है। जब भी हमारे माता-पिता घर से बाह

Answer 2nd Part Parables from the Bible English Literature Class 5

Question answer 2nd Part Parables from the Bible English Literature Class 5 Question: 1.How did the younger son behave when he realised that he had made a bad mist? Answers: 1.When the younger son realised that he had made a mistake, he thought of going back to his father and apologising for the mistake he had done. He realised that by disobeying his father he had sinned against heaven and his father . He also thought of repenting by working as a servant for his father. Question: 2.How did his father receive him when he returned home? Answers: 2. When the son was returning home, his fathersaw him and was filled with pity for him. He ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. Question: 3.What does the father means when he says, "This brother of yours was dead and is alive again " ? Answers: 3. The father ment when he says, This brother is alive again- he had fallen into bad and evil habits, but he has now reformed. Question: 4. Why was the

Answer of "Parables from the Bible" English Literature Class 5

Complete the sentences: Answer 1. The priest and the Levite pass the man who was badly hurt, without stopping because he has no mercy for the injured man . Answer 2. According to the parable, a neighbour is a person ; who lived very close to a person, take pity on the others and help them in their needs. Answer 3. The phrase "Good Samaritan has passed into common languagel It means the people of samaria are helpful and good. Answer 4. The lesson that the parable teaches us is to love and help others in needs . ................... This is Part 1 of the chapter Parables from the Bible ..............

Answer of STORY OF PRAHLADA English Literature Class 4

QUESTION ANSWER of "The story of Prahlada" Question 1. Who was Hiranyakashipu? Answer 1. Hiranyakashipu was the king of daityas. Question 2. Who was Prahlada's father? Answer 2. Hiranyakashipu was Prahlada's father.. Question 3. Why was Hiranyakashipu troubled. Answer 3. Little Prahlada was a very religious child. He seemed to have inborn ideas about worship and about the god. His father ; who had determined to drive the thought of the deities out of the world , was greatly troubled about him. Question 4. Whom did Prahlada worship? Answer 4. Prahlada worship 'Krishna'. Question 5. What punishment was given to Prahlada for disobeing his father?. Answer 5. Hiranyakashipu ordered his guards to take Prahlada and throw him, though he was his own son, down to the bottom of the ocean and throw pile of rocks on top of him. Question 5. Who helped Prahlada to come ou of the water?. Answer 5. Lord Krishna helps Prahlada to come out of the

Two Minutes Speech on Rising anger in Youth | युवाओ मे बढता आक्रोश

Speech on Rising anger in Youth | युवाओ मे बढता आक्रोश युवाओं में आसमान छूने वाली प्रतिभा और अत्यधिक छ्मता होती है। और यदि उन्हे सही समय अवशर नही मिला तो उनमे आक्रोश होना बहुत स्वाभाविक है। आज का युवा क्या चाहता है। उसका दो उद्देश्य हमे नज़र आता है। एक तो वह की जब पढ़ाई पूरा करे तो कम से कम दो व्क्त की रोटी का जुगाड़ हो जाए और उसके बाद अपनी प्रतिभा को समाज के सामने प्रस्तुत कर सके। जिससे देश और समाज का कुछ अच्छा हो सके। इससे उसे काफ़ी सन्तुश्ठी मिलती है। परंतु आज का जो हाल है वहाँ उसको अवसर सही अनुपात मे नही मिल रहा है। कहने का मतलब यह है । की देश में लगभग सात लाख इंजिनियर पैदा हो रहे हैं तो केवल डेढ़ लाख तकनीकी अवशर है। इसके कारण काफ़ी बड़ी संख्या अपनी ज़रूरत को पूरा करने मे असमर्थ है। इसी प्रकार की विषम समस्या लगभग हर युवा के साथ है, चाहे जिस भी विषय से वह संबंध रखता हो। फलस्वरूप उसकी प्रतिभा दबी की दबी रह जा रही है। उसपर इतना भ्रष्टाचार समाज मे है की उसे सॉफ दिखाई दे रही है। इन सभी कारणों से उसके अंदर एक आक्रोश है। यदि उसकी समस्याओं का हल नही निकाला गया तो देश के भवि

Answer of "Fight Manju Fight" English Literature Class 5

Question 1. Manju wanted to paint. What were the problem she faced? Answer 1. Manju wanted to paint but she had malformed fingers, two on each hand. She also had the problem because of the cost of the materials she would need. Question 2. Did her family encouraged her? Who do you think was most encouraging? Answer 2. No, All the memebers of her famil didn't encouraged her escept her mother. She was encouraged by her mother and her brother. Her father was the person who objected to Manjula's painting, because he thought he will not be able to fulfill the demand of his daughter when she would ask for oil paints and drawing papers, as they costs more. He also thought Manjula would be more fit to the kitchen work and household activities. Manjula's mother goes more encouraging as she gave money to M to buy paper and paints. She was also given brushes by her brother. Question 3. Why did Mr Parelkar not give money to buy water couler papers. ?. Answer 3. Pare

Written In March Question Answer English Literature Class 5

Question 1. Why does the poet say that the streamisflowing ? What had happened to its earlier? Answer 1. The poet say that the steam is flowing because this poem written in the month of March; which is begining of spring season. The water on the stream which was frozen in the winter months and started flowing with arival of spring. The stream had frozen during the winter months. class='shadow' alt=' ' Question 2. How does the lake glitter? Answer 2. The lake glitter by the relection of the sun light. Question 3. Who are the people working? Are there any people who are not working? Answer 3. All the people either oldest or youngest were working with the strangest. No, there are no such people who were not working. Question 4. There are forty feeding like one means..... Answer 4. All forty cattles are eating equally, steadily and with pleasure. Question 5. Which places are still covered in snow.? Answer 5. The peak of the mountain are still cov

Answer Reference to Context SILVER English Literature Class 4

QUESTION ANSWER Question 1. What does the word "shoon" mean? Answer 1. The word "shoon" is the past participle of "Shine". Question 2. How does the moon move? Answer 2. The moon moves slowly and silently. Question 3. What does the moon see on the silver trees? Answer 3. The moon sees silver fruits on the silver trees. Question 4. The poem 'silver' contains many words describing different actions. Find these words and group them in the way you think is the most suitable. Answer 4. The words which define different actions are, slowly, walks, peers, couched, scampering. Question 5. What has the dog been compared to? Which figure of speech has been used to show the similarity? Answer 5. The dog has been compared to the 'log'. A simile is used to show the similarity. Question 6. Where are the doves ? How do they look? What are they doing? Answer 6. The doves are silver-feathered, where the white breasts peep from the

Answer of "The Mouse's Tale" English Literature Class 5

Question 1. Who was Fury? Answer 1. Fury was a dog. Question 2. Where did he meet the mouse? Answer 2. He meet the mouse at the house. Question 3. What did Fury want to do, and why?. Answer 3. Fury wanted to take the mouse to the law and prosecute him. Fury wanted to go for a trial because he had nothing to do that morning. Question 4. Why did the mouse think no trial could be held? Answer 4. The mouse thought that there could be no trial because there will be no jury or judge. Question 5. Why is the Fury called cunning? Answer 5. Fury is called cunning because he had already decided to take the mouse for prosecution and give him the death sentence, wholely decideing on his own. By: Lewis Carroll ....

Answer of The BROKEN WING English Literature Class 5

Question 1. Why did the two older brothers hate Il-Chung? Answer 1. Il-Chung was handsome good and hardworking . The other two brothers were ugly and lazy. So, Il-Chung's faters loved him the most. This made the other two brother hate him. Question 2. Why was the Il-Cjung thrown out of the house? Answer 2. Il-Chung's brothers were jealous of him. When his father died , he was left at the mercy of his two vicious brother. So they threw Il-Chung out of his house. Question 3. Was the pumpkin seed given by the bird , an ordinary seed? Give two reasons for your answer. Answer 3. No, the pumpkin seed given by the bird was not an ordinary seed. i)The seed spout within a night and the pumpkin tree became so big that it spread over the hut and under it and spread as far as Il-Chung could see. ii) The pumpkin tree had many juicy pumpkins which had gold coins inside. Question 4. Why did Il-Chung wnat to share his goood fortune with his brothers? Answer 4. Il-Chung wan

Summary of Poem 'Silver' English Literature Class 4

The poem "Silver" is written by Walter de la Mare. The poem talks about the moon observing each and everything and how its moon light casts upon trees and animals. There is serenity all over, the night is shiny with the silvery shine of the moon. All the things and animals are drenched in the silvery shine of the moon.The poem begins with the moon moving slowly and silently with her silver shine and then she peers and sees the silver fruits upon silver trees. Then, the casement catches her beams beneath the silvery thatch. The dog is compared to a log who is couched and sleeping in his kennel with his silvery paws. The doves are sleeping with their silver feathers and the white breasts peep from the shadowy cote. The moon further sees the scampering mouse with silver claws and eyes. The poem ends with the moveless fish where the reed and stream are silver.

Reference to the context The Yellow Brick Road | English Literature

1. "I am going to OZ to ask him for some brain." Question a. Who wanted brain and why? Question b. What did the speaker have instead of brain? Answer a. The scarecrow wanted brain because his head was stuffed with straw and he could not think because to think one needs a brain. Answer b. The speaker wanted a heart so that he can love the girl whom did he loved. 2. "Brains do not make one happy." Question a. Who is the speaker? Question b. What did the speaker wanted and why? Question c. What did he consider the best thing in the world? Answer a. The tin wood man is the speaker. Answer a. The speaker wanted heart, so that he can love the girl. Answer a. He thought that the heart is the best thing in the world. By Layman Frank Baum He was an American author. He used to write fantasy stories for children. The Wonderful Wizare of Oz was his best known work. It was also staged as play and a wonderful film.

Active Voice into Passive voice of Critical Sentences

Question 1. Whom do you want here? Question 2. Sugar sells by the kilogram. Question 3. They Called him a wise man. Answer1: Who is wanted here by you? Answer2: Sugar is sold by the kilogram. Answer3: He was called wise man by them. Question 1. You surprise me. Question 2. Delete the useless SMS. Question 3. Divert all my calls to my cellphone. Question 4 . Take this medicine only if needed. Question 4 . The children laughed at the beggar. Answer 1: I was surprised by you. Answer 2: Useless SMS should be deleted Answer 3: All my calls should be diverted to my cellphone. Answer 4: This medicine must be taken only if needed. Answer 4: The beggar was laughed at by the children.

8. Relation between Angle of Incident Emergent Angel Angle fo Deviation and Angle of Prism Physic

When a ray of light falls on a surface of a prism, it deviates from its original path and the ray of light is broken up into seven colours. It is the constituent color of light. Due to this a spectrum is formed. The individual colour that is visible in the spectrum , starting from bottom are : Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Orange and Red. This can be remembered with this letter 'VIBGYOR'. Each letter is the starting letter of the color in the spectrum. Here the relation between incident angle , angle of deviation and emergent angle has been shown. This relation is very important and it comes in the examination. Watch the video carefully and comment if you have any query. in Δ MPQ ∠LMQ =∠MPQ+∠PQM OR ∂= ∂ 1 +∂ 2 -------- (eqn 1) Or ∂ 1 = i 1 - r 1 Or ∂ 2 = i 2 - r 2 In quadrilateral APNQ, We can write We can write, ∠PNQ = 180- A -------- (eqn 2)( Because ∠APN = ∠AQN = 90) But for ΔPNQ, we can write , ∠PNQ=180 - (r 1 +r 2) -----

Question Answer of The Poem ' The Violet' English Literature Class 5

Question: 1.What is the color of the flower? Answers: 1.The colour of the flower was violet. Question: 2.What does the poet mean by a 'rosy bower' ? (Tick the correct meaning) a)Shower of roses b) A pleasant place in the shade under rose plants. c) A hut covered with roses. Answers: 2. The correct option is b)A pleasant place in the shade under rose plants.. Question: 3.Why does the poet wants the violet to be in a rosy bower ? Answers: 3. The poet wants the violet to be in the rosy bower to show its beaty , so that the poet can go to the valley to see the beatiful flowers. Question: 4.What lesson the does the violet teache us ? Answers: 4.The poem teach us to be quiet, modest and gentle.

Question Answer of 'The Ant and The Cricket' English Literature Class 4

Question: 1.Why did the cricket began to complain? ? Answers: 1.1. The cricket began to complain when he found out at home that the cupboards were empty with no food and the winter was to come. Question: 2.What did the cricket do in summer months ? Answers: 2. The cricket sang in the summer months. Question: 3.Describe the condition of the cricket. ? Answers: 3. The condition of the cricket was that he didn't have a crumb, flower or a leaf to eat on the snow-covered ground . Question: 4.Whom did the cricket ask for help? ? Answers: 4. The cricket asked a miserly ant for help. Question: 5.What did the cricket tell her? ? Answers: 5. The cricket asked the ant whether he would provide him shelter from rain and a mouth full of grain. He also said that he would only borrow and would repay her tomorrow . Question: 6.What does wicket mean? ? Answers: 6. Wicket means a small gate. Question: 7. What does the word 'fable' mean? Answers: 7. Fable means

Summary 'The Ant and the Cricket' Class 4

The fable starts with a cricket who is in search of food and warmth in winter because he spent all of his time singing instead of collecting food during summer. He then sets off to see a miserly ant in hope that he would provide him with grain and shelter but the ant questions why and after knowing that he sang all summer, he hastily makes the cricket go away. So the fable 'The Ant and the Cricket' tells us that if we live without work and have a lazy life, we will live without food.

Question Answer 'Gopal Bhand Stories' English Literature class 5

Question: 1.why did Gopal and the other guest stay at the palace guest house at night ? Answers: 1. One day there was a great celebration in the palace; which continued late into the night. So Gopal and the other guests stay at the Palace guest house at night. Question: 2.Why did the barber Put the blame On the face the Maharaja had seen first in the morning? Answers: 2. While trimming the Maharaja the barbers hand slipped and the razor nicked one of the Maharaja fingers to save himself from pool, as the barber was quick - witted, he put the Blame On the face the Maharaja had seen first in the morning. Question: 3.How was than Gopal' answer to the Maharaja? Answers: 3. Gopal's answer to the Maharaja was quick-witted. Question: 4.What did the Maharaja realise when he heard Gopal's sensor? What does this tell you about the Maharaja? Answers: 4. The Maharaja realised his mistake and burst out laughing. From this we come to know that Maharaja was a kind he

Question Answers Of HEIDI English Literature Class 4

Question: 1. What is the Hay compared to? Answers: 1. The hay is compared to gold because as Heidi opened her eyes, a beam of sunlight came through the hole in the wall making hay shine like gold. Question: 2.Why was Heidi glad to leave Ursula? Answers: 2. Heidi was glad to leave Ursula because she had to stay indoors so that the old woman could see her and couldn't go to play outside because Ursula was deaf and cold and had to sit by the kitchen fire to stay warm. Question: 3.Why was Heidi delighted? Answers: 3. Heidi was delighted because she could go to the pasture with Peter. Question: 4.Why was Heidi gathered flowers? Answers: 4. Heidi gathered flowers so that she could take them home and stick among the hay in her bedroom so that it would look like a meadow. Question: 5.What was Heidi doing behind the little hillock ? Answers: 5. Heidi was smelling the primulas behind the little hillock because it had the most delicious scent.

Summary of HEIDI English Literature Class 4

Heidi is a young girl whose parents are dead and she is living with her grandfather in the mountains. As she cheerfully wakes up, she is glad to be living with her grandfather and is happy leaving old Ursula because she never got a chance to go out. She leaps from her bed and gets up ready to see that Peter was waiting with the heard and grandfather was bringing Daisy and Dusky from the stall. She cleans herself with water and looks like a boiled lobster. She was delighted to go with Peter to the pasture. The sky was clear and deep blue and the flowers were blooming. Heidi rushed to and fro at the sight of blue gentian, primroses and dainty yellow rock-roses. Peter was having a hard time watching the goats and Heidi at the same time. Peter and Heidi continued going further when Heidi's apron was full of flowers. By ....... Johanna Spyri ......... ......

The Number System Natural Number Whole Number Integer Prime Number Composite Number

Natural Number : These are the number that start from 1 and have no end . e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., Whole Number : the natural numbers including zero are the whole number . e.g. 0,1,2,3,4.... Integers : All negative and positive natural numbers including zero are integers. e.g. .... - 4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Even Number : The integers that can be completely divided by 2 are called even numbers. Odd Numbers : The integers that can't be completely divided by 2 are called odd numbers. e.g. -5,3,7,19 etc Important Note: 1 is neither a prime number nor a composite number. Prime Number : A natural number that can only be divided by 1 or the number itself. e. g. 5, 23, 7 etc. Or, The natural numbers that have only two positive factors. 1 and the number itself. Knowing kind of numbers is basic knowledge for doing good in mathematics. It is very much important to have clear cut idea about the number system. Keeping this view all the kin

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This Hindi dictation video is tried to provide practice of hard Hindi words (तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास ). The dictation was created in set of three hards words. E.G three words are dictated at a time with a provision of time so that learner can write them. After that those words are written so that you may check and correct those. -These words are those type in which mistakes are done by many learner.