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NSTSE 2014 Solution of Mathematics Class 7

Our try in this article is to give the better solution of NSTSE examination papers. Before this it would be better to give few important links for NSTSE Examination related queries:
NSTSE Online form filling.
NSTSE Sample papers by Unified Council
NSTSE Results- online checking.
Let start the solution. You can first watch the question and then see the solution. A video will be given at the bottom which encapsulate all the solution in one video.

1.Identify the sum of 'x' 'y'and 'z' from the following figure.

A)150°  B) 70°  C) 190°  D) 80°

Solution: or 180=220-x
Therefore x=40
Again Therefore Therefore x+y+z=40+40+110=190.

⛳ 2. The table gives the weights (in kg) of50 boys feiass7.

Find their mean weight.

(A) 52 kg (B) 48kg (C) 50.4 kg
(D) 49 kg

⛳ 3. 1/2 is subtracted from a number and the difference is multiplied by 4. If 25 is added to the product and the sum is divided by 3, the result is equal to 10. Find the number.

A) 3/4 B) 1  3/5 C) 6/7 D) 2/3

⛳ 4. In  a triangle ABC, if AB+ BC= 10 cm, BC + CA= 12 cm,  CA+ AB=16 cm, what is its perimeter?
(A) 19 cm (B) 17 cm(C) 38 cm (D) 30cm.

⛳5.which of the following are the symbols of operations on integers that satisfy commutative property?
A) - , + B) +, × C) +, - D) +, ×

⛳6. How many primes between 1 and 1000 are divisible by 13?
(A) 14 B) 1 (C) 246 (D) 0
Solution : Ans. ( B)Because all Other numbers except 13 become composite number. therefor are 13 is divisible by 13 .

⛳7. A pudding is made of 200 g sugar, 800 g eggs, 600 g flour and 200 g dry fruits. What percent of sugar is present in the pudding?
(A) 11 1/9%(B) 16 2/3% (C)6  1/4% 3(D)1/2%

⛳8.  The hour hand of a clock is 4.5 cm long. What distance on the clock does its tip cover in 12 hours?
A )56.56cm B) 33.6 cm c)28.28em D) 20 cm

⛳10 ABC is an isosceles with AB=AC and AD Perpendicular to BC.
nstse 2014 solution of mathematics class 7
Which of the following is correct? a)Tr. ADC = Tr.ADB b)Tr. ADB=Tr.ADC c)Tr. ADB=Tr.ABC d) Tr.ABC=Tr.ADC

nstse solution of math question number 11 12 1311) The  product of two rational numbers is  -8/9.If one of the number -4/15, 
what is the other number?
A)3  1/3  B) 3/10   C)  1 1/9 D) 9/10

12) The sides of a right angled triangle are 2a cm, (2a +2) cm and (4a-2) cm long. What is its area if its perimeter is 24 cm?
A) 48 sq. cm  B) 24 sq. cm    C)  10 sq. cm    D) 36 sq. cm 

13) Jai made a 9 m by 3 m rectangular garden and Rohit made a square garden of side 6 m. How much larger (in sq.m.) is the area of Rohit's garden than that of Jai?
A) 6  B) 9  C) 16  D) 12

NSTSE sollution 2014 class 714) A man sold 10 eggs for 5 rupees and gained 20%. How many eggs did he buy for 5 rupees?
(A) 12  B) 25/12  (C) 25  D)  20 

15) A wire bent in the form of circle of radius 42 cm is a again bent in the form of a square. What is the ratio of the regions enclosed by the circle and the square?
(A) 11:12. B) 22:28  C) 22:33 D) 14:11

16) The mean of five numbers is 27. If one of the numbers  is excluded, the mean gets reduced by 2. What is the excluded number?
A) 35 B) 27 C)  25 D) 40

🚩 17) Identify the figure with only 5 lines of symmetry
Ahs- (B)

nstse 2014 solution of mathemmatics class 7 🚩 18) Given 'a' is 63% and c' 3/8 which of the following is:the closest equivalent of the ratio of a to 'c.
A) 0.595  B )1.680  C) 0.381 D) 0.006
a:c = 63%: 3/8

🚩19)The given figure shows an equilateral triangle ABC and a pentagon PORAT. Find the measure of angle
(A) 132 (B) 108 (C) 120 (D) 148

20. In the given figure, a square of 50 sq. units is area  inscribed in a circle with centre O.
A)100 pi units B) 25 pi units (C) 50 pi units (D) 10 pi units

21) when a number is reduced by 4, it becomes 80% of itself. Find the number.
(A)20 B) 30 (C) 40 (D) 50

22) 144 beads were shared equally among some children  .If there were 3 children fewer, each child would have got 16 beads. How many children shared the beads?

(A)8 B) 9 (C) 12 (D) 11

23) For how many integers p between 30 and 40 is it true are all in lowest terms and n identify the value of
24)Given a value of a(b-c-d A father is 26 years older than his son. In 3 years' time what
the son's will be one-third his father age is the present age of the son? years 10years
A) 29 (B) 13 (C) 39 years
The two sums will be completed soon. 
Friends give your feedback. You can submit the question papers of various class to get solution. Same will be published on this site.


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