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Question Answer of Ozymandias | English Literature

Question 1:What did the traveler see in the desert ?
Answer 1: The traveler from the ancient land saw a broken statue in the desert . There he saw two large and trunkless legs of stone standing in the desert. Near them on the sand was the face of the statue half - sunk in the sand .

Question 2: Describe the face of the statue.
Answer 2: The face of the statue had a stern look with a mark of command.There was frown on the face , the lips were wrinkled with a sneer of cold command .

Question 3:What does the face say about the sculptor of the statue?

Answer 3: The sculptor had very nicely understood the character of the person and carved the statue very beautifully showing each and every expression of the person .He had sculpted the statue showing the mark of each and every emotions of the man on the face of the statue . The work had been done very sincerely from his heart.

Question 4 : Whose statue was it?

Answer 4: The statue was of the king Ozymandias, king of kings written by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Question 5: Whose hand and whose heart are being referred to in 8 line of the poem?

Answer 5: The sculptor's 'hand' and 'heart' are being referred to here in the poem Ozymandias.

6. Explain the phrases in the context of the poem:

Question 6: a) A shatter'd visage-
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Question 6: b) Wrinlked lip and sneer of cold command-
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Question6: c) Colossal wreck -
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Q(07) Answer these questions with reference to the context :

1)'My name is Ozymandias , kings of kings: Look on my works , ye Mighty ,and despair!' Nothing beside remains.

Question 7a: (a) Who is Ozymandias addressing as 'ye Mighty '?
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Question 7b: (b) Does the line spoken by Ozymandias suggest anything about his character? Iy yes, what does it suggest?
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Question 7c: (c) What does the nattator mean by , 'Nothing beside remains'?
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Answer starts below:

Explanation of phrases starts below:

Answer 6 a:The above phrase is taken from the poem Ozymandias written by Percy Bysshe Shelley .A shatter'd visage means a broken face . The traveler from the antique land saw two vast and trunless legs of stone standing i the desert . Near them on the sand was the broken face of the statue lying half-sunk int the sand.

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Answer 6b:The Esabove phrase is taken from the poem Ozymandias written by Percy Bysshe Shelley.It means there were fold in the lips and the mark of aggressive command on the lips .The above phrase tells us about the character of the king Ozymandias whose broken statue has been found in the desert . He was the man who thought himself to be almighty and born to give orders to others.

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Answer 6c:The above phraze is taken from the poem Ozymandias written th Percy Bysshe Shelley . It means the very large size of the statue .The word colossal also emphasizes the scope of Ozymandias's ambitions as well . He also had to a build a really big statue .

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7. Reference to context Answer starts below:

Answer 7a: Ozymandias brags about his " works". May be he is referring to his construction his temples and statues .He could also be calling attention to the numerous colossal statues of him .He might be telling the "mighty" to "despair" as a kind of warning.

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Answer 7b:Yes it suggests that Ozymandias is arrogant or he has grand idea about his own power.He is very proud of his construction of temples and numerous.

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Answer 7c:After the traveler recites the inscription of statue , he resumes his description of the statue and surrounding .Nothing is being remained besides the head , legs and pedestal, as it is not known that the statue has been destroyed . So the traveler tells again it is a "colossal wreck".

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