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Vowel = a, e, i ,o, uIf a word start with a vowel like a, e, i, o and u Then we will use 'an'For Example:an assan elephantan icecreaman owlan umbrellaExcept these we will use a if the word starts with consonant.For Example:a boya mammala catigorya countryA video with English Lecture will be loaded soon.
Hindi Lecture in the video

USE OF Capital Letters in English Punctuation :
*The first letter of first word of a sentence will be capital.
E.G. The dog is barking. 
*The First letter of name of a day or month. 
e.g. I feel cold in January.
*The first letter of name of a language.
*My mother tongue is Urdu.
*The first letter of Personal name words.
e.g. Pankya and Bitthal make a joke of Kamla.
*The The first letter of name of holyday.
*The The first letter of name of a country.
e.g. Christmas is celebrated in India also.
(Holi, Valentine's Day, Eid, Pongal etc.)
*The first letter of name of a manufacturing company (Brand name).
e.g. My father bought a Samsung company mobile.
*The letter I always written in capital- remember it.
*My father and I both operate our Galaxy Note 3 mobile.
*The first letter of word in a direct quotation marks always written in capital.
e.g. My mother said, "Today we will have Chinese food."

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Finding square of two digit numbers (41 to 59) is very tricky and easy. Here it has been shown to find the square of numbers below(upto 41) and above 50 (upto 59) . This trick holds true only in this range.
First we find the square of 50 .
we take the above square as reference to calculate the square of the number below 50 and afoul 50.
case I: Here are calculate the square of 48 .
As 48 is less than 50 by' 2' . therefore me simply can write the square of 48 without doing calculation.
48^2 =2304
Here we subtracted 2 from 25 to get 2300. Next we add 2^2 to 2300 ; which becomes 2304 .
46^2 =2116
Here we subtracted 4 from 25 to get 2100. Next we add 4^2 to 2100 ; which becomes 2116 .
53^2= 2809 .
Here we add 3 to 25 to get 2800. Next we add 3^2 to 2800 ; which becomes 2809 .

This pronoun video is covering class 3 to 6. Type of pronoun.
Subjective, objective, and Interrogative pronouns.