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Question 1: Write a short paragraph to explain how volcano is similar to a pressure cooker?
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Question 2: What is the bursting of magma from vents called?
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Question 3: What is the difference between a dormant and an active volcano?
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Question 4 : Why is it dangerous to live near a volcano?
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Question 5: How do volcanoes change their surface of the earth?
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Answer starts below: Answer 1:We know when steam inside a pressure cooker reaches at a certain pressure limit, it escapes through the opening of the pressure cooker. Similarly when mixture of hot gases and magma sometime reach at certain pressure limit, They are forced to escape through an opening on the earth's surface. Therefore this event is similar to that of pressure cooker.
Back To Top Answer 2:The bursting out of the magma from the wind is called eruption.
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Question 1: What was the mother's attitude to the plans that the girls had for their vacations?
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Question 2: Why did the mother give Hannah , the cook , a holiday ?
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Question 3: Why did the girls feel so helpless when they saw their mother going out for dinner?
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Question 4 : What mistakes did Jo make while cooking dinner?
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Question 5: Who was Miss Crocker? Why were the girls upset on seeing her?
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Question 6: What was it finally turned Jo'S tragic failure into a funny dinner ?
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Question 7: What was the most important lesson that the girls learned?
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Answer starts below: Answer 1: Mrs March thought of teaching her daughters Amy, base, Jo and Meg a lesson as they had become frustrated with there laborious daily routine and wanted a break from there monotonous (boring) life. She let them try their experiment of no w…

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