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How to Learn Conversation in Past tense

This article is for Hindi medium students; who face problem in English conversation  in past tense. If you go through this article. Then I assure you that you can teach others about past tense. 1.तुमने लिखा।=S+V ( S =subject, V =verb, O =Object) 2.तुमने पत्र   लिखा। =S+ O +V 3.तुमने एक  पत्र   लिखा। S+ O +V 4.तुमने कल एक  पत्र   लिखा। S+ O +V 1.तुमने लिखा।=You wrote. S +V 2.तुमने  पत्र   लिखा। =You wrote letter . S +V + O 3.तुमने  एक  पत्र   लिखा।= You wrote a letter .  S +V + O 4.तुमने  कल एक  पत्र   लिखा।= You wrote a letter yesterday .   S +V + O In this video the learning for conversation has started very simply. Ii is very interesting. In Hindi verb never changes its look. See these examples. तुमने लिखा । मैंने   लिखा । उसने  लिखा । वे सबने   लिखा । हम सबने   लिखा । मोहन ने लिखा । In above sentences it has been noticed that the verb in a particular sentences never changes even if subjects or objects are changed.

Parts Of Speech Video

What is parts of speech. This video will teach Spoken english through Urdu lecture . The teaching has made very much interesting through short jokes. Its a must watch video.  There is a short formula for remembering parts of speech within seconds.

Active Voice and Passive Voice Class 6,7,8,9,10

Do you heard about  'voice over ip' then it gives the clear meaning of 'voice'. It is also called 'voip' (voice over internet protocol). So what ever we speak or listen is called voice in simple language. When your voice is carried over ip then it may be in active voice or passive voice. You will feel that language has been complicated by these two voice. And you will also feel that what is the use of telling things in various way. My friend when your voice is carried over ip actively to your boss then it will be like a command and you can not command your boss. You have to say the matter passively. I am giving an example to clarify the use and benefit of the voice.  Active voice- please download this file from your e-mail box. Passive voice- This file is to be downloaded pleas from your box. Here passive voice is the correct way of telling the matter. Now comes to the main point. Active and passive voice. We are dealing the subject from class 3 or std 4,

Word Contraction English Grammar Class 2

Words (negative verb) Contraction is not isn't are not aren't was not wasn't were not weren't has not hasn't have not haven't will not won't would not wouldn't do not don't does not doesn't could not couldn't did not didn't can not can't should not shouldn't might not nightn't Watch the above video to grasp idea about word contraction.

Countable and Uncountable Noun-English Grammar

Singular and Plural Number for Class 2 is very common learning needed for the students. In this article we will show how to use few, many , little and much for expressing singular and plural numbers. Countable noun -A noun that can be counted.  e.g. leaf-singular number, leaves - plural number. The important thing is to learn for elder students also is that what will be used to write few things for countable noun. e.g. There were few men on the road. (don't use little because men are countable noun) There were many men on the road. ( don't use much  because men are countable noun) Uncountable noun- A noun that can not be counted. e.g. water, milk, air, honesty etc. sentence: I have got  little milk . (don't use few because milk is uncountable noun) I have got  much milk . (don't use many because milk is uncountable noun) This video is with Hindi lecture



In this video mental math problems and activity are taught. The video lecture is in Hindi. Therefore English speaking boys are requested to avoid this video as they will not get interest. The problems are discussed in very simple way and very much understandable. Smaller and bigger number among 157 and 175. We can write in words. 157 is smaller than 175 and mathematically 157 < 175



NCERT Maths, Class 6, Fractions, Part 1

Hindi Lecture This lecture is in hindi language. This video gives very good understanding of fraction.


Q1. How many days are in July? Q2: Write the date of the first Monday of July 2012? Q3. Write the date of the first Saturday of July 2012? Q4: How many school days are in July 2012? Q5: How many week ends are there in July? Q6: What is the date of first week end of July 2012? The background lecture in Hindi language . It is about teaching calender to class 2 or Stad. 2 students

Learn Division Class 4 PART 1

This lesson contains all division type problems and its solution in three parts. So you need to see all three parts.  It will be explained in text below for your help. You can ask your question also can ask regarding this video. I will be happy you give your feedback by commenting below. So Watch this video.

Learn Division Class 4 Part 2

Learn Division Class 4 Part 3


13:01 KINDS OF NOUN | CONCRETE NOUN | English Grammar

Pronoun Kinds of Pronoun | Class 6 Part 1

Pronoun Kinds of Pronoun for Class 6 Part 2


CLASS 2 ENGLISH NOUN. Countable and Incountable noun is taught with picturisation.

Absolute Value of Integers for Class 6

What is a Decimal?

Anything right side of decimal point is decimal numbers. Watch the figure. It is used to represent the fraction of a whole number. Decimal point separate the whole number and decimal number. Decimal provide the ease of writing whole number and decimal number in one number. If it wouldn't be there then we would have never been acurate while doing precision measurement ie fine measurement. Our science would have failed at every steps. Therefore decimal number is one that give great solution to science and mathematics. The decimal number given in the figure is read as six point three eight See this figure to gain the concept of various form of a number. Watch this video

How to Properly Read a Decimal Number and | Convert Decimal Numbers To Fraction Numbers

1.First we will learn how to properly read a decimal number and we will also tell the decimal place value from the numerical part. 2. Second we will learn how to change decimal numbers into fraction numbers and then learn how to change fraction numbers back to decimal numbers. 3.Then we will learn how to compare decimal numbers to each other. 4.Finally we will learn how to handle word problems with decimal and fractions in them. Let start and watch this video. Whole Number =25463  will be read as Twenty five thousands four hundred sixty three . ok Decimal Number = . 25463 will be read as Point two five four six three . ok. Place values of the numbers Point Ten th’s Hundred th’s Thousand th’s Ten-Thousand th’s Hundred-Thousand th’s . 2 5 4 6 3

Understanding Fractions

How to work out HCF and LCM using short division

How to find the greatest common factor | GCF or HCF

 Greatest common factor (GCF) of two or more numbers is that number ; which can divide both or more  Numbers, thereby leaving no remainder and is the greatest factor of the two number or more numbers.  To make the understanding simple, anexample is explained below.  Let I wantto find out the Gcf of 18 and 12 . By our commonidea we can say that 2, 3 and 6 can divide both the numbers but 6 is the greatest among 2, 3 and 6. Therefore 6 if the GCF of 12 and 18. GCF Or HCF (Highest common factor) can be calculated by prime factorisation . For lower classes it is the suitable method. 12=2x2x 3 18=2x3x3  The common factors are 23 ie 6. Watch this video.

Divisibility Rules

Text version will be published soon.

Decimals to Fractions

Class 6 | INTEGRS Adding and Subtracting


Addition of Decimals

Quality English Writing Tips

Are you serious about your english writing strength. It is a normal thing to write a normal english paragraph. It is more practical to write an attractive article. Now what are the proper resources available, that matters for higher learning and sharp enhancment in writing; is a big concern. Many of us puzzle here and there for self learning resources. Here I am giving a trick. Watch TV news channels and note down worthy sentences of the journalists. It is because they are the prophessionals who work hard on expression and style of explaining any subject. I have note down some sentences / part of sentence for reference. Read it now: *Reiterate our sincerest appreciation . *Continued development of our cordial. relationship. *disequilibrium looms. *cemented. *concrete strategic content . This is just a few tips . If Have you got an idea by reading these . Then I think you understand the actual message of this article. Also read quality article and make a collection. Now get practice an

What is an Integer Class 6

Math PLACE VALUE of a Digit in a Number CLASS 4

Place value of a digit in a number is its value when it is separated by expanding the number. To understand it, an example is illustrated below. *suppose we need to find the place value of 5 in a number 275689. First we expand the number . 275689=200000+70000 + 5000 +600 + 80 +9. Therefore place value of 5 is 5000. Note: In shortcut we can find the place value of 5 by writing the number 5 and putting zeros (000) to its right side equal to the number of digits (689) ie. 5000. See this image .


Katha Hectare Acre

Smallest Number and Largest Numbers Class 1 ICSE

Mental Math Dozen Concept For Class1 ISCE

is video is particularity for class 1 to clarify them the concept of dozen. Dozen is the measuring unit of countable think. 1 Dozen=12 Here l am explaining one small event for the student. Suppose you went to the market for buing banana because you like banana. What you tell to the shopkeeper. Will you tell give me 1 kilogram of banana or will you tell give me one pound of banana or what will you say give me few banana . That means there must be a particular unit ; which you need to explain your demand for buying the banana. You can say that give me 1 banana or 2  or like this. But there is a standard units of measurement which is acceptable throughout the world. As the shop keeper or the dealer do the business so they cannot count 1 piece of banana for dealing business. That's why they use a standard unit of counting things in a lot. And this Dozeni concept is the result of that business relationship . You can watch this video. This video is with hindi lecture. English lectur

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8. Hindi Dictation (IMLA) Writing Practice - तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास

This Hindi dictation video is tried to provide practice of hard Hindi words (तीन-तीन कठिन शब्दों का अभ्यास ). The dictation was created in set of three hards words. E.G three words are dictated at a time with a provision of time so that learner can write them. After that those words are written so that you may check and correct those. -These words are those type in which mistakes are done by many learner.