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Question Answers 'The Happy Prince' - English Literature | Reference to Context

Question 1: Why is the prince called happy? Was he really happy ? Question 2: Why does the Happy Prince send a Ruby for the seamstress ?
Question 3: For whom does the Prince give away his eyes and why ? Question 4 : Why did the Swallow not leave the Prince and go to Egypt?
Question 5: Why does God consider the leaden heart and the dead bird as the two most precious things in the city?

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Reference to the context 1: "I hope the town had made perfections."

Question 1: Who said these words to whom and 5?
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Question 2: Where does the Swallow find his shelter ?
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Question 3 : Why does the Swallow say that he had a golden bedroom ?
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Question 4: What happened when the Swallow prepared to go to sleep ?
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Reference to the context 2: " Dear little swallow, you tell me of marvelous things, but more marvelous than anything is the suffering man and of woman."
Question 1: Who said the above words and to whom?
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Question 2: What task does the Prince give to the Swallow .... ?
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Question 3: What does the Swallow witness?
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Question 4 : How does the Prince decide to help those needy people ?
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Answer starts below:

Answer 1: The Prince was happy indeed. Being a prince he lead a luxurious life and got everything or more on just a little command. He was always kept safely away from the misery and the harsh reality of life through a high boundary wall. He was happy indeed and was always so. He remain in his happy world where sorrow was not allowed to enter. He never got a chance to see the misery and the suffering of the poor and unprivileged people on the other side of the boundary. He was quite happy in his own way as he had never felt or experienced either physical or mental pain and sorrow of real world. He never had to cry from being unprivileged or been ever hungry. One cannot be deplored for being born into happiness as on cannot choose its destiny rather its destiny chooses who will be privileged and who will be not.
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Answer 2: The Happy Prince send the Ruby of its sword's hilt to the seamstress because she was suffering from acute poverty. Her face was thin and worn and she had course, red hand, all pricked by needle because she was embroidery passion flowers on satin gown for the loveliest of the queen's maids of honor to wear at next court ball.In a bed in the corner of her room, a little boy was lying down with fever and was asking for oranges. The poor mother had nothing to offer but river water which he didn't like to have. Moved by her sorrow, the Prince felt pity and so he offered the Ruby to the seamstress which would fetch her some money so she could be able to treat her ill son and could live comfortably for a few days.
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Answer 3: The Prince give away his eye which where rare sapphire to the young student in a garret and the match-girl because of the following reasons. The young man in the town who was an aspiring playwright was seen in a garret leaning over a desk covered with papers. He was trying to finish a play for the director of the theatre but was unable to do so because he was too cold to write and hunger had made him faint. The scene of the young man's suffering crossed the pity of the prince who commanded the Swallow to pluck out his sapphire eyes and give it to the young student to end his miserable days. The second of the sapphire eye the valuable gem was given to the match girl who's matches fell in the gutter and were all spoiled. Her father would beat her if she did not bring home some money in exchange of the matches and this brought tears in her eyes. She had neither shoes nor stocking and her little head was bared; which clearly showed that she was too poor to buy warm clothes. The prince moved by her sorrow and suffering, ordered the little Swallow to pluck out his other eye and hand it to her as she would be able to get enough money for her family.
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Answer 4: The little Swallow did not leave the happy prince and went to Egypt, because while playing with Prince for quite long the bird bagan to understand the feelings of human heart and its functioning. She started to feel the pain and the sorrow which human being suffered. The sacrifice of the Prince made the little Seallow aware that he too had to perform his own duty by being the princes a pair of eyes so that the good work of the Prince could be carried out till the last resource was available; which could benefit the poor.
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Answer 5: God considered the leaden heart of the Happy Prince and the dead Swallow as the two most precious things in the city as the Happy Prince had served the poor and the needy whole heartedly by providing them with the last resource of his body to bring back a little happiness into their lives and the bird had always remain his faithful messenger. These two had sacrificed their lives in serving the poor and the unprivileged; who are one of God's creation without having any expectation.
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Reference to Context's Answer starts below:

Answer 1-1: the above words where spoken by the little Swallow. As his friends had gone to visit, he also decided to go there. So, all day long he flew and by night he arrived in a city. He decided to take rest and so expected that the town had preparations for giving him shelter .

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Answer 1-2: While searching shelter for the Swallow, noticed the statue on a tall column and decided to put there for the night between the feet of the statue the Happy Prince as it for its fine position with plenty of fresh air .
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Answer 1-3: The Swallow said that he had a golden bedroom because he had taken shelter between the feet of the Happy Prince's statue; which was gold plated .
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Answer 1-4: When the Swallow prepared to go to sleep in large drop of water fell on him which was curious as there was not a peck of cloud in the sky . The drop of water fell again on the bird; which made the birds decide to leave his place as soon as the bird looked up, he saw the eyes of the happy prince where filled with tears and teers where running down is golden cheeks. His face was so beautiful in the moonlight that the little Swallow's heart filled with pity.
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Answer 2-1: The above words were spoken by the Happy Prince to the little Swallow .

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Answer 2-2: The Prince ask the Swallow to fly over his city and to report to him what he had seen during his day"s flight .
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Answer 2-3: the Swallow witnessed in the great city that the rich where making merry in there beautiful houses, while begger were sitting at the gates. He saw the faces of starving children on the street. Under the archway of a bridge two little poor boys where very hungry and were lying in one another's arm to keep themselves warm .
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Answer 2-4: The Prince asked the Swallow to pluck leaf gold one after another and distribute them among the poor and the needy so that they could live comfortably for 2 days with the money they would be getting in exchange of the gold leaves .
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By: Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)


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