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Question 1 : What does king Bruce learn from the spider ?Question 2 : What is the tale that "gossips" tell about King Bruce ?Question 3 : What lesson does the poem teach you ?Answer 1> >
Answer 2>>
Answer 3>>Answer starts below: Answer 1: King Bruce had learnt most important lesson of life from the spider. Being disappointed with himself, he hid in a cave as he could not succeed in driving away the English from Scotland after fighting battle. He was lying in a state of despair and almost decided that he would not be fighting any more battle against the English just then his eyes fell on a spider; which was hanging by its silken thread and was trying to climb up to reach its cobweb. It failed several times.The King felt that spider would not make any more attempt as it had failed 9 times . But to the King's surprise once again spider climbed up its silken thread and slowly and steadly it was able to reach its destination. Thus the little spider taugh…

Question 1 :What gave the Montgolfier brothers the idea of flying ?Click for Answer >>Question 2 :The brothers did not know an important fact about the flying. What was the fact ?Click for Answer >>Question 3 : How was the balloon launched in Annonay different from the one launched in Paris   ?Click for Answer >>Question 4 : why did the villagers of Gonesse attack the balloon when it descended?Click for Answer >>Question 5 :which animals went up in hot air balloon ? Did they land safely?Click for Answer >>Question 6 :What do you think the king only wanted the criminals to be sent up on a hot air balloon?Click for Answer >>Answer starts below: Answer 1:  Montgolfier brothers were sitting in front of the fire . they noticed some small pieces of scorched paper floating up the chimneys. this game them the idea of flying . 
Back To TopAnswer 2: The important fact that the Montgolfier brothers did not know about the flying balloons ; was that the balloon …

By ------ Thomas MooreQuestion 1: What does the poet remember before falling asleep?
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Question 2: Why is the poet sad ?
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Question 3: To what does the poet compare his friends as well as himself ?
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Question 4 : Describe the banquet hall ?
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Answer starts below: Answer 1: The poet Thomas Moore before falling asleep remembers both the fond of memories and sad memories of his youth. Hey remembers woy well the joys the sorrow and the words of love spoken during his boy hood days . He also remembers how one by one his friends have left him and have gone to another world and how the cheerful hearts of their young age have broken as they have sometimes failed to achieve their aim or goal in their lives .
Back To TopAnswer 2: The poet is sat on remembering how he has missed his friend one by one as they have left the world leaving him behind. He also feels sad to remember how the cheerful heart…

This presentation can be viewed as reference of making such presentation of Rajasthan a tourist place of India. It can also be downloaded fromhere] for your personal use.
It is very helpful to generate creativity of the students to make another such type of presentation.

By Norah Burke [ 1905-1983]

Question 1:Why was Sher Singh's father given the title of "Bahadur "?
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Question 2: Sher Singh's mother did not weep even though her child was ailing? What is the narrator trying to tell the reader by saying this ?
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Question 3:Where was Sher Singh's father on that night?
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Question 4 : Why did the mother feel that Sher Singh would never go to the hospital?
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Question 5: What were the dangers that Sher Singh was scared of ?
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Question 6: How do you think Sher Singh felt when he heard these words of the doctor "your brother is Clive "?
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Question 7: Whom did Sher Singh encountered first in the jungle? What did he do then ?
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Question 8: what sight did Sher Singh see when he came to the banks of the second river?
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Question 9: how did Sher Sin…

1 बहुत सुबह जल्दी उठता हू  ।
 2. मै अपने दांत खुद साफ करता हूं।
 3. उसके बाद मै नहाने जाता हूँ। 
 4.तब मैं नाश्ता करता हूँ ।
5. मै  सात बजे (7.00)   स्कूल जाता हूँ ।
6. मैं करीब  डेढ़ बजे (1:30 ) पर स्कूल से घर वापस आता हूँ ।
7. मैं  रोजाना  दोपहर को  भोजन  करने के बाद  एक घंटा  आराम करता हूँ । 
8. शाम को एक घंटे के लिए अपने दोस्त के साथ खेलता हूँ। 
9. उसके बाद थोड़ा आराम करके शाम को  दूध पीता हूँ। 
११. फिर मै  अध्ययन के लिए बैठ जाता हूँ ।
 10. कभी कभी मैं कंप्यूटर पर बैठते हैं और पेंटशॉप और लोगो करता  हूँ ।
11. 9 बजे मै थोड़े देर के लिए कार्टून देखता हूँ ।
 12. साढ़े नौ बजे मै रात का खाना खा लेता हूँ ।
13. अंत में मै दस  बजे बिस्तर पर चला जाता हूँ ।
14. मैं भी छुट्टी पर अपने शौक के रूप में पेंटिंग करते हैं। 
15. मैं खाली समय में छोटी कहानी पढता हूँ ।
16. मैं यूट्यूब वीडियो की मदद से कागज मॉडल बनाता हूँ । 
17. कभी कभी मैं कंप्यूटर पर ऐंग्री बर्ड गेम खेलता हूँ ।
 18. रविवार को मै और मेरी दीदी  जम के  कार्टून देखते हैं।

Question 1: Describe in your own words the poet's feelings when he sees the host of golden?Answer 1: The poet was thrilled to see a host of golden daffodils by the side of the lake under the trees moving their head in a joyful dance . They seemed to be dancing like a human being expressing their energy and joy. When the poet saw the flowers, his imagination traveled to another world to find a comparison. He was reminded of the stars twinkling in the milky way at night . The long line of the daffodils flowers bore comparison with the bright stars seen across the night sky Question 2: Why does the poet say I gazed and gazed but a little thought / what wealth that show to me had brought? Answer 2: the poet was alone full stop he was moving about aimlessly over the high valleys and hills watching the beautiful scenes of nature full stop suddenly he saw a great number of golden coloured flowers by the side of the lake under the trees moving their heads in joyful dance . Waves in the l…

By Dino Buzzati Traverso (1906-1972) Question 1: At the party, what was it about the stranger that do the narrator's attention?
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Question 2: What was it about the tailor that made the narrator feel uncomfortable?
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Question 3: what was the narrator plan to avoid letting the maid handle the bewitched jacket?
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Question 4 : how did the narrator establish connection between crime and the money he found?
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Question 5: Why did the narrator finally decide to destroy the jacket?
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Question 6: Which incident dampened the narrator's joy?
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Question 7: What change came over the narrator after he became wealthy?
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Reference to The Context:1:"How will be expensive, I imagined."
Question a: Who said these words and to whom and in which context?
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Question b: Who will be expensive?
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Question 1: Why is the prince called happy? Was he really happy ? Question 2: Why does the Happy Prince send a Ruby for the seamstress ?
Question 3: For whom does the Prince give away his eyes and why ? Question 4 : Why did the Swallow not leave the Prince and go to Egypt?
Question 5: Why does God consider the leaden heart and the dead bird as the two most precious things in the city?
Answer 1 >>
Answer 2>>
Answer 3>>
Answer 4>>
Answer >>
Story in Video >>

Story in video
Reference to the context 1: "I hope the town had made perfections."
Question 1: Who said these words to whom and 5?
Answer >>
Question 2: Where does the Swallow find his shelter ?
Answer >>
Question 3 : Why does the Swallow say that he had a golden bedroom ?
Answer >>
Question 4: What happened when the Swallow prepared to go to sleep ?
Answer >>
Reference to the context 2: " Dear little swallow, you tell me of marvelous things, but more marvelous…

Question 1: Write a short paragraph to explain how volcano is similar to a pressure cooker?
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Question 2: What is the bursting of magma from vents called?
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Question 3: What is the difference between a dormant and an active volcano?
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Question 4 : Why is it dangerous to live near a volcano?
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Question 5: How do volcanoes change their surface of the earth?
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Answer starts below: Answer 1:We know when steam inside a pressure cooker reaches at a certain pressure limit, it escapes through the opening of the pressure cooker. Similarly when mixture of hot gases and magma sometime reach at certain pressure limit, They are forced to escape through an opening on the earth's surface. Therefore this event is similar to that of pressure cooker.
Back To Top Answer 2:The bursting out of the magma from the wind is called eruption.
Back To TopAnswer 3:Dormant volcano :1. The…

Question 1: What was the mother's attitude to the plans that the girls had for their vacations?
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Question 2: Why did the mother give Hannah , the cook , a holiday ?
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Question 3: Why did the girls feel so helpless when they saw their mother going out for dinner?
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Question 4 : What mistakes did Jo make while cooking dinner?
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Question 5: Who was Miss Crocker? Why were the girls upset on seeing her?
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Question 6: What was it finally turned Jo'S tragic failure into a funny dinner ?
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Question 7: What was the most important lesson that the girls learned?
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Answer starts below: Answer 1: Mrs March thought of teaching her daughters Amy, base, Jo and Meg a lesson as they had become frustrated with there laborious daily routine and wanted a break from there monotonous (boring) life. She let them try their experiment of no w…

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Question 1: what does the night mail bring?
Question 2: Whom are there later addressed to?
Question 3 : What are the different colours of papers used to write letters ?
Question 4 : What are the nature of the letters brought by the night mail?
Question 5: why do you think the night mail was a messenger to the people who lived in different areas of England and Scotland?
Question 6: Describe the journey of the train.
Question 7: how does the poet give an universal  appeal to the train?
Answer 1 >>
Answer 2>>
Answer 3>>
Answer 4>>
Answer 5>>
Answer 6>>
Answer 7>>
Answer starts below: Answer 1: The night mail brings cheques and postal order and also different types of letters for the people in England and Scotland.
Back To Top Answer 2: The letters are addressed to the rich, poor, the shop at the corner and the girl next door.
Back To Top Answer 3: The different colours of paper used to write letter are pink, violet, white and blue.
Back To T…

The Vagabond
-----  By  Robert Louis Stevenson
Vagabond- a person who wander from place to place without a permanent home.
Question 1 : what does vagabond ask for the first stanza of the poem?
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Question 2 : What does the vagabond not wished for?
Click for Answer 2 >>
Question 3 : What does the poet say about autumn or winter?
Click for Answer 3 >>
Question 4 : Quote the lines that are repeated in the poem. Why are these lines repeated?
Click for Answer 4 >>
Question 5 : what does the poet want from life? Name three things he can do without.
Click for Answer 5 >>
Question 6 : what are the plans of the poet?
Click for Answer 6 >>
Question 7 : How does the poet lead his life during winter?
Click for Answer 7 >>
Question 8 : Why does the poet not have any expectation?
Click for Answer 8 >>
Question 9: Why does the poet choose to be a vagabond?
Click for Answer 9 >>
Answer starts below:
Answer 1 : Generally people like a life of steadine…

माँ हमारे लिए सबसे प्यार और देखभाल  करने वाली महिलाओं में से है।इस दुनियाँ में, मेरी मां मेरी सबसे अच्छी दोस्त है। मैं गर्व और धूम धाम के साथ मातृ दिवस मनाता हूँ। क्योंकि जब भी मै उसके साथ रहता हूँ खुशी हमेशा मेरे साथ रहती है।मेरी माँ किसी और से सबसे भरोसेमंद है।वह मेरे प्रति बहुत ज्यादा उदार रहती है।मैं उसके साथ बहुत आराम महसूस करता हूंवह मेरे सभी नकारात्मक बातें जानते हुए भी मुझे प्यार करती रहती है। मै अपने मन की सारी भावनाओं को उसे खुल्लम खुल्ला व्यक्त कर सकता हूँ।मेरी मां सुबह से शाम तक मेरे लिए सब कुछ करती है।गिरना तो दूर मेरे गिरने के आभाष से ही वह परेशान हो जाती है। वह मुझे दुनिया का सबसे अच्छा बच्चा कहती है । यह उसके अनन्त प्यार की पहचान है।जब कभी मैं अकेला रहता हूं तो मेरा दिल उसे टटोलता है।वह मेरे पर इतना ध्यान खती है कि मेरी लड़खड़ाने वाले पल को भी भांप लेती है।मैं डर के बिना उसके साथ सारी बातें आदान प्रदान कर सकता हूँ।वह दुनिया में केवल मेरी भलाई के बारे में सोचती है।वह मुझे तैयार करने के लिए बहुत सुबह उठ जाती है।वह रोजाना मुझे स्कूल के लिए विदा करती है और उस समय भी उसका …

The text form of this sum (1/ (1+x^(b-a)+x^(c-a) )+(1/(1+x^(a-b)+x^(c-b) )+(1/(1+x^(b-c)+x^(a-c) )=1 is given below. So that students may not get confused with the text form of the sum.

Watch video or see this solution:
First term: (1/ (1+x^(b-a)+x^(c-a) )
=(1/ (1+x^b*x^a)+x^c*x^a))
=(x^a/ (x^a+x^b+x^c))
Second term: (1/ (1+x^(a-b)+x^(c-b) )
=(1/ (1+x^a*x^b)+x^c*x^b))
=(x^b/ (x^a+x^b+x^c))
Third term: (1/ (1+x^(b-c)+x^(a-c) )
=(1/ (1+x^b*x^c)+x^a*x^c))
=(x^c/ (x^a+x^b+x^c))
First term+Second term+third term
=(x^a/ (x^a+x^b+x^c))+(x^b/ (x^a+x^b+x^c))+(x^c/ (x^a+x^b+x^c))
=((x^a+x^b+x^c)/ (x^a+x^b+x^c))
Its solution is also given in the video.
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OK friends. I have given a lot of education related solution and articles of mathematics. But today I am going to disclose a golden tips about mathematical formula related sums. After reading this you will save the money you pay for your private tution (Tutor). There are also lot of videos also on Youtube about solution of a mathematical problem. One students have become puzzled about finding a solution of a sum from Google. Actually formula writing is not easy to handle on web pages. The web pages converts formula into other format which is not easy to read. But it can be understood.

I will give here step by step method of searching formula related math problems on Google.

Step 1: First of all write the formula in any word processor e.g. MS Word as shown in the figure. Watch the video to learn to write this formula in MS Word.

Step 2: Copy and paste this formula in Google Search Engine box. This patter will get changed automatically to inline form in Google Search box. This will come as…

GCF or HCF = Greatest Common Factor or Highest Common Factor
LCM= Lowest Common Multiple.
GCF : To understand GCF I illustrate an example. Suppose we need to calculate the GCF of two numbers of 16 and 18 , then first we write the factors of each number as tabulated below.
Numbers                     Factors 16 1 2 4 8 16
18 1 2

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