Apr 22, 2015

Sums of Speed Distance and Time Part 3 | Mathematics Class 8

Three sums of speed distance and time are discussed in the video. The sums are given here.

    1. A train 150 m long passes a telegrah post in 15 seconds.
a) Speed of the train in km/hr.
b) Time taken by it to pass a plateform of 150 m long.
Watch Solution in the Video

    2. 2. A person is walking parallel to a railway track, at a speed of 5 km/hr. A train , travelling in the same direction at speed of 50 km/hr, passes him in 16 seconds.
Find the length of the train.
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    3. Two trains left Howra station for Chennai at different intervals. First trains left Howra station at 2 pm at a seed of 60 km/hr. Another train left Howra at 3:30 pm at a seed of 75km/hr.
At what time the second train will overtake the first train
at what distance from Howra it will overtake the first train.
Watch Solution in the Video

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