Jan 29, 2014

Type of Sentence Learning for class 3

This article is for getting idea about four type of sentences e.g. Interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentence for class 3. By going through all these sentences already made here the student can identify the type of sentence and he will be able  to make four type of sentences with each word. He will have full command about type of sentence. It is because practice makes a person perfect.
Here is the question given and 4 types of sentences are already made for 9 of the words given  in the question and the rest are left for the practice for students. Later the sentences for these words will also be posted.
Question - Make four types of sentences with each of the given words.
School, flower, class, book, cricket, read, discipline, child, tiger, light, bag, sun, house, mother, chair, bird, friends, train.

1.  Assertive - the school buildings are large.
2. Interrogative- why are you late today at school?
3.  Imperative- don't break the schools rule.
4. Exclamatory- Oh no!  we missed the school today.

1.  Assertive - the flower is beautiful.
2. Interrogative- why are you looking flower?
3.  Imperative- don't take flower.
4. Exclamatory- wow! the flower is very beautiful.

1.  Assertive - i read in class 3.
2. Interrogative- why are you talking in the class?
3.  Imperative- Don't play in the class.
4. Exclamatory- what is a nice classroom is this!

1.  Assertive - This book has many pages. book..
2. Interrogative- Is this a good book?
3.  Imperative- Take out your my facebook
4. Exclamatory- oh no I lost my Geography  book.

1.  Assertive - I like to play cricket.
2. Interrogative- Are you following cricket rules?
3.  Imperative- Buy a good cricket bat
4. Exclamatory- Wow! what a wonderful six sort it was.

1.  Assertive - i like to read story book. 
2. Interrogative- Why are you not reading properly?
3.  Imperative- Read properly .
4. Exclamatory - wow! your reading has gotten improved.

1.  Assertive - This child is very naughty.
2. Interrogative-Is this child is one year old?
3.  Imperative-Bring the child at safe place.
4. Exclamatory-
What a cute child this is!

1.  Assertive -Tiger is a cat's family animal.
2. Interrogative- Have you seen a tiger in this area.
3.  Imperative- Don't go near a tiger's
4. Exclamatory- What a dangerous tiger is this!
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Jan 15, 2014

Question Answer of River Chapter Class 3 Geography

This has become a very much problem for many guardians that the teacher of the many schools are checking the copy carelessly and not writing the answer of the questions properly. 
Maximum answer  does not remain "to the point". 

Question1-why is the slope of the land important for rivers and streams to flow?
Answer- water  always flows from high land to low land. So the slope of the land is important for rivers and streams to flow.

Question 2- what are the beginning and end of a river called?
Answer- the place where the river begins its journey is called its source and the place where river ends  is called its mouth.

Question 3 - How is a snow-fed river different from  rain -fed river? Explain in two or three statements?
Answer- a)Snow-fed rivers formed with melting of snows of the mountains, Where as   rainfed rivers are formed with streams produced by heavy rain on the the hills.
b) The source of snow fed rivers are the snow of tge mountains where as  source of the rain fed rivers are the rain water. 

Question 4- name two tributaries of Indus and the Ganga.
Answer- 2 tributaries of the industry are the Zaskar and the Bees.
Two tributaries of the Ganga are the Yamuna and the Soon.

Question- why does a river flow more slowly once it enters the plane?
Answer- The river flows more slowly when it enters in the plain because the plains are flat and water becomes heavy with mud and sand that it carries down from the mountains.

Question- what is silt?
Answer-  Fine sand, clay or other materials carried by the rivers and deposited as sediment is called silt. It is very fertile for growing crops.

Question- Give five important ways in which rivers are useful for us?
Answer- rivers are useful to us in many ways.
a) They make smile very fertile with cells during flood.
b) Rivers are a good source of fish.
c) River water is used for washing and drinking. 
d) River water is used to water crops during draught. 
e) Reverse helps to produce electricity.

Question- Write few sentences to explain why the flooding of river can be good and bad for people.
Answer- flooding of the river submerges its neighbour area and makes people homeless. Thus it is bad for us. 
But flooding covers the plane with silt which is very fertile and helpful to the farmers for growing crops. Thus it is good for us.

Question- How are waterfalls caused?
Answer- When river flows through mountains it sometimes fall over steep slopes, then waterfalls are formed.
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Jan 11, 2014

Answers of The Restless Earth : Volcanoes

Question1: Write a short paragraph to explain how volcano is similar to a pressure cooker?
Answer: We know when steam inside a pressure cooker reaches at a certain pressure limit, it ecapes through the opening of the pressure cooker.
Similarly when mixture of hot gases and magma sometime reach at certain pressure limit, They are forced to escape through an opening on the earth's surface. Therefore this event is similar to that of pressure cooker.

Question2: what is the bursting of magma from vents called?
Answer: The bursting out of the magma from the wind is called eruption.

Question 3: what is the difference between a dormant and an active volcano?
Answer: dormant volcano :1. These are sleeping volkano that have not adopted for many year.
2. the cooled lava of earlier eruption from rocks forms rocks that block the vent.
3.Mt Fujiyama is a dormant volcano.
Active volcano:
1. These erupt oftenly. Sometimes erupt after eruption.
2. The lava continuously flows through the crater.
3. Mt Etna is an active volcano.

Question4: why is it dangerous to live near a volcano?
Answer: It is dangerous to live near a volcano because the volcano can erupt anytime and can destroy our homes, plants, trees, sea fishes etc. Thus it destroys our surrounding and makes very difficult to live.

Question5: how do volcanoes change their surface of the earth?
Answer: when lava cools down, new socks and mountains maybe porn. Over a long period of time some of the rocks break down into very fertile soil. Which is good for growing crops. In this way volcanoes change the surface of the earth.

* You are suggested to submit your answer if you know the answer of these questions so that it can boost the learning and could add more value to our learning society.
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