Jun 27, 2016

A Summary of The Corner Shop

Please find below the summary of The corner Shop. Do let me know for change, improvement anything you think.

It is often said ‘The best ghost stories don’t have ghosts in them; rather, you see the result of its actions.’

For centuries readers have been attracted to the mysterious air surrounding ghosts and other supernatural beings. It is probably this sense of wonder and fear that makes ghost stories so addictive and hard to put down. An example of such a story is Cynthia Asquith’s The Corner Shop. The Corner Shop starts out as a happy story of a man, Peter Wood who discovers an antique shop filled with vintage trinkets run by two charming, young women. Upon browsing through its offerings, the man purchases a jade frog figurine at a throwaway price. Content with his purchase, Peter decides to make frequent visits to this lovely little shop. However, there is something sinister lurking behind the scenes.

On the second visit to the store, Peter is in for an eerie surprise. Gone are the two wonderful ladies, gone is the joyful vibe of the shop. Instead, he is welcomed by a blanket of gloom and an old man with a serious demeanor. The young man soon learns that his purchase is worth much more than the price he paid for it. Driven by a strong conscience and sense of fairness, Peter offers to give back the money to the owners of the shop. To his astonishment, he is told an incredible story by the two women. The story tells a poignant tale of past mistakes and the old man’s desire to make amends. The last few pages of The Corner Shop really puts the story into perspective and makes the reader feel like the pieces are finally falling into place. A story encompassing out worldly elements whilst combining real human emotions, The Corner Shop will definitely warm your heart.

Being a short story, there is not much scope for character development and so you are left wanting to know a little more about the characters. Details about their personalities or families are a bit unclear. Aptly named, The Corner Shop is free from gruesome descriptions and malevolence. However, the text is littered with references and descriptions of haunted elements. The weather plays a key role in the depiction of moods and a stark contrast can be inferred through its descriptions.

Cynthia Asquith succeeds in painting a ghostly picture with her words and manages to send chills down your spine. Read this story if you’re a fan of horror stories with underlying dramatic themes.

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Jun 25, 2016

3 Commercial Unit Of Electrical Energy Physics Class 10

Th S.I. unit of energy is joul(J).
Let the power (p) of an electrical appliance = P watt
Let it is used for t seconds.
Then Electrical energy consumed (W) = P x t watt-second
i.e. W = Pt Watt-second
or W = Pt Joul (Joul is Mechanical unit equivalent of Watt-second)

In practice bigger unit like Watt-Hour (Wh) or Kilo Watt Hour (KWh) is used for Electrical energy consumption. Watt-Hour : It is the electrical unit consumed by an electrical appliance of P watt that was used for 1 hour. 1 w-hr = 1 watt x 1 hr
= 1 w x (60x60)second
=3600 watt-second
=3600 Joul
1 Whr =3600 J

Kilowatt-Hour: One kilowatt-hour is the electrical energy consumed by an electrical appliance of power rating 1 kw when it used for 1 hour.
1 KWhr = 1 kilowatt x 1 hr
= 1000 w x (60x60)second
=3.6x106 watt-second
=3.6x106 Joul
1 KWhr = 3.6x106 J

The electrical energy consumed in our houses or in industries are measured in KWhr . This is also called ! unit electrical unit consumed. The rate delared by governmet is Rs 8 per unit. It means Rs. 8 per KWhr

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Jun 24, 2016

2.Electrical Power and its Expression For Class 10

Electrical Power: Rate of electrical energy supplied by a source e.g. a power station or an alternator or a dc battery etc is called electrical power.

∴ Power = Electrical Energy supplied / Time
if Power = P
Energy supplied = W
and Time = T
Then P = W / T
if W is in Joul
T in second
then unit of power will be Joul/Second (J/S); which is called watt.
∴ watt = j/s
∴Electrical Power, P=W/t=V.I=V2/R=I2.R
You are requested to suggest to make this chapter explanation better. So comment please.

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Jun 22, 2016

Love Concern Humanity And Trust are the Eccentric Features of Mankind

Love Concern Humanity And Trust are the Eccentric Features of Mankind . Quoting examples from chapters : "The Last Leaf", Journey by Night", and "God Lives in Panch", Justify the statement .

The main element which makes us differ from the rest are the qualities we possess.” Human nature is something which cannot be taught but which is self-existent. We, having an upper hand in the eco system, have something which other creatures lack. It is that object of our conscience which makes us good. Saying simply good is not enough because we are much more than being good. It is this positive quality in us, which makes us good.

“The last leaf” by O Henry tells us the tale about unconditional concern which is not bounded by relationship but out of sheer care for one another. It is not only those people who are bounded by relationship care for one another but also those people who understand are not bounded but yet understand the pain of another. This chapter has taught us that even a stranger can try with his/her whole heart to reduce the pain of another. It is that love which has no conditions to be kept. This story has shown us how we receive unexpected gratitude by even keeping lives at stake.

‘Journey by night’ by Norah Burke is something which each and every person should read because it will restore your will to do each and everything until it is done. Bravery is bestowed in this story and it is something to learn because, when a little boy can do it for his sibling then why can’t we? The determination and perseverance seen is very astounding and shows everyone what bravery looks like. It also tells us unimaginable love which he has for his brother.

‘God lives in Panch’ by none other than Munshi Prem Chand is one of the most exalting stories we have ever read because it has taught us to turn down our ego and it has lived by the saying “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind” because revenge never taught us to be good but it made us more sinful. The tale of two best friend who are caught up in situations and deciding what is just for one another makes them archenemies but the protagonist does something which is barely seen in today’s time. He does not let the spirit of revenge come his way and does good to his best friend. Don’t you think this is what life is all about? To forget the un just things done to you, to shower love upon others and breaking the link which makes friends frown and become enemies. In this fast pace of life, we forget to do little things to our loved ones because we are too caught up in ourselves. Man should know that money is not the true treasure to seek, it is nothing but man made paper which doesn’t last a life time, love is the bounty which will never go empty. Each and every person should be known by his/her qualities which are already built in him, irrespective of the fact whether he know it or not. These qualities are those instincts which makes him a good person, even though he’s been an alternate person in the past. The worlds disparities, bad experiences and bad influences shun those good qualities which we possess. I think it is high time that we should try to be those persons who we used to be.

Mankind wouldn’t have survived if he would not have those eccentric features. Even tongue less creatures have those powerful elements in them which makes them naïve and beautiful. Harmony will be attained only when we learn to be humble.

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Jun 2, 2016

Ohm's Law of Current Electricity Physics Class 10

Ohm's Law: It can be defined as "The potential difference (P.D.) across a conductor is proportional to the current flowing through it provided that physical conditions remain constant." If V = Potential Difference (P.D.)
I= current
Then we can write V ∝ I
Or V= I. R
R= Constant and it is known as resistance of the conductor.
It also means that
V/I = Constant(R) , If all surrounding conditions are constant.

The resistance of a conductor depends on:
1. Length of the conductor.

2. Area of cross section of the conductor.

3. Type of material of the conductor.

It is because of the type of the material different conductors have different conductance. Copper is more good conductor than iron. Similarly silver is more good conductor than copper. Conductance of silver is slightly more than copper. As silver is costlier than the copper therefore we use copper instead of silver to ignore slight advantage of conductance.

4. Temperature of the conductor.
If the temperature rise is from t10C to t20c and co-efficient of temperature is α.
Let Resistance at t10c = R0
and let Resistance at t20C = Rt
Then we can write
Rt = R0 (1+ α . ∆t)
Where ∆t = (t2 -t1 )0c
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