Sep 22, 2015

Importance of Forest Essay in Hindi | वन का महत्व निबंध |

    वन प्राण हैं - वन हमारी शान हैं ||

  • वन मुख्य रूप से लकड़ी के स्रोत के लिए जाने जाते हैं।
  • लेकिन वास्तविक रूप से वन इससे बड़ा काम करते हैं।
  • वन जलवायु को नियंत्रित करने मे बड़ी भूमिका निभाते हैं ।
  • ये प्रदूषण को भी नियंत्रित करते हैं।
  • सबसे बड़ी बात यह है की वन जीव जंतुओं का घर है ।
  • आक्सीजन की भरपाई तो मुख्य रूप से वन ही करते हैं ।
  • आक्सीजन के बिना हम नहीं रह सकते हैं तो वन के बिना हम कैसे जीवन का अस्तित्व बना कर रख पाएँगे
  • किंतु मनुष्य वनों की कटाई मे कमी नही कर रहे हैं।
  • वन हमे अद्भुत छाया देते हैं ।
  • हमे थकान के उपरांत शरण देते हैं ।
  • वायुमंडल मे पानी को उपलब्ध करते हैं जिससे बारिश होती है ।
  • वन सभी तरह के जीवों को समाहित करते हैं ।
  • इस तरह ये खद्य शृंखला को बनाए रखने मे महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभा रहे हैं ।
  • वन की कटाई तुरंत रोकनी चाहिए ।
  • हमारे देश मे और विश्व मे भी वन कटाई को रोकने के बहुत सारे विधि हैं ।
  • लेकिन ये विधि पूरी तरह से सफल नही हैं ।
  • सभी को वनों के महत्व को समझना पड़ेगा और अधिक से अधिक वन लगाने होंगे
  • ग्लोबल वॉरमिंग का मुख्य कारण वनो का विनाश ही है ।
  • इस तरह हम कह सकते हैं की हमे वनों की उपयोगिता को समझना पड़ेगा ।
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Sep 16, 2015

The Ballad of Father Gilligan English Literature for Class 8

Q(01) Why was Father Gilligan 'weary'? Why was he unable to rest?

Ans: Father Gilligan was tired because he has to work night and day. Most of the people in the village were either sick or have died. At their sick bed, they were calling father Gilligan for prayer and peaceful journey of the soul.
Hence, father has to attend them.

Q(02) When did Father Gilligan realise when he awoke from sleep? What did he do then?

Ans: Father Gilligan realised that, he has slept throughout the evening and woke up early in the next morning.

As soon as he woke up he stood upright on the floor and roused his horse put of its sleep. He then rode away to that sick man's house.    

Q(03)What did he learn from the sick man's wife?

Ans:  When Father Gilligan reached the sick man house he learnt that the man had died an hour gap.

Q(04) What made Father Gilligan kneel down?

Ans:  When father Gilligan was taking rest, a sick man at his dead bed called for him. During about the call father grumbled that he have no time for rest, joy nor peace as people are dying in that village every now and then. Same that he realised his mistake and kneel down before God asking for forgiveness.

Q(05) What is your impression of Father Gilligan

Ans:  Father Gilligan is a hard working person. He is simple God loving man who care for human beings. He never use any harsh word and think bad for others.He has complete faith in God.     

Q(06)What message is the poet trying to convey through the story

Ans:  The message ,the poet is trying to convey through this poem is that God help those who help others.Father Gilligan who have complete faith in God felt asleep when he was supposed to be beside a sick man .But when he was sleeping God sent his messenger in disguise of Father Gilligan to the sick man's house .God knew Father Gilligan was extremely tired so God helped him at the time of need.     

Q(07) What does the speaker mean by 'My body spake not I'

Ans:  The speaker meant that he had not grumbled on the sick man from his heart. His body was extremely tired so his body grumbled not he.     

Reference to the Context.

(1) And after cried 'God forgive my body ........

Q(1-a) What did the speaker say just before he said these words.

Ans:  Just before this speaker grumbled that due to attending the sick people he is extremely tired and has no time for rest,joy , peace because in the village people are dying due to an epidemic.     

Q(1-b) Why does the speakers ask for God forgiveness?.

Ans:  The speaker is a priest who is not supposed to grumble when people needed him .Moreover ,he grumbled on a man who was about to die so he asked for God's help.     

(2) 'When you were gone he turned and deed as merry as a bird.'

Q(2-a)Who is the speaker

Ans:  The speaker is the sick man's wife .     

Q(2-b) Who does 'you' refer to

Ans:  'you' is referred to Father Gilligan.     

Q(2-c) What incident is the speaker referring to

Ans:  The sick man called for Father Gilligan .When Father Gilligan reached the sick man's house in the next morning the sick man's wife was surprised to see the father .She told that father had already come an hour ago and visited the sick man.     

(3) 'He who is wrapped in people robes........'

Q(05)Who is the speaker?

Ans:  The speaker is Father Gilligan.     

Q(05) Who is 'He'

Ans:  'He' is referred to God.     

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Sep 9, 2015

Velocity Time Graph For Class 9 | Physics

Velocity-Time graph gives two most important parameter.
1) Its slope gives the acceleration.
2. The area under the curve gives the distance traveled by an object.
Here we will derive velocity(v = u + at) equation as shown the figure.
we will also derive graphically distance (s = ut + 1/2 a t2) equation. Analytically we can derive velocity equation as follow.

s = distance
v = final velocity
u = initial velocity
t = time

Acceleration = rate of change of velocity.
a = (v-u) /t
at = v - u
v = u + at Which is the equation of velocity.

Analytical derivation of distance equation.

distance = velocity x time
s = v.t
If the acceleration is uniform , then velocity will change its value uniformlly. i.e. v= 1/2 (v + u)
s = v.t
s = 1/2 (v + u). t
But v = u+ at
Putting the value of v in above equation we get
s = 1/2 {(u + at) + u}. t
s = 1/2 (2u + at). t
s = 1/2 .2u. t + 1/2. at 2
s = u t + 1/2 at 2 Which is the equation of distance in terms of u and t

Let us explain this graph. An object start moving with an initial velocity u . It moves with this constant velocity (u) for T second. After that it retards with acceleration a and stops after t second. After that it returns backward and accelerat for t second with an acceleration a. See the negative side graph of y-axis. It accelerates for t seconds. Then it moves with constant velocity u for further T seconds and come back to its original position. The distance covered is same in the forward and backward journey. Therefore area under the upper curve and lover curve is same. .

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Sep 8, 2015

Postmaster for Class 8 Question Answer English Literature

Reference to The Context

(1)Thus they talked about half forgotten incidents, forgetting about matters of greater importance ,and often it would get very late.

Q(a):    Who does 'they' refer to? What would they talk about ?

Ans. :    They referred to Ratan and the Postmaster. They would talk about Ratan's family.Postmaster used to ask Ratan if she remembered her matter and their conversation would start.

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Q ( b  ):    What happened when it got very late?

Ans. :    If they got very late the postmaster would feel too lazy to cook and Ratan would quickly light a fire and toast some unleavened bread.This along with the cold leftover of the morning meal was enough for this supper.

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Q ( c ):    What does 'forgetting about matters of greater importance' mean here?

When postmaster and Ratan would strike up a conversation they would forget that the dinner needed to be cooked.

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(3)  It got late, but he never called out for her. Slowly she entered the room and found him stretched out on the bed.

Q (  ):   

Ans. :   

Q ( 3-a  ):    Why was Ratan waiting outside for the call ?

Ans. :    Ratan was waiting outside for the call of the postmaster because postmaster was teaching her to read and write .The little student was waiting for the call of her master so tha she could start her daily class.

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Q (3-b ):    Why do you think he never called out for her ?

Ans. :    The postmaster was not feeling well .He was sick so he did not call Ratan.

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Q ( 3-c ):    How did she responded when he called out to her ? What does this tell out about her nature ?

Ans. :    Ratan thought that the postmaster was asleep. So she tip-toed her way out of the room. Then she heard him call her.She asked the postmaster if he was sleeping. It tells us Ratan was introvert and she never stepped into a place where she was not wanted. She knew her position and never disobeyed her master.

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(4)  Relieved from her nursing duties , Ratan once gain took up her old place outside the door ,but now she no longer heard the familiar call.

Q ( 4-a ):    Who was Ratan nursing and why?

Ans. :    Ratan was nursing the postmaster because the postmaster was sick and he had no one there to look after him.

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Q ( 4-b  ):    How had the illness affected her patient ? What did he do as a result of it ?

Ans. :    The postmaster was depressed due to his illness. He remembered his mother and sister and missed the comfort of their presence. As a result of this, postmaster applied for his transfer.

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Q ( C ):    How did their routine change due to this?

Ans. :    Ratan stepped into the roll of mother and nursed the postmaster . She called the village doctor, gave him medicine and cooked his meal .After postmaster recovered,Ratan once again took up her own place outside the door. But she was no longer called by the postmaster.

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Q ( D ):    Wht was Ratan no longer called for ? What had happened?

Ans. :    The postmaster had applied for his transfer .He was very eagerly waiting for a response to his application .So Ratan was not called. Postmaster was highly tensed if his application would he accepted or not.He was absent minded and spent more of his time sitting on his chair or lying on his bed.

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(5 )  Ratan asked no further questions.

Q ( a ):    Who did Ratan not question further and why?

Ans. :    Ratan did not asked any further question to the postmaster because she was shocked to hear about the final departure of the postmaster from the villege .Morepver, she tried to stay within her limits .As a maid servant it was not possible for her to ask any further question.

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Q ( b  ):    Did Ratan get an explanation ?

Ans. :    Yes, Ratan got an explanation .The postmaster of its own accord , went on to tell her how he had applied for a transfer and his application had resigned and was going home.

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(6) Dada ,will you take me home with you?

Q ( a ):    What led Ratan to ask this question?

Ans. :    The postmaster had resigned from his job and was going back home.Ratan,an orphan girl , had statred depending on the postmaster and thought herself as a member of his family .If postmaster leaves,she would become alone again.So, she had asked this question.

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Q ( b  ):    What response did she get?

Ans. :    What response did she get? Ans:In response to her question ,she was taunted by the postmaster.The postmaster laughed and said that it was not possible to take her alon with him.But he did not find it necessary to explain to her why it was an impossible idea.

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Q ( c  ):    Having heard the reply ,how did she fed?

Ans. :    Ratan herself felt humiliated .All through the night ,she could not sleep properly .In her dream, the postmaster's laughing reply haunted her.

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Sep 2, 2015

Prateek travels from Agra to Delhi to buy goods which he get 10 % cheaper in Delhi

Prateek travels from Agra to Delhi to buy goods which he gets 10 percent cheaper in Delhi than in Agra . if his journey  expenses are Rs. 160.00 and he earns Rs. 240.00 by selling goods at Agra; calculate :
i) the price of the goods at Delhi
ii) his profit percent


Let the price of goods at Agra is Rs '×'
. ∴ its price at Delhi will be 90 x / 100
His travelling  cost = Rs 160.00
∴ his total cost price, CP = (9x/10 + 160)
Profit = Rs. 240
As per condition, We can write:
x- (9x/10 + 160) = 240
or x- 9x/10 - 160 = 240
or x- 9x/10 = 240 + 160
Or x/10 = 400
∴ x = 4000
∴ Price at Delhi = 9x/10
             = (9 . 4000)10
             = Rs. 3600
His %age profit = (Profit / CP )x 100
          = (240 / 4000)x 100
           =20 /3 %
           =6 2/3%

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Heaven's Lake Question Answer For Class English Literature

Q(01) Briefly describe the author's journey from Urumqi to Heaven Lake . What       does Heaven Lake look like ?

Ans: Author went to Heaven Lake from Urumqi by a public bus . Soon, they were      in open country side , with fields of sunflower as far as the eye could see.      Where there was no water , the land reverted to desert .In the distance , the      tall range of Mount Bogda was his destination .As the bus climbed, the sky brilli      ant before had grown overcast and rain began to fall . The bus window leaked inhospitably      but revealed a beautiful view. The ground is then green with grass, the slope      dark with pine . A few cattle were drinking at a clear stream. The stream changes      into a white torrent as they climb higher.                     Heaven lake is a long , fish -shaped and fed by snow melt      from a stream at its head.

Q(02) How did Mr Cap react when the author expressed his desire to go for a swim in the       in the  lake ?

Ans: When author asked Mr. Cao whether the lake was good for swimming in or not, he      questioned him in return if author was not thinking of swimming . When authord      asked him about the nature of the water in the Heaven Lake , he did not answered      him immediately , turning instead to examine some receipts with exaggerated      interest.    

Q(03) How did John and the author spend a day at the smallice blue pool?

Ans:  The day John was leaving ,they went down to the small ice-blue pool with       a picnic lunch provided by Mr. Cao. It drizzled and was brilliantly sunny       turns.They made a fire in the lee of a rock, swim , sun themselves or shiver       before the fire as the weather alternate.They ate drank and were merry.

Q(04) After John left , how did the author spend the 'extra day or two'at Heaven       Lake?

Ans:  Author spent the days roaming around by the head of the lake, watching herdsmen       crossed the stream delta with cattle and horses walking towards the snowline       or reading confucuis Analects. He lay on the rock and read very slowly ,       pausing of orange. He walked back along the shore by boulders and junniper       bushes.

Q(05) Describe, in brief , the author's experience of buying a cap at Urumqi.

Ans:  Author led to a shop with all kinds of shop displayed by it's doorway. The      The interior of the shop was dengy . Inside the shop , there was an old be      apectacles , bearded man and the boy of about twelve .Author selected a cap      which costs three yuan. When the old man and the boy that the author was from      Hindustan , they not only reduced the price of the cap but also restricted      it firmly , as the author would be travelling a long way .Many children gathered      at the door of the shop to gaze the man from India.     

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Confessions of a Humorist Question Answer for Class 8 English Literature


Q(01)What was the occasion on which the author gamed reputation as a humouist?       How did it happen?

Ans: The occasion on which the author get reputation as a humorist was  the fiftieth birthday of the senior partner , of the store where narrator     worked. The employees in the store bought a silver inhstand for the senior      partner crowded into his private office to present it.Narrator as a          spokesman made a little speech with full of funny twists and funs.It make    hit Author's reputation of a humorist dates from that  morning.

Q(02)What was the 'gift' that he cultivated?What was the nature of this gift?

Ans: Author believed possessed considerable wit .This was the gift he     cultivated. The nature of it was kindly and genial , not running to sarcasm or        offending others.

Q(03)What according to the author , was the cost of becoming a humorist ?

Ans: Author becamd a famous humorist , saved thousand dollars and lived in comfort .But for all these he had to sacrifice his friends , amusements, enjoyment of life and happiness of his family. acquaintances .

Q(04) Descrining in your own words how the author became a 'vampire' to his acquaintances.

Ans: Narrator became a vampire to his acquaintances.Annious , haggard, greedy,he stored among them like a veritable hilljoy.A bright saying fall from their lips and I was after it like a hound.He dared not trust my memory , but turning aside guiltely and meanly, he would make a note of it in my ever -present memorandum book for my future use.

Q(05)'And yet I was doing well financially'.Why does the author use the word 'yet'? 

Ans: Author became a famous humotist saved thousand dollars and lived in comfort. But for all these he had to sacrifice his friend , amusements, enjoyment of life and happiness of his family.

Q(06)What made the author opt for a partnership in the undertaning business ?Do you think it was the right choice for your answer.

Ans: Author's fame as a humorist made him loose his friends, amusements enjoyments of lives.He had to sacrifice the happiness of his family but under the influence of peter Haffel bower he began to improve in spirits but his work began to suffer .He received rejections from the editors.So when the Peter gave him  the proposal to join his profitable business, he readily accepted it.

Reference to the context

(1)   We areed that I must resign by place at the store and devote myself to humour .

Q(a) Who does 'we' refer to ?

Ans: 'We' referred to narrator and his wife Louisa .

Q(b) What led to the author's decision to resign from his job at the store?

Ans: Author was becoming famous as a humorist. His jokes were published in periodicals.One day he received a letter from the editor of a famous weekly publication to joun the newspaper as a regular columnist .The money offered was much higher than the amount paid to the narrator by the hardware firm.Therefore he took the decision to ressign from his job.

Q(b) What led to the author's decision to resign from his job at the store?

Ans: Author was becoming famous as a humorist .His jokes were published in periodicals. One day he received a letter from the editor of a famous weekly publication to join the newspaper as a regular columnist.The money offered was much higher than the amount paid to the narrator by the hardware firm.Therefore he took the decision to resign from his job.

Q(c) How did he devote himself to humour?

Ans: Author used to spend five hours in a little room of the kitchen .There was table , chair ,writing pad,ink and pipe tray.He used to sit there for five hours before the dinner and write down the articles.

(2)     I was not the same man.

Q(a) What happened to the author ?

Ans: Author was not the same man because once he had furnished people with entertainment .People used to smile when they saw him coming and after him the smile used to broaden into a laugh .But after five or six months, spontalety departed from his humour .He became a vampire who such humor from other and became a prey upon the people for humour.

Q(b) What had happened to the author?

Ans: When author changed , everyone began to avoid him.He had no friends, no amusements, no enjoyments of life. Author's children avoided him as a pert when they would see their father nearby ,they would gather their toys scurry away to some safer hiding places.

(3) I was dreading to tell my wife about it.

Q(a) What is 'it' being referred to here?

Ans: Here 'it' refers to author's becoming the business partner of Peter Heffelbower's undertaking business.

Q(b) Why was author *******

Ans: Author was a famous humorist whose articles and every bytes were published in the newspaper .He Was reputed and respected in the locality .Moerover he earned a huge money by writing in the newspaper.Later on author joint undertaking business of Peter Heffelbower.So from a shining star to a very dull and not a popular profession would make his wife sad .So he hesitated about sharing it with his wife.

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OP, OQ and OR are drawn perpendiculars to the sides BC, CA and AB of ∆ ABC |Prove that AR2 +BP2 +CQ2 = AQ 2 + CP 2+BR2

In the following figure, OP, OQ and OR are drawn perpendiculars to the sides BC, CA and AB respectively of triangle ABC. Prove that AR2 +BP2 +CQ2 = AQ 2 + CP 2+BR2

solution :

Construction : joinA-0, BO and CO . For ∆ OAR, we can write:
AR2 = OA2 - OR2 ------ Eqn. (I)
For ∆ OBR, we can write:
BP2 = OB2 - OR2 ------ Eqn. (II)
For ∆ OCQ, we can write:
CQ2 = OC2 - OQ2 ------ Eqn. (III)
Adding Eqn. (I), (II) & (III) , We get:
AR2 +BP2 +CQ2 = OA2+OB2+OC2-OR2-OP2-OQ2
        = ( OA2 - OQ2 ) + ( OB2 -OR2 ) + ( OC2 -OP2 )
        = AQ 2 + CP 2+BR2    Proved

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Diagonals of rhombus ABCD intersect each other at point O. Prove that OA2+ OC2=2AD2-BD2/2

Question: Diagonals of rhombus ABCD intersect each other at point O. Prove that OA2 + OC2= 2AD2 + BD2/2

Solution: In ∆ AOD
OA2 = AD2 - OD2 -------------Eqn (i)
In ∆ OBC
OC2 = BC2 - OB2 -------------Eqn (ii)
Adding Eqn (i) & Eqn (ii) We get,
OA2 + OC2 = AD2 - OD2 + BC2 - OB2
        = AD2 - OD2 + AD2 - OB2
        = 2AD2 - OD 2 OB 2
        = 2AD2 - (BD/2) 2 -(BD/2)2
        = 2AD2 - BD2/4 -BD2/4
        = 2AD2 - BD2/2 Proved

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AB = BC and AD is perpendicular to CD. Prove that AC2 = 2.BC. DC

Question: In the figure AB = BC and AD is perpendicular to CD. Prove that AC2 = 2.BC. DC

solution : In ∆ ADC
AC2 = AD2 + DC2
AC2 = AB2 - BD2 + DC2(AS ABD is a right angled triangle)
or AC2 = AB2 + DC2 - BD2
AC2 = AB2 + DC2 - ( DC-BC )2
or AC2 = AB2 + DC2 - (DC2 + BC 2 -2 DC. BC)
or AC2 = AB2 + DC2 - DC2 - BC 2 + 2 DC. BC
or AC2 = AB2 - AB 2 + 2 DC. BC (As AB = BC )
.'. AC2 = 2 DC. BC Proved

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