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Seventeen Oranges Reference To The Context English Literature

1.Nevertheless it was very rarely.......  how during the day."
A.What did the narrator usually state
B.where did he is we hide stolen goods ?
C. what was a brat ?
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2.'An example has to be made .-.-... --.. than an lucky one.'A. Who said this and to whom ?Click for Answer >>
B.Where did Pongo immediately go ?Click for Answer >>
C.What did the narrator did to remove the evidence?Click for Answer >>
D.Was he successful in his adventure ? What was his outcome?Click for Answer >>
Answer starts below for reference to context 1: Answer A: The narrator usually picked some food So that has something to chew for the rest of the day like if a banana box was being unloaded , he would usually take his little cart along side and grab some banana which were often loose and dropped off from the main stock.
Back To TopAnswer B: He usually hid his stolen goods, under his brat. .
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144 beads were distributed among some children| If there were 3 children fewer each child would have got 16 beads | How many children shared the beads?

Question: 144 beads were distributed among some children. If there were 3 children fewer each child would have got 16 beads . How many children shared the beads?
Solution: Let the number of children be x.
Therefore if there would be 3 children less then each would have get 16 beads.
That means number of children now=x-3
Therefore the condition can be written as :
of 16(x-3)=144
or 16x=144+48
or 16x=192
or x=192/16
Therefore numbers of children =12 ANS.Solutin is also in this video !

मेरे देश भारत पर निबंध कक्षा 1, 2 के बच्चों के लिए | My Country Essay India in Hindi For Kids of Class 1, 2

मेरे देश का नाम भारत है।
यह एशिया के महाद्वीप में एक सुंदर देश है।
भारत के उत्तर में हिमालय है।
दक्षिण में हिंद महासागर है।

हमारे देश के पूर्व में बंगाल की खाड़ी है ।
15 अगस्त 1947 को भारत स्वतंत्र हो जाते हैं।
हमारा देश ज्ञान और संस्कृति की प्राचीन भूमि है।

ऊपर अंक जोड़ने के बाद, निम्नलिखित बातों को कक्षा 2 के स्तर पर करने के लिए इसे जोड़ा जाना चाहिए।
* सिंधु से व्युत्पन्न नाम भारत ; परोक्ष रूप से संस्कृत शब्द सिंधु से ली गई है ।
* भारत India का आधिकारिक नाम है ।
* कभी-कभी यह हिन्दुस्तान द्वारा भी नामांकित किया जाता है।
* हिंदुस्तान फारसी शब्द है जिसका मतलब है 'हिंदुओं की भूमि'
* भारत क्षेत्रफल के अनुसार सातवां सबसे बड़ा देश है।
* यह 1.21 अरब आबादी के साथ दुनिया में दूसरी सबसे अधिक आबादी वाला देश है।
* यह संसदीय प्रणाली के अनुसार सबसे अधिक आबादी वाला लोकतांत्रिक देश है।
* भारत में २९ राज्य और ७ केंद्र (नवीनतम 2014 की रिपोर्ट ) शासित प्रदेश हैं।
* मध्यप्रदेश क्षेत्र से सबसे बड़े राज्यों में है ।
* गोवा क्षेत्रफल के अनुसार सबसे छोटा राज्य है ।
* हिंदी भारत की राष्ट्री…

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Ratio Mathematics ICSE Tutorial Class 7

There are four videos of Ratio class 7. Few sums have also been explained with very easy steps. If there are any doubts then comment below. We will try to clear those doubts.

1. Understanding Ratio:

2. Comparing Ratio Basic and Shortcut method:

3. Compound Ratio , continued Ratio Dividing a number in a given Ratio:

4. Solution of few problem of ratio:
These sums of Ratio class 7 have been discussed in this video:
1. write in simplest form
72:108, 1/6:1/2,
15cm to 4m.
2. Population of a village is 32400. The ratio of literate
to illiterate person in the village is 11:7. Find the actual number of literate person and illiterate person. .
3. If a, b and c are three numbers such that a:b=4:9 and b:c=27:35. Find a:c
4. In what ratio should we increase 650 to obtain 1000.