Feb 21, 2014

Learn English Grammar Tenses For class 3

Easy way to learn Tenses in English: Tense Learning is very important for all beginners. Particularly from lower classes the students need attention towards two thing one is Tense and another is Words meaning.
Tense means time. 
Suppose presently you are in class 3. -Present Tense.
Last year you were in class 2 . - Past Tense.
And in next coming year you will be in class 4. - Future Tense.
These videos are in Hindi lecture. Soon video with English Lecture will be posted.
Only one verb (Write) will be used to give lucid understanding for the students. Because it is the verb which gives first indication about tense.
Here "write" verb is used to make sentences of present and past tenses.
Its present or First form is "Write".
 2nd form (past form) is "Wrote"
and Third form or past participle form is "Written".

Helping verbs of Present tense: is, am, are, does, do, has, have.
Helping verbs of Past tense:was were did had.

Present simple is continued here, because present simple is quite difficult for children.
Understanding singular and plural subject and its combination with other helping verbs.
 Singular subject- 
Pankya (name of a person),
Newyork (Name of a city) ,
He, she, it. (pronoun),
Bird etc.are singular.
Plural subject-
Pankya and Bitthal (name of two person),
Newyork and Delhi (Name of two city) ,
we, they, you  (pronoun),
Birds etc.are Plural.
Examples: He does not write a letter.(Present negative)
Does He write a letter? (Present Interrogative)
He did not write a letter.(Past negative)
Did he write a letter? (Past Interrogative)

 Present Continuous Tense:  He is writing a letter.(singular subject)
 They are writing a letter.(plural subject)
 Past Continuous Tense:  He was writing a letter.(singular subject)
They were writing a letter.(plural subject)

  Perfect Tense
 Present Perfect Tense: He has written a letter.
He has not written a letter. (Negative Sentence)
Has hwritten a letter?(Interrogative)
Past Perfect Tense: He had written a letter.
He had not written a letter.(Negative Sentence)
Had  he written a letter?(Interrogative)
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Feb 7, 2014

Logo Design | Learning Logos

Introduction: Logo programming language was developed by Seymount Pappert in 1960. The full form of logo is language of graphic oriented.

Use of logo:
*it  is used to draw picture.
it is used to solve mathematical some.
 *It  is used to make shapes of various sizes. * It is used to create graphics .
* It is used to create sound and music.
*It is used to paint closed shapes.

The window screen of MSW Logo window has following parts:
Menu bar, Title bar, Main Drawing area, Turtle, Recall List Box and Input command window.
 *Forward line command FD 100 for drawing a line of 100 unit.
*For turning right or left , write this command
RT 90 for turning right at 90 degree and LT 90 for turning left at 90 degree.

The command can also be written in small case e.g. lt 90.
For turning right at an angle of 135 degree , write RT 135. 
NOTE: Always put space between command text and its value e.g. between RT and 135 there will be a space. RT SPACE 135.

 *Clear screen command : cs
*Setting pen size command: setpensize [5 5] 
*Pen up command: PU
*Pen down command : PD
*Pen size command: setPenSize [5 5]
*setPenSize [12 12]
*Print command: Print [ I read in class 3]
The output will be I read in class 3
*Print command for math operation: Print 6+4
The output will be '10'
*repeat command  for drawing a rectangle : repeat 2 [FD 100 RT 90 FD 30 RT 30]
*Circle command : circle 100
In the video given below , rectangle is drawn with simple command and with repeat command. Also the pen up command and pen down command's use are shown. Watch this video. This is very interesting video. Making star , making magnetic needle and other beautiful design drawing have been shown in this video.
Making Star: repeat 5 [FD 120 RT 144] 
Making magnetic needle: repeat 18 [FD 220 RT 160] 
Circular design: repeat 50 [FD 200 RT 80 FD 200 RT 90] 
 Tyre looking design: repeat 180 [FD 72  RT 47 CIRCLE 40] 
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Feb 2, 2014

Change the sentences -Verb Tenses Worksheets

How to learn english grammar was always a concern for lower class children. These are the practice worksheet to give an idea for sentences of  present and past tense for class or grade 3 students.

You are requested to give your sentences as feedback below this post to help  others  and yourself. The answer will be posted soon.

Question - Change  the sentences as directed in the bracket.
*Raju was a ten year old boy. (Present simple)
*Seema goes to the party. (Past continuous)
*He runs very fast. ( Present Interrogative)
*They didn't make mistakes. (Past Interrogative and Negative )
*Soma has given me a pen (past negative )
*Sheela finished her homework.  (Present Perfect )
*Is Rahul singing a song.  (Present simple negative )
* Mohandas writes a story. ( Simple past)
* Boys played cricket (present continuous )
* Sony gave me a pen.( present perfect)
* Rahman finishes his work in time.( Simple past)
* Was Gopal parking his car ?( present negative)
*A Magic was an art, (Present simple)
*My father bought four tickets for us. (Past interrogative)
*Tickets rate were as given. (Present interrogative)
*The light of the hall were switch off .(present perfect)

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Difficult sentences:
*Next he balanced the girl on the tip of the sword. (Past perfect)
*It is far away from the dust, noise and smoke.( Past simple)
*There are fifty seven teachers in the school.
(past simple)
*They are all highly qualified. (Present interrogative)
*They take care of our health. (present perfect)
*The Principal of our school keeps the school compound clean (present continuous)
*He does not allow students to attend school in dirty clothes. (past simple)
*We are taught honesty. (past perfect)
*Every student has to take part on debates every Saturday. (present simple)
*We are proud of our school. (past simple

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Answers !
*Raju is a ten year old boy. (Present simple)
*Seema was going to the party. (Past continuous)
*Does he run very fast. ( Present Interrogative)
*Did they not make mistakes. (Past Interrogative )
*Soma didn't give me a pen (past negative )
*Sheela has finished her homework.  (Present Perfect )
*Rahul does not sing a song.  (Present simple negative )
* Mohandas wrote a story. ( Simple past)
* Boys are playing cricket (present continuous )
* Sony has given me a pen.( present perfect)
* Rahman finished his work in time.( Simple past)
* Gopal  doesn't 
park his car ?( present negative) *A Magic is an art, (Present simple)
*Did my father buy four tickets for us. (Past interrogative)
*Are tickets rate  as given. (Present interrogative)
*The light of the hall has  switched off .(present perfect)

Answer of Difficult sentences:
*Next he had balanced the girl on the tip of the sword.
*It was far away from the dust, noise and smoke.
*There were fifty seven teachers in the school.
* Are they all highly qualified.
*They have taken care of our health.
*The Principal of our school is keeping the school compound clean.
*He allowed students to attend school in dirty clothes.
*We had been taught honesty.
*Every student takes part on debates every Saturday.
*We were proud of our school.

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