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Question Answer of Bewitched Jacket | English Literature

By Dino Buzzati Traverso (1906-1972)

Question 1: At the party, what was it about the stranger that do the narrator's attention?
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Question 2: What was it about the tailor that made the narrator feel uncomfortable?
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Question 3: what was the narrator plan to avoid letting the maid handle the bewitched jacket?
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Question 4 : how did the narrator establish connection between crime and the money he found?
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Question 5: Why did the narrator finally decide to destroy the jacket?
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Question 6: Which incident dampened the narrator's joy?
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Question 7: What change came over the narrator after he became wealthy?
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Reference to The Context:

1:"How will be expensive, I imagined."
Question a: Who said these words and to whom and in which context?
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Question b: Who will be expensive?
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Question c: How did the tailor look?
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Question d: Why did the narrator find the tailor to be nice?
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Question e: Why was a Tuesday in April a special for the narrator?
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2:"Too late, too late! It said."
Question a: Who hears this words and where?
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Question b: Why did the narrator go there?
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Question c: What happened after the narrator burnt the jacket?
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Question d: What happened to the narrator after the change got ever in his life?
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Answer starts below:

Answer 1: At the reception part in a house with milan the narrator of the story "The Bewitched Jacked" met a man about forty years old; who look very handsome because of the clothes . The the narrator was amazed at the stranger gorgeous presence but he also did not feel to notice sad and gloomy face .

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Answer 2: After ordering the shirt to be made and giving all the instruction regarding his fittings to the tailor corticella, the narrator was returning home when he realised that tailor had left feeling uneasy perhaps because of his much-too-warm-smiles.
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Answer 3: When the narrator woke up the next morning after the maid arrived, she was amazed to see the narrator in bed wearing suit instead of his night dress . the narrator explained that he had been too tired the night before . The maid insisted the narrator to take off the suit. so that she could at least give it a brushing but the narrator went out immediately saying he had no time to change. The narrator hurriedly went to a store selling ready to wear clothes and bought a suit of the same kind like his bewitched suit, So that he could leave it in the maid's care and hide this suit in a safe place away from his maid's reach .
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Answer 4: the following 3 incidents those happen at the same time in and around the narrator city whenever the narrator drew money from the pocket of his bewitched jacket. It has forced him to establish a connection between the crime and the money he found. i) A bank robbery in uia plat mama by four criminals. In this a man was killed and an amount of fifty eight million euro was looted. ii) A terrible fire began in a ware house ofthe main street in San Clara and notary destroyed the half building but also the shapes of a large real state company; which had more than 135 million in cash. Two fireman were also killed while putting out the fire. iii) A sixty year old retired woman had killed herself because she had missed her monthly pension one-thousand lire which she had collected the day before and the money was with narrator at present.
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Answer 5: The narrator gradually got fed up with his bewitched jacket because he knew very well that he was alone responsible for all the crimes, blood sheds and deaths happening in an around his city. So he decided to destroy it in order to get rid of his jacket as he could no longer bear the pains that he himself was the only responsible person for whom people's lives had been ruined and he could also have a sign of relief.
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Answer 6:A bank's armoured car (covered with armour plate for security ) was carrying money to the main office when it was stopped and cleaned out in via Palmanova by four criminals . People gathered around the scene, one of the criminals began to shoot and a man was killed. The amount looters was fifty eight million lire. This bank robbery dampened the narrator's joy because it was the exact amount that the narrator drew out from the pocket of the bewitched jacket and hide it safely in side the trunk .

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Answer 7:After the narrator became wealthy, he bought a huge villa, paintings, big automobiles to drive around and left his job stating reasons of health in order to travel throughout the world.

Answer of Reference context 1:

Answer a: The narrator said the words to the stranger; whom he met at the party in Paris where he was asking the stranger from where he has got his suit stitched.

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Answer b:the tailor will be expensive who are Alphonso Corticella who resided at Ferrers 17.
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Answer c: the tailor was a little old man with his hair dyed black and who has opened the door to let the narrator in.
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Answer d: The narrator find the tailor to be nice because he did not ask for the price of the suit where it was given ordered to be made.
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Answer e: A Tuesday in April was the special for the narrator because that was the day when the narrator had first won his new suit after its delivery and also discovered a ten thousand lire note in his pocket . It was also the day when he came to know that his jacket was a bewitched one.

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Answer of Reference context 2:

Answer a:The narrator hears the words between two huge boulders at a valley in the alps.

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Answer b: The narrator went there to burn the bewitched jacket in order to get rid of it.
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Answer c: After the narrator had burnt the jacket his car at the grassy clearing vanished, his villa had disappeared. There was no money left in his saving account and there was nothing but dust instead of the money in his old trunk.
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Answer d: After the change got over in the narrator of life he somehow had managed to get back his job with great difficulty. He was sad and worried but nobody took notice of his state he also had the apprehension that one day there tailor might came, ring his door bell and ask for the final statement of his account.
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