Dec 11, 2014

Question Answer of The Hot Air Balloon | English Literature

Question 1 :

What gave the Montgolfier brothers the idea of flying ?

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Question 2 :

The brothers did not know an important fact about the flying. What was the fact ?

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Question 3 :

How was the balloon launched in Annonay different from the one launched in Paris   ?

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Question 4 :

why did the villagers of Gonesse attack the balloon when it descended?

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Question 5 :

which animals went up in hot air balloon ? Did they land safely?

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Question 6 :

What do you think the king only wanted the criminals to be sent up on a hot air balloon?

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Answer starts below:

Answer 1:  Montgolfier brothers were sitting in front of the fire . they noticed some small pieces of scorched paper floating up the chimneys. this game them the idea of flying . 

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Answer 2: The important fact that the Montgolfier brothers did not know about the flying balloons ; was that the balloon rose up because the hot air inside the balloon was lighter than air outside it . As soon as the gas cooled down, the balloon descended.

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Answer 3:  The balloon that was launched in Amonay by Montgolfier brothers used the method of burning papers ;which hot air helped the balloon to rise up in the air . However the balloon launched in Paris by professor Jackques Charles, used the hydrogen gas ;which was lighter than air. 

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Answer 4: The villagers of Gonesse became terrified and scared of descended huge balloon, because of its unpleasant smell . they thought it an unknown monster. Therefore they attacked it with knives and forks.

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Answer 5: the animals that went up in hot-air balloon were a rooster, a duck and a sheep.   Yes they landed safely and were found to be safe and sound.

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Answer 6: the king of France , Louis wanted only criminal to be sent in the hot-air balloon because he thought that going up in the air for a person could be dangerous to tryout as the life ofthe people could be at risk. As the life of the criminals were of no use to the society . Sa the king wanted the experiment to be carried out with the criminals only.

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