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Father's Help English Literature Question and Answer

By: R.K. Narayan 1. At nine-thirty, when he ought to have been shouting............ Q ( A):    What would Swami usually do during prayer time at school? Q ( B ):    What,According to father,is the cause of Swami's headache? Q ( C ):    Is Swami honest in his words? When he give the excuse. Q ( D ):    What was usual activity of Swami mentioned in the first para. Q ( E ):    Why did Swami change his tactics while giving excuse in front of his father? Ans. A:    Swami used to shout during prayer time at school. Back To Top Ans.B :    According to father playing too much on weekends is the cause of Swami's headache. Back To Top Ans.C :    No Swamy is not honest in his word. Swamy changed his tactics as per the situation. Back To Top Ans. D :    Swami used to shout out in the School Prayer Hall during prayer time. This was the usual activity of Swami in the school. Perhaps he doesn't like the system of continuous teaching p

ABCD is a Rhombus. DPR and CBR are straight lines. Prove that: DP.CR=DC.PR

ABCD is a rhombus. DPR and CBR are straight lines. Prove that: DP.CR=DC.PR Solution: DP.CR=DC.PR Given ABCD is rhombus . DPR and CBR are straight lines. ∴ AD||CR we need to Prove : DP.CR=DC.PR In &#x2206 ADP and &#x2206 PCR We have : &#x2220 APD = &#x2220 CPR &#x2220 ADP = &#x2220 PRC &#x2220 DAP = &#x2220 PCR ∴ &#x2206 ADP and &#x2206 PCR are similar triangle . ∴ we can write AD/DP=CR/PR Or AD.PR = DP.CR ∴ DC .PR = DP.CR Proved

1.Electrical Energy Equation Class 10 Physics

Suppose a Current I flows through a circuit as shown in the figure. The voltage across the resistance is V . The P.D. is the work done to move a charge Q from one point to another point, between which the p.d. is applied. W = QV But, Q= I.t ∴ W = VIt Another energy equation By Ohm's Law: V= I. R Now, W = VIt W = IR. It ∴ W = I 2 Rt We can also write the energy equation in terms of voltage , resistance and time. W = (V / R ) 2 . Rt ∴ W = (V 2 t) / R ∴ W = Qv = VIt = I 2 Rt= (V 2 t) / R

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8. Hindi Dictation (IMLA) Writing Practice - तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास

This Hindi dictation video is tried to provide practice of hard Hindi words (तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास ). The dictation was created in set of three hards words. E.G three words are dictated at a time with a provision of time so that learner can write them. After that those words are written so that you may check and correct those. -These words are those type in which mistakes are done by many learner.