Jun 4, 2015

Question Answer of Violet Poem Class 5 | English Literature

By JANE TAYLOR( 1783–1824)
Question 1 : What is the colour of the flower?
Question 2 : What does the poet mean by a 'rosy bower'?(tick the correct meaning )- Options are: a) shower of roses, b) A pleasant place in the shade under rose plants, c) A hut covered with roses?
Question 3 :Why does the poet want the violet to be in a rosy bower?
Question 4 :What lesson does the violet teach us?
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Answer starts below:

Answer 1: The colour of the flower was violet .

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Answer 2:The option is "b".

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Answer 3: The poet wants the violet to be in the rosy bower to show its beauty . So that the poet can go to the valley to see the beautiful flowers.

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Answer 4: The poem teach us to be quiet, modest and gentle..

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