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CLASS 2 ENGLISH NOUN. Countable and Incountable noun is taught with picturisation.

Absolute Value of Integers for Class 6

What is a Decimal?

Anything right side of decimal point is decimal numbers. Watch the figure. It is used to represent the fraction of a whole number. Decimal point separate the whole number and decimal number. Decimal provide the ease of writing whole number and decimal number in one number. If it wouldn't be there then we would have never been acurate while doing precision measurement ie fine measurement. Our science would have failed at every steps. Therefore decimal number is one that give great solution to science and mathematics.The decimal number given in the figure is read as six point three eight See this figure to gain the concept of various form of a number. Watch this video

How to Properly Read a Decimal Number and | Convert Decimal Numbers To Fraction Numbers

1.First we will learn how to properly read a decimal number and we will also tell the decimal place value from the numerical part.
2. Second we will learn how to change decimal numbers into fraction numbers and then learn how to change fraction numbers back to decimal numbers.
3.Then we will learn how to compare decimal numbers to each other.
4.Finally we will learn how to handle word problems with decimal and fractions in them.
Let start and watch this video.
Whole Number=25463 will be read as Twenty five thousands four hundred sixty three. ok
Decimal Number= .25463 will be read as Point two five four six three. ok.

Place values of the numbers Point Tenth’s Hundredth’s Thousandth’s Ten-Thousandth’s Hundred-Thousandth’s . 2 5 4

Understanding Fractions

How to work out HCF and LCM using short division

How to find the greatest common factor | GCF or HCF

Greatest common factor (GCF) of two or more numbers is that number ; which can divide both or more  Numbers, thereby leaving no remainder and is the greatest factor of the two number or more numbers. 

To make the understanding simple, anexample is explained below. 
Let I wantto find out the Gcf of 18 and 12 . By our commonidea we can say that 2, 3 and 6 can divide both the numbers but 6 is the greatest among 2, 3 and 6.
Therefore 6 if the GCF of 12 and 18.
GCF Or HCF (Highest common factor) can be calculated by prime factorisation . For lower classes it is the suitable method.
12=2x2x 3
The common factors are 23 ie 6.
Watch this video.

Divisibility Rules

Text version will be published soon.

Decimals to Fractions

Class 6 | INTEGRS Adding and Subtracting


Addition of Decimals

Quality English Writing Tips

Are you serious about your english writing strength. It is a normal thing to write a normal english paragraph. It is more practical to write an attractive article. Now what are the proper resources available, that matters for higher learning and sharp enhancment in writing; is a big concern. Many of us puzzle here and there for self learning resources. Here I am giving a trick.
Watch TV news channels and note down worthy sentences of the journalists. It is because they are the prophessionals who work hard on expression and style of explaining any subject. I have note down some sentences / part of sentence for reference. Read it now:*Reiterate our sincerest appreciation .
*Continued development of our cordial. relationship.
*disequilibrium looms.
*concrete strategic content .
This is just a few tips . If Have you got an idea by reading these . Then I think you understand the actual message of this article. Also read quality article and make a collection. Now get practice and imp…

What is an Integer Class 6

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Concept of Phrases and Clauses English Grammar for all higher Class

Concept of Phrases and Clauses are still much more confusing for students. But after going through this topic students will be more confident about phrases and clauses. Phrase: Three most basic elements of phrase are:
-Phrases are Group of words.

-Phrases Can not be used alone as it has got no complete meaning. -Phrases Has no subject and verb.

On the read itIn the north.Have to complete the taskOn the table. Clauses: The Three most basic elements of clauses are:+Clauses are also Group of words.+Clauses Can be used alone as it makes sense by itself. +Phrases Has subject and verb.

Examples of Clauses:
who reach school lateHe is energetic.Til he stop shouting .Which is made up of Gold.Types of Phrases: Noun Phrases:The word group modifies the noun in the sentence. This group of words is called noun phrases.

Examples Noun Phrases:
A bright blue Shirt.Large quantity of water.A sharp knife.An interesting and beautiful place.Verb Phrases: Thre phrase contains helping ver…