Sep 16, 2019

13. English Dictation Paragraph on SEASON | Writing Practice

Watch English dictaion on my youtube channel as playlist. There are about 13 videos including this. There are also Hindi Imla / dictation video on this channel . There are 40 Hindi videos on Hindi dictation.

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Apr 5, 2019

Summary of the poem "Small Pain in my Chest" by Narrator Class 9 & 10


STANZA 1:LINE 1 TO 4:"The Soldier boy was sitting calmly ........lay still by morning lights."

EXPLANATION:The soldier boy was sitting calmly underneath that tree.As the narrator approached him(or walked towards him) ,he could see him signalling to him to go towards him(soldier boy).The battle had been a stiff one that lasted through the night and numbers of dead bodies were lying on the battlefield.
STANZA 2:LINE 5 TO 8:"I wonder if you'd help me sir,........for I have a small pain in my chest."

EXPLANATION:The soldier boy wondered if narrator would help him.He gave a best possible smile to narrator maybe to hide his pain.He asked narrator for a sip of which could give him a slight relief.He along with his soldeir colleagues fought the batlle all throughout the night without any scarce rest.The soldier asked narrator only a sip of water for he had a small pain in his chest.


STANZA 3:LINE 9 TO 12:"As I looked at him, I could see the large stain........just have a small pain in my chest."

EXPLANATION:As the narrator looked at him he could notice the large stain on the soldier boy's shirt that became reddish-brown by warm blood mixed with dirt.He said that he did not need much water as He counted himself luckier than the rest of the soldiers. Other soldiers were dead in the battle but he had only a small pain in his chest.
STANZA 4:LINE 13 TO 16:"Must be fatigue ,he weakly smiled.........I felt this small pain in my chest."

EXPLANATION:The injured soldier replied to the narrator by smiling weakly that it must be a fatigue.He also added that he might be getting old because the sun was shining brightly but he was still feeling cold. The two hundred soldier boys climbed the hill but as they reached the hillock there was an explosion and he felt a small pain in his chest. It can be said that the cause of this soldier's small pain is the explosion which caused him this injury.
STANZA 5:LINE 17 TO 20:"I looked around to get some aid........this small pain in my chest."

EXPLANATION:The soldier boy narrated his hardship story in the battle to the narrator that how he looked around to get some aid.The only things he could find was big deep depressions in the earth and dead bodies on the ground. He mentioned to the narrator how he kept firing on the enemies effortlessly. He tried his best but finally sat down with this small pain in his chest.
STANZA 6:LINE 21 TO 24:"I am grateful,sir,........find himself defeated by a small pain in my chest."

EXPLANATION:As the narrator handed the soldier a canteen(a small container used by soldier for carrying water) he whispered that he was grateful to him(narrator) and gave a smile that according to the narrator was the brightest smile he had ever seen. He commented upon himself that it seemed to him so silly that a man of his size full of vim and zest could find himself defeated by a small pain in his chest.
STANZA 7:LINE 25 TO 28:"What would my wife be thinking of her man........HERE one day with this small pain in my chest"

EXPLANATION:The narrator thinking about his wife added that what would his wife think of him when she would see him in that vanquished condition.She would think that a strong and full grown man is sitting there alone too weak to stand up by himself. What would his mother imagine about him, as she held him to her chest when he was small, That he would be sitting here one day with this small pain? The soldier was feeling shameful because if his wife and mother would see him like this way then he would make them feel deplorable.
STANZA 8:LINE 29 TO 32:"Can it be getting dark so soon?........quietly,the boy died from that small pain in his chest."

EXPLANATION:The soldier boy asked the narrator that if it was getting dark so soon.The injured soldier winced up at the sun. He said that it was growing dim and he thought that the day had just begun. He further added that he was thinking to take rest before covering the distance.....And he quietly died from that small pain in his chest.
STANZA 9:LINE 34 TO 37:"I don't recall what happened then........against the small one in his chest."

EXPLANATION:The narrator said that he could not recall what happened after that.He thought that he must have cried. He put his arms around the dead soldier and pulled him to his side and as held the soldier towards him. He could fell their wounds being pressed against each other, the large one in his heart against the small one in the soldier boy's chest.

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Mar 26, 2019

ACT 2 SCENE1 Paraphrase of The Merchant Of Venice for Class 9 , 10



Do not dislike me for my complexion, because this is the dark colour bestowed by the sun over the countries to whom I am their neighbour and is closely related to them.

Bring me the fairest creature from the north and let us make an incision for your love and let us see whose blood is more red, his or mine. I tell you, lady, this appearance of mine had frightened valiant (brave): by my love, I swear you that the best regarded virgins of our country have loved it:I would not change this hue except to win your affections, gentle queen.


Regarding my choice, I am not solely influenced by the attractive looks which please a maiden's eye's:

Besides, the lottery that will choose my destiny that restricts me to choose voluntarily. If my father had not deprived me of free choice and bounded by his wisdom to yield myself as a wife to that person who wins me by the system of the lottery, You as a renowned prince would stand as good as any suitor I have seen so far.

 scene of venice


Even for that, I thank you: Therefore I pray you to lead me to the caskets to try my fortune. By this scimitar(short,curved sword),That slew the Sophy(Emperor of Persia) and Persian Prince and which also won three battles against Sultan Solyman,I would look defiantly into the eyes that are very bold, I would defeat the most daring heart on this Earth, Pluck the young suckling cubs from the she-bear and mock the lion when he roars for the prey only to win your love lady. But alas! if Hercules and Lichas play at dice where the greater throw comes from the weaker hand rather than the greater hand:therefore Alicides(Hercules)is beaten by his own servant; and so I may be led by the blind fortune, I will miss the luck which one less worthy gain and then I should die of grief.


You must take your chance; or do not attempt the casket system at all, Or swear before you choose that if you choose wrong then you will never speak to lady afterward in a way of marriage: therefore you are warned before.


I will never ask anyone else to marry: Let us go to my trial.


let us go forward to the temple: after dinner, your gamble shall be made.


Good fortune then! To make me blest or curd'st among men!

By: William Shakespear
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Mar 22, 2019

ACT 1 SCENE 3 Paraphrase of The Merchant Of Venice for Class 9, 10



Three thousand ducats-well


Yes sir for three months.


For three months-well.


Antonio will act as a guarantor for these three thousand ducats.


Antonio will act as a guarantor


Will you help me? Will you oblige me? Shall I know your answer?


Three thousand ducats for three months and Antonio will act as a guarantor.

SPEECH OF BASSANIO:what's your answer to my problem.

 merchant of venice


Antonio is a good man


Have you heard any allegation That Antonio is not a good man?


oh no, no, no, no; I mean to say that he is a good man and you have made me understand that he is financially strong for acting as a guarantor for 3000 ducats. But his business is subjected to danger H had an argosy(merchant ship) bound to Tripolis and another to Indies . I understand moreover upon the Rialto he had a third ship bound to Mexico and fourth one to England and other business investment are squandered by him to abroad trading countries. But ships are nothing but planks of woods and sailors are only men, there is a risk of land rats and water rats, I mean to say pirates and then there is also a danger of peril of waters, winds and rocks. Inspite of this the man is financially strong. I think I may take his bond.


Be assured.


I would like to be assured that I may be assured. I will think about it again.May I speak to Antonio?


If you are pleased to dine with us.


Yes to smell pork to eat of the habitation which your prophet the Nazarite healed a madman by ordering the devil which possessed the man to leave him and enter into a herd of pigs.I will buy with you, sell with you, talk with you, walk with you and so forth:

but I will not eat with you, drink with you, nor pray with you . What news on the Rialto?--Who is coming? ENTER ANTONIO---


This is Signior Antonio.


How like a Russian tax collector he looks! I hate him for he is a Christian But I hate him more for he lends out money simply, free of charge and brings down the interest rate here in Venice.If somehow I get hold of him(Antonio) at a disadvantage then I will be satisfied by taking revenge for the ancient grudge That I bear with him. He hates our sacred nation; he abuses us on the Rialto where merchants gather regarding trading purposes, he maltreats me, my business deals and my well known success which he calls interest.I would be cursed by my tribe if I forgive him!


Shylock do you hear me?


I am calculating my money balance;And by guessing, I figured out that I cannot instantly raise the total sum of three thousand ducats.That does not matter because Tubal a wealthy Hebrew will furnish me the sum.But for how many months do you desire for the money? [TO ANTONIO] Rest you fair(a greeting) good signior; Your worship we were talking about you.


Shylock, although, I neither lend nor borrow By taking nor by giving excess.yet to satisfy my present requirements of my friend I will a custom. Is he aware of the sum you want? How much you would yield?


A yes three thousand ducats.


And for three months.


I had forgotten; three months; you told me. well, then your bond; let me see and yeah listen.It seems to me that I think you neither lend nor borrow with interest.


I never charge interest.


When Jacob led out his pastures to uncle Laban's sheep--This Jacob from our holy Abraham was, the third possessor* yes he was the third-- [* the third possessor:

Jacob was the third heir of the family estate.T he first one being Abraham, second being Isaac and third was Jacob. Actually Jacob should not be the heir because he was younger than Esau. But Jacob's mother played a trick to have Jacob made Isaac's heir. ]


And what of him? Did he think?


Jacob went to serve his Uncle Laban .An agreement was made between Jacob and Laban that the former would get the lambs which were born with spots or stripes. Jacob placed wooden rods in such a position that the shadows of the rods could fall on the sheep. By this means Jacob is said to have influenced the sheep so much that almost all the lambs were born spotted or striped and hence they became the property.


This was a venture(enterprise) for which Jacob worked as a servant.It was a thing which his power could not cause to happen but it was controlled and shaped by the hands of God.Was this story a reference for charging interest? Or your gold and ships are ews and rams that multiply?


I cannot tell you about that but I try to multiply the lending amount as fast as possible. But note it, signior.


Mark this, Bassanio, The devil can quote Scriptures for justifying his own needs.An evil soul stating holy verses (or arguments) which is like a villain with smiling cheek.An attractive apple which is rotten inside but having an attractive appearance at outside. This is a reference to falsehood in this world.


Three thousand ducats its a good substantial sum for three months from twelve:

then, let me see the rate--


Well Shylock , are you going to lend us the money?


Signior Antonio, many a time you have often rated me on the Rialto, on my money, and upon my money lending deals, still I have tolerated it with patience as long-suffering is the badge of our tribe.You call me a non-believer, cut-throat dog and spit on my Jewish garbedine and all this because I put to use that which is my own. Well, it now appears you need my help:

you come to me then saying, Shylock we need money from you. You who used to spit on me and you kicked me as you rejected a stray cat out of your house; money is your request. What should I say to you? Should I not say, Had a dog money? Is it possible for a cur to lend three thousand ducats? or Shall I bend low and in a voice like a slave say this- Noble sir you spit on me on last Wednesday; you rejected me on such a day and for these courtesies, I'll lend you this much money?


I will abuse you like this again, To spit on you again, to spurn you again. If you are lending this money lend it not in a way as you are giving it to your friend as it is like that any friend is taking profit from a friend on unproductive money. You lend us this sum as your enemy because if the enemy is unable to pay money you can take your penalty


See how you become angry! I wanted to be friend with you and have your love. Supply you your present need and taking no doit of interest on the given money. You'll never hear me for the kindness I offer you.


That would indeed be a kindness on your part.


Perhaps here it means, "I shall return similar treatments." you have to go with me to a notary to sign with me a single bond; and, in a merry joke, you are unable to repay me on such a day in such a place the sum or the sum as expressed in the bond, let the penalty be noted for an equal pound of flesh to be cut off and taken from any part of your body.


I am indeed faith.I'll seal to such a bond and say there is much kindness in the Jew.


You shall not sign such a bond for me instead I would remain in my present condition of necessity.


Why are you fearing man? I will not surrender it. Within these two months, that's a month before when this bond will expire I will get thrice the value of this bond from my trade.


O father Abram what these Christians are, who's own tough dealings teaches them to be suspicious of the thoughts of the others! I pray you to tell me that if he breaks his promise to pay on a certain day what shall I get from his(Antonio) loss but a pound of man's flesh which is not as valuable as the meat of muttons,beef or goats.I only extended this friendship to buy his favour:

If he will not aceept this help its all right I will bid him a simple goodbye. But do not be unjust to me for offering this act of love of mine.


Yes Shylock I'll accept/sign this bond.


Ok then meet me immediately at the notary's office;Give him the details(or,informations) about this humorous bond;And I will go and ready the ducats in purse; Ensure that my house is safe as it is left in the hand of an irresponsible hand and soon I'll be with you.


Make haste, gentle Jew [EXIT SHYLOCK] The Hebrew(Shylock) will turn Christian; he grows kind.


I did not like the apparently fair terms offered by a villain's mind.


Come on this is not a reason for fear. My ships will return a month before the day.

By: William Shakespeare
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Feb 23, 2019

Ajanta and Ellora Hindi class 8_Question answer

Oral Question and Answer | मौखिक प्रश्न उत्तर , अजंता और एलोरा की गुफ़ाएँ Ajanta Elora Cave

Question 1. पाठ में किस जगह की यात्रा का वर्णन किया गया है ?

Answer 1.अजंता की गुफाओं का वर्णन किया गया है

Question 2. अजंता एलोरा कहां स्थित है ?

Answer 2.अजंता एलोरा औरंगाबाद में स्थित है जो महाराष्ट्र में है

Question 3. इन गुफाओं में बने चित्र किस शताब्दी में बने थे?

Answer 3.सातवीं शताब्दी में

Question 4. इन गुफाओं के चित्र पर किन धर्मों का प्रभाव दिखाई देता है ?

Answer 4.हिंदू बौद्ध तथा जैन धर्म

cabe image
Question 5. अजंता में कुल कितनी गुफाएं?

Answer 5.अजंता में कुल 30 गुफाएं हैं

Long Question Answer; लिखित वाले प्रश्न उत्तर
Question 1. इन गुफाओं की सबसे पहले खोज किसने और कब की ?

Answer 1.इन गुफाओं की खोज सबसे पहले ब्रिटिश सेना अधिकारी जॉन स्मिथ ने 1819 में की थी

Question 2. इन गुफाओं का निर्माण किस प्रकार किया गया?

Answer 2.इन गुफाओं में प्राकृतिक रंगों का उपयोग किया गया है

Question 3. इन गुफाओं की क्या विशेषताएं हैं?

Answer 3.अजंता और एलोरा दो अलग-अलग गुफाएं हैं अजंता की गुफाएं अजंता गांव के पास है जबकि एलोरा की गुफाएं वरुण नामक स्थान पर बनी हुई है अजंता की गुफाओं के चित्र आपस में एक दूसरे से जुड़े हुए हैं यह गुफाएं बौद्ध हिंदू और जैन धर्म के प्रति समर्पित हैं हजारों वर्ष बाद भी इनके चित्र के रंग हल्का नहीं पड़े अजंता गुफाओं से पता चलता है कि यहां स्तूप की पूजा की जाती थी इन गुफाओं में प्राकृतिक रंगों का उपयोग किया गया है गुफा 16 और 17 गुप्तकालीन है जो लकड़ी की बनी हुई लगती है इन गुफाओं में अनेक प्रकार के फूल पत्तियों वृक्षों पशु आकृति आदि के चित्रों से सजाया गया है यह चित्र आपस में एक दूसरे के साथ सजे हुए हैंएक नंबर गुफा में भगवान बुद्ध की मूर्ति है

Question 4. अजंता की गुफाओं में किस को चित्रित किया गया है?

Answer 4.अजंता की गुफाओं में भगवान बुध्द फूल पत्तियों वृक्षों पशु आकृतियों आदि की चित्र किया गया है 16 और 17 गुफाओं में जातक कथाएं दिखाई गई

Question 5. एलोरा की गुफाएं किस पत्थर को काटकर बनाई गई है ?

Answer 5.एलोरा की गुफाएं ज्वालामुखी बेसाल्ट इन पत्थरों को काटकर बनाई गई

Question 5. एलोरा में कितनी गुफाएं?

Answer 5.एलोरा में कुल 34 गुफाएं हैं

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Dec 2, 2018

Paraphrase of The Merchant Of Venice ACT 1 SCENE 2 Class 9,10

Act 1 Scene 2:Belmont, A room in Portia's house

Enter Portia and Nerissa

Line 1 to 2;Speech of Portia:

By my faith Nerissa my little body is tired of tired of this great world.

Line 3 to 10;Speech of Nerissa:

You would be happy if your miseries were in same amount as your good fortunes and I had seen people who are as much gloomy having every facilities as people having nothing.Your happiness would not decrease if your status is in mid way between poverty and riches.Those who have too much of anything will age sooner but those who have enough lives longer.

Line 11;Speech of Portia:

Good sentences and told in proper way.

Line 12;Speech of Nerissa:

They would be better if these sentences are followed or obeyed.

Line 13 to 29;Speech of Portia:

If knowing the good advice was as easy as to follow then chapels would have been churches and poor men's cottages would have been prince's palaces.It is a good preacher who follows his own advices.I can easily teach these twenty people than being one of them to follow my own teaching.The brain may devise laws for body but the heat of desire over leaps these cold laws.Youthful high spirits are like hare which easily leaps over the nets of limping good advice.But this reasoning is not enough to choose a husband for me.Oh, me the word "choose",I may neither choose whom I like nor refuse whom I dislike.Therefore the will of the living daughter curbed by will of a dead father.Is it not hard Nerissa that I can Neither choose nor refuse.

Line 30 to 40; Speech of Nerissa:

Your father was always virtuous and holy men at their matured age have divine guidance. Therefore the lottery he had devised for you in these three casket of gold ,silver and lead is for choosing the person who shall rightly love you. The meaning of the line inscribed on each casket must understand the meaning.but what warmth is there in your feeling toward these suitors that have already come here.

Line 41 to 44 ; Speech of Portia:

I request you to name them and as you name them I will describe them and According to my description level my affection for them.

Line 45 ; Speech of Nerissa:

First there is Neapolitan prince

Line 46 to 49; Speech of Portia:

Ay that an inexperienced young man like young horse , For he does nothing but talk only of his horse and he thinks it an appreciable job that he can shoe his own horse.

Line 50 ; Speech of Nerissa:

Then is the County Palatine

Line 51 to 59; Speech of Portia:

He does nothing but frown as if he would say "An you will not have me?choose"He hears merry tales and smiles not .I fear he will become the most weeping man when he will grow older being so full of unpleasant gloom in his youth.I would rather like to marry to a dead white skull with bones in his mouth than either of these two .God protect me from these two.

Line 60 ; Speech of Nerissa:

How about the French lord Monsieur Le Bon?

Line 61 to 72; Speech of Portia:

God made him and let he be accepted as a man.In truth I know it is sin to be a mocker .But he has a horse better than Neapolitan and a better habit of frowing than the county one.He has other men characteristics but no personality of his own.If a throstle(thrush; a common English Bird) sings he immediately starts to jump up and down and fights with his own shadow with his sword. If I will marry him I am going to marry Twenty husbands as he has characters of twenty men in him.If he despise me I will forgive him but if he loves me passionately then I will not be able to return his love.

Line 73 to 74 ; Speech of Nerissa:

What about Falconbridge, the young Baron of England?

Line 75 to 84; Speech of Portia:

You know I don't speak to him for he does not understand my language nor I him.He knew neither Latin,French nor Italian and you are the witness in the case that I have very little knowledge in English.He is a fine young man but who is going to talk to a dumb-show.He dresses himself very strangely-I think He bought his jacket from Italy his breeches from France his hat from Germany and his manners from everywhere.

Line 85;Speech of nerissa :

What you think about the Scottish Lord his neighbour?

Line 86 to 92; Speech of Portia :

He had a charity for his neighbour for he borrowed a blow on his ear from the englishman and he sweared he would pay him again when he was able.THe Frenchman gurranteed that he would repay the debt.

Line 93 to 94; Speech of Nerissa:

How did you like the young German the Duke of Saxony's nephew?

Line 95 to 101; Speech of Portia :

Very bad condition in the morning when he is sober(normal) and in most bad condition when he is drunk in the afternoon .When he is in best condition then he is little worse than a man and when he is in worst condition then he is little better than a beast.If the worst thing that could ever happen that should happen but I hope I could manage to go with him.

Line 102 to 105; Speech of Nerissa:

If he chooses the right casket then if you refuse him then you are refusing to accept your father's will.

Line 106 to 111;Speech of Portia :

THerefore for the fear of the worst I request you to set a glass of Rhenish wine glass on the opposite casket for if the devil be within him and if he is not drunk then I know he will the casket with wine .I will do anything Nerissa but I don't want to get married to a drunkard.

Line 112 to 118; Speech of Nerissa:

You need not to fear lady that you will have to accept any of these lords ,they themselves acquainted to me their decision is to return to their home instead of troubling you unless to win by some other means other than this casket method.

Line 119 to 125; Speech of Portia :

If I have to live as old as Sibylla then I will live as pure as Diana unless I aam obtained by someone else by the method of my father's will.I am glad this crowd of suitors are reasonable for there is not one among them for whom I do not wish to be absent.I pray to God to grant them a fair departure.

Line 126 to 129; Speech of Nerissa:

Do you remember lady in your father's time a Venetian ,a scholar and a soldier that came in the company of Marquis of Montferrat?

Line 130 to 131;Speech of Portia :

Yes ,yes It was Bassanio I think it was his name.

Line 132 to 134;Speech of Nerissa:

True madam he of all the men that ever my foolish eyes looked upon was the best for deserving a fair lady.

Line 135 to 137;Speech of Portia :

I remember him well and I know he is worthy of your praise. [enter a servant] How now ,what's news?

Line 138 to 142 ; Speech of Servant :

The four strangers are expecting you madame to take their leave and there is a messenger the fifth one came from morocco ; who has been representative of his master and said that his master will be here tonight.

Line 139 to 151; Speech of Portia :

If I could welcome the fifth one as I am happy as to bid the other four farewell then I should be glad of his arrival .If he has the condition of a saint and complexion of a devil then he should rather shrive me than wive me While we shut on door for the suitor then another knocks at the door.

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Oct 6, 2018

5. Health is better than wealth -Transformation of Sentences

1.Health is better than wealth. (Use: preferable)

Ans. Health is preferable to wealth.

2. He took every care yet he died. (Use : In spite of....)

Ans.In spite of taking every care he died.

3.Does anyone like paying fine? (Use: No one......)

Ans. No one like paying fine.

4. Beside making a promise, he kept it. (Use: Not only, but also)

Ans. He not only made a promise but also he kept it.

5. This watch may be expensive but I will by it. (Begin : However......)

Ans. However expensive the watch maybe but I will buy it.

6. It would be sensible to take him to hospital, before he collapse. (Begin : We had......)

Ans.We had been sensible enough to take him to the hospital before he collapse.

7. You would help me greatly by your advice. (Begin : I would.....)

Ans. I would be greatly helped by your advice.

8. Reema is not the cleverest girl in the class. (Ends :......than Rima)

Ans. Many other girls are clever in the class then Reema.

9.He is not only a good orator , but also an excellent actor. (Begin : Besides being.......)

Ans. Besides being a good orator he is an excellent actor.

10. They said , " We are sure Anil was here last month." (Begin : They said......)

Ans. They said that they were sure that Anil was here last month.

11.To show disrespect to your teacher is not good. (Begin : It......_)

Ans. It is not good to show this respect to your teacher.

12.The result surprised everybody in the town. (Begin : The result took.....)

Ans. The result took everyone to surprise.

13.Sand and potash largely make glass. (Begin : glass is .....)

Ans. Glass is largely made of Sand and Potash.

14. Shut the gate at once," the manager said to the gentleman. (Begin : The manager ordered....)

Ans. The manager ordered the gentleman to shut the door at once.

15. You remembered to post the letter, didn't you. (Begin : you didn't .......)

Ans. You didn't remember to post the letter.

16. To sleep under a tree at night is not advisable. (Begin : It is ....)

Ans. It is not advisable not to sleep and directory and directory under a tree.

17. He is too old for the job. ( Remove "too")

Ans. He is so old that he cannot do the job.

18. He saw the police and ran away. (Begin : As soon as ......)

Ans. As soon as he saw the police then he ran away.

19. It does not matter if we lose. (Begin : What if....)

Ans. What if we lose that it.

20.He is sorrowful, but yet hopeful. (Begin : Notwithstanding.....)

Ans. Notwithstanding the fact that he was sorrowful but also helpful.

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Sep 18, 2018

Hindi Writing Practice Dictation IMLA-10 video Practice session

Sentence by sentence Hindi dictation (IMLA) is compiled in these videos. The videos have been made such that it dose not need help of parents or any other to the learner. This is the first part. It will be continued upto minimum 10 videos

Take a paper and pen. Start listening and writing. Repeat the the video practice two or three time. I am confident that you will get lot of confidence for Hindi writing.

This video is about a diary of a boy ; who landed to Japan by air and expresses his first experience about Japan. It is very interesting. The fourth part will also be taken from this diary.

This Hindi dictation is about a letter written to the principal of a school for scholarship by a students. This dictation have few hard Hindi words. It will help students to learn and get practice for Hindi writing

In this dictation a topic of essay chosen ; which is AIM OF LIFE. You will also be excited to know the fact of these sentences.

This dictation (IMLA) of Hindi is about lucidity of language. Hard words can never be turn an article into an effective creation but the easy understanding of the article can fill life , emotion and attraction in the article.

....Next 4 videos will be published here.........
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