Feb 23, 2019

Ajanta and Ellora Hindi class 8_Question answer

Oral Question and Answer | मौखिक प्रश्न उत्तर , अजंता और एलोरा की गुफ़ाएँ Ajanta Elora Cave

Question 1. पाठ में किस जगह की यात्रा का वर्णन किया गया है ?

Answer 1.अजंता की गुफाओं का वर्णन किया गया है

Question 2. अजंता एलोरा कहां स्थित है ?

Answer 2.अजंता एलोरा औरंगाबाद में स्थित है जो महाराष्ट्र में है

Question 3. इन गुफाओं में बने चित्र किस शताब्दी में बने थे?

Answer 3.सातवीं शताब्दी में

Question 4. इन गुफाओं के चित्र पर किन धर्मों का प्रभाव दिखाई देता है ?

Answer 4.हिंदू बौद्ध तथा जैन धर्म

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Question 5. अजंता में कुल कितनी गुफाएं?

Answer 5.अजंता में कुल 30 गुफाएं हैं

Long Question Answer; लिखित वाले प्रश्न उत्तर
Question 1. इन गुफाओं की सबसे पहले खोज किसने और कब की ?

Answer 1.इन गुफाओं की खोज सबसे पहले ब्रिटिश सेना अधिकारी जॉन स्मिथ ने 1819 में की थी

Question 2. इन गुफाओं का निर्माण किस प्रकार किया गया?

Answer 2.इन गुफाओं में प्राकृतिक रंगों का उपयोग किया गया है

Question 3. इन गुफाओं की क्या विशेषताएं हैं?

Answer 3.अजंता और एलोरा दो अलग-अलग गुफाएं हैं अजंता की गुफाएं अजंता गांव के पास है जबकि एलोरा की गुफाएं वरुण नामक स्थान पर बनी हुई है अजंता की गुफाओं के चित्र आपस में एक दूसरे से जुड़े हुए हैं यह गुफाएं बौद्ध हिंदू और जैन धर्म के प्रति समर्पित हैं हजारों वर्ष बाद भी इनके चित्र के रंग हल्का नहीं पड़े अजंता गुफाओं से पता चलता है कि यहां स्तूप की पूजा की जाती थी इन गुफाओं में प्राकृतिक रंगों का उपयोग किया गया है गुफा 16 और 17 गुप्तकालीन है जो लकड़ी की बनी हुई लगती है इन गुफाओं में अनेक प्रकार के फूल पत्तियों वृक्षों पशु आकृति आदि के चित्रों से सजाया गया है यह चित्र आपस में एक दूसरे के साथ सजे हुए हैंएक नंबर गुफा में भगवान बुद्ध की मूर्ति है

Question 4. अजंता की गुफाओं में किस को चित्रित किया गया है?

Answer 4.अजंता की गुफाओं में भगवान बुध्द फूल पत्तियों वृक्षों पशु आकृतियों आदि की चित्र किया गया है 16 और 17 गुफाओं में जातक कथाएं दिखाई गई

Question 5. एलोरा की गुफाएं किस पत्थर को काटकर बनाई गई है ?

Answer 5.एलोरा की गुफाएं ज्वालामुखी बेसाल्ट इन पत्थरों को काटकर बनाई गई

Question 5. एलोरा में कितनी गुफाएं?

Answer 5.एलोरा में कुल 34 गुफाएं हैं

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Dec 2, 2018

Paraphrase of The Merchant Of Venice ACT 1 SCENE 2 Class 9,10

Act 1 Scene 2:Belmont, A room in Portia's house

Enter Portia and Nerissa

Line 1 to 2;Speech of Portia:

By my faith Nerissa my little body is tired of tired of this great world.

Line 3 to 10;Speech of Nerissa:

You would be happy if your miseries were in same amount as your good fortunes and I had seen people who are as much gloomy having every facilities as people having nothing.Your happiness would not decrease if your status is in mid way between poverty and riches.Those who have too much of anything will age sooner but those who have enough lives longer.

Line 11;Speech of Portia:

Good sentences and told in proper way.

Line 12;Speech of Nerissa:

They would be better if these sentences are followed or obeyed.

Line 13 to 29;Speech of Portia:

If knowing the good advice was as easy as to follow then chapels would have been churches and poor men's cottages would have been prince's palaces.It is a good preacher who follows his own advices.I can easily teach these twenty people than being one of them to follow my own teaching.The brain may devise laws for body but the heat of desire over leaps these cold laws.Youthful high spirits are like hare which easily leaps over the nets of limping good advice.But this reasoning is not enough to choose a husband for me.Oh, me the word "choose",I may neither choose whom I like nor refuse whom I dislike.Therefore the will of the living daughter curbed by will of a dead father.Is it not hard Nerissa that I can Neither choose nor refuse.

Line 30 to 40; Speech of Nerissa:

Your father was always virtuous and holy men at their matured age have divine guidance. Therefore the lottery he had devised for you in these three casket of gold ,silver and lead is for choosing the person who shall rightly love you. The meaning of the line inscribed on each casket must understand the meaning.but what warmth is there in your feeling toward these suitors that have already come here.

Line 41 to 44 ; Speech of Portia:

I request you to name them and as you name them I will describe them and According to my description level my affection for them.

Line 45 ; Speech of Nerissa:

First there is Neapolitan prince

Line 46 to 49; Speech of Portia:

Ay that an inexperienced young man like young horse , For he does nothing but talk only of his horse and he thinks it an appreciable job that he can shoe his own horse.

Line 50 ; Speech of Nerissa:

Then is the County Palatine

Line 51 to 59; Speech of Portia:

He does nothing but frown as if he would say "An you will not have me?choose"He hears merry tales and smiles not .I fear he will become the most weeping man when he will grow older being so full of unpleasant gloom in his youth.I would rather like to marry to a dead white skull with bones in his mouth than either of these two .God protect me from these two.

Line 60 ; Speech of Nerissa:

How about the French lord Monsieur Le Bon?

Line 61 to 72; Speech of Portia:

God made him and let he be accepted as a man.In truth I know it is sin to be a mocker .But he has a horse better than Neapolitan and a better habit of frowing than the county one.He has other men characteristics but no personality of his own.If a throstle(thrush; a common English Bird) sings he immediately starts to jump up and down and fights with his own shadow with his sword. If I will marry him I am going to marry Twenty husbands as he has characters of twenty men in him.If he despise me I will forgive him but if he loves me passionately then I will not be able to return his love.

Line 73 to 74 ; Speech of Nerissa:

What about Falconbridge, the young Baron of England?

Line 75 to 84; Speech of Portia:

You know I don't speak to him for he does not understand my language nor I him.He knew neither Latin,French nor Italian and you are the witness in the case that I have very little knowledge in English.He is a fine young man but who is going to talk to a dumb-show.He dresses himself very strangely-I think He bought his jacket from Italy his breeches from France his hat from Germany and his manners from everywhere.

Line 85;Speech of nerissa :

What you think about the Scottish Lord his neighbour?

Line 86 to 92; Speech of Portia :

He had a charity for his neighbour for he borrowed a blow on his ear from the englishman and he sweared he would pay him again when he was able.THe Frenchman gurranteed that he would repay the debt.

Line 93 to 94; Speech of Nerissa:

How did you like the young German the Duke of Saxony's nephew?

Line 95 to 101; Speech of Portia :

Very bad condition in the morning when he is sober(normal) and in most bad condition when he is drunk in the afternoon .When he is in best condition then he is little worse than a man and when he is in worst condition then he is little better than a beast.If the worst thing that could ever happen that should happen but I hope I could manage to go with him.

Line 102 to 105; Speech of Nerissa:

If he chooses the right casket then if you refuse him then you are refusing to accept your father's will.

Line 106 to 111;Speech of Portia :

THerefore for the fear of the worst I request you to set a glass of Rhenish wine glass on the opposite casket for if the devil be within him and if he is not drunk then I know he will the casket with wine .I will do anything Nerissa but I don't want to get married to a drunkard.

Line 112 to 118; Speech of Nerissa:

You need not to fear lady that you will have to accept any of these lords ,they themselves acquainted to me their decision is to return to their home instead of troubling you unless to win by some other means other than this casket method.

Line 119 to 125; Speech of Portia :

If I have to live as old as Sibylla then I will live as pure as Diana unless I aam obtained by someone else by the method of my father's will.I am glad this crowd of suitors are reasonable for there is not one among them for whom I do not wish to be absent.I pray to God to grant them a fair departure.

Line 126 to 129; Speech of Nerissa:

Do you remember lady in your father's time a Venetian ,a scholar and a soldier that came in the company of Marquis of Montferrat?

Line 130 to 131;Speech of Portia :

Yes ,yes It was Bassanio I think it was his name.

Line 132 to 134;Speech of Nerissa:

True madam he of all the men that ever my foolish eyes looked upon was the best for deserving a fair lady.

Line 135 to 137;Speech of Portia :

I remember him well and I know he is worthy of your praise. [enter a servant] How now ,what's news?

Line 138 to 142 ; Speech of Servant :

The four strangers are expecting you madame to take their leave and there is a messenger the fifth one came from morocco ; who has been representative of his master and said that his master will be here tonight.

Line 139 to 151; Speech of Portia :

If I could welcome the fifth one as I am happy as to bid the other four farewell then I should be glad of his arrival .If he has the condition of a saint and complexion of a devil then he should rather shrive me than wive me While we shut on door for the suitor then another knocks at the door.

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Oct 6, 2018

5. Health is better than wealth -Transformation of Sentences

1.Health is better than wealth. (Use: preferable)

Ans. Health is preferable to wealth.

2. He took every care yet he died. (Use : In spite of....)

Ans.In spite of taking every care he died.

3.Does anyone like paying fine? (Use: No one......)

Ans. No one like paying fine.

4. Beside making a promise, he kept it. (Use: Not only, but also)

Ans. He not only made a promise but also he kept it.

5. This watch may be expensive but I will by it. (Begin : However......)

Ans. However expensive the watch maybe but I will buy it.

6. It would be sensible to take him to hospital, before he collapse. (Begin : We had......)

Ans.We had been sensible enough to take him to the hospital before he collapse.

7. You would help me greatly by your advice. (Begin : I would.....)

Ans. I would be greatly helped by your advice.

8. Reema is not the cleverest girl in the class. (Ends :......than Rima)

Ans. Many other girls are clever in the class then Reema.

9.He is not only a good orator , but also an excellent actor. (Begin : Besides being.......)

Ans. Besides being a good orator he is an excellent actor.

10. They said , " We are sure Anil was here last month." (Begin : They said......)

Ans. They said that they were sure that Anil was here last month.

11.To show disrespect to your teacher is not good. (Begin : It......_)

Ans. It is not good to show this respect to your teacher.

12.The result surprised everybody in the town. (Begin : The result took.....)

Ans. The result took everyone to surprise.

13.Sand and potash largely make glass. (Begin : glass is .....)

Ans. Glass is largely made of Sand and Potash.

14. Shut the gate at once," the manager said to the gentleman. (Begin : The manager ordered....)

Ans. The manager ordered the gentleman to shut the door at once.

15. You remembered to post the letter, didn't you. (Begin : you didn't .......)

Ans. You didn't remember to post the letter.

16. To sleep under a tree at night is not advisable. (Begin : It is ....)

Ans. It is not advisable not to sleep and directory and directory under a tree.

17. He is too old for the job. ( Remove "too")

Ans. He is so old that he cannot do the job.

18. He saw the police and ran away. (Begin : As soon as ......)

Ans. As soon as he saw the police then he ran away.

19. It does not matter if we lose. (Begin : What if....)

Ans. What if we lose that it.

20.He is sorrowful, but yet hopeful. (Begin : Notwithstanding.....)

Ans. Notwithstanding the fact that he was sorrowful but also helpful.

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Sep 18, 2018

Hindi Writing Practice Dictation IMLA-10 video Practice session

Sentence by sentence Hindi dictation (IMLA) is compiled in these videos. The videos have been made such that it dose not need help of parents or any other to the learner. This is the first part. It will be continued upto minimum 10 videos

Take a paper and pen. Start listening and writing. Repeat the the video practice two or three time. I am confident that you will get lot of confidence for Hindi writing.

This video is about a diary of a boy ; who landed to Japan by air and expresses his first experience about Japan. It is very interesting. The fourth part will also be taken from this diary.

This Hindi dictation is about a letter written to the principal of a school for scholarship by a students. This dictation have few hard Hindi words. It will help students to learn and get practice for Hindi writing

In this dictation a topic of essay chosen ; which is AIM OF LIFE. You will also be excited to know the fact of these sentences.

This dictation (IMLA) of Hindi is about lucidity of language. Hard words can never be turn an article into an effective creation but the easy understanding of the article can fill life , emotion and attraction in the article.

....Next 4 videos will be published here.........
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Sep 8, 2018

4. He said, "When is the next train?"-Change Narration

17. He said, "When is the next train?"

Ans.: He asked when the next train was.

18. "Where is your little companion?" He said to the children.

Ans.: He asked children where their little companion was.

19. He said to me, "Are you well?"

Ans.: He asked me if he was well.

20. He said, "Do you know me?"

Ans.: He asked if she knew her.

21. Ram said to hurry , "Will you go there?"

Ans.: Ram asked Hari if he would go there.

22. The teacher said , " why are you late Ram?"

Ans.: The teacher asked Ram why he was late.

23. He said , , " Is it day or night?"

Ans.: He asked if it was day or night .

24. " Will you be here for the next five minutes?" He said, "yes", I answered.

Ans.: He asked me if I would be there for the next five minutes and I answered yes.

 4. He said, "When is the next train?"-Change Narration

25. The teacher said , " Who does own this office book?"

Ans.: The teacher asked who owned that office book .

26. " Do you like this ?" He said ,"yes", I answered.

Ans.: He asked me if he like that and I answered yes.

27. He said, " Will you come to the cinema?" ,I said ,"yes."

Ans.: He asked me if I would come to the cinema and I answered yes.

28. I said to him, " Have you prepared your lesson? ",He replied, "yes."

Ans.: I asked him if he had prepared his lessons and he answered yes .

29. Sumita said to Prabal , "good morning.How are you?"

Ans.: Sumita wished Prabal good morning and asked how he was .

30. The boy said to the teacher , " May I enter the class, sir?"

Ans.: The boy asked the teacher if he might enterthe class.

31. He said , " Do you know who is coming? "

Ans.: He asked me weather I knew who was coming .

32. Hello! he said, "Do you need any help?"

Ans.: He wished me hello and asked if I needed any help.

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Aug 30, 2018

3. The teacher said to me, "You are wrong"-Change Narration

1.Ram says, " I am ill" (Change Narration)

Ans. Ram says that he is ill.

2. He said, " I have seen a ghost."

Ans. : He said that he had seen a ghost .

3.The teacher said to me, "You are wrong'"

Ans.:The teacher said to me that I was wrong .

4. He said , " I lived many years in China."

Ans.: He said that he had lived many years in China.

5. He said,"I shall not go there."

Ans.: He said that he would not go there.

6. He said," I must go home now."

Ans.: He said that he must went home then.

7. He said , " I wrote to her the day before."

Ans.: He said that he had written to her the day before the previous day.

8.He has said," I am very sorry."

Ans.: He said that he is very ill.

9.He will say," I am very sorry."

Ans.: He will say he is very sorry.

10. He said , " I shall go tomorrow."

Ans.: He said that he should go home the next day.

11. He said, "I will do it."

Ans.:He said that he would do it.

12. Raman said, "I must go."

Ans.: Raman said that he must went.

13. He said , "I have had my breakfast."

Ans.: He said that he had had his breakfast.

14. " I have lost my books and yours too." He told her.

Ans.: He told her that he had lost books and her too .

15. He said, " Why did you go there?"

Ans.: He asked why she had gone there.

16. He said, " Where is she going?"

Ans.: He asked where she was going.

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Aug 12, 2018

2 He said I wonder if I will meet those officers again Begin: He wondered that

1. He said I wonder if I will meet those officers again. (Begin: He wondered that....)

Ans.He wondered if he would meet those officers again.

2. To squander away your money is very disappointing. (begin it is.. )

Ans. It is very disappointing that you are squandering away your money. .

3.This is the best book that I have read. (begin: I have not read....)

Ans. I have not read any other best book than this.

4. Do not be greedy and you will be happy. (Begin : If ....)

He said I wonder if I will meet those officers again Begin: He wondered that

Ans. if you will not be greedy you will be happy.

5.This is not the way a gentleman should behave. (Begin : Is that....)

Ans. Is that a way a gentleman should behave.

6. First deserve then Desire. (begin Don't Desire....)

Ans.Don't desire when you don't deserve.

7.Hospital staff must admit all emergency cases. ( Begin: All emergency cases....)

Ans. All emergency cases must be admitted by all hospitals. .

8."I have had fever for many days, doctor", said he. ( Begin: He said to the doctor that....)

Ans. He said to the doctor that he had had fever for many days.

9. She said, "I think I may complete this project tomorrow ." (Begin : She said that ......)

Ans. She said that she thought she might complete that project the next day.

10.To destroy the wildlife is unwise. (begin : . (Begin :it is......)

Ans. It is unwise to destroy the wildlife.

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Aug 10, 2018

1. The ministers are holding a meeting tomorrow. Begin with : A meeting

1. The ministers are holding a meeting tomorrow. (Begin : a meeting.._)

Ans. A meeting is being held by the ministers tomorrow.

2. Nobody has behaved with us like this before. (Begin :Never...)

Ans. Never anyone has behaved with us like this before.

3.So father, you will buy the house as I have been suggesting"' she said. (BEGIN:she reminded....)

Ans. She reminded her father to buy the house as she had been suggesting to him.

4. To know if tomorrow will be fine is impossible . (Begin : It is.....)

Ans. It is impossible to know if tomorrow will be fine.

The ministers are holding a meeting tomorrow. Begin with : A meeting

5.Very few cities are as big as Kolkata. (Begin : biggest....)

Ans. Kolkata is one of the biggest city.

6.Didn't I meet you in the library yesterday? (END:Didn't I....) (END:Didn't I....)

Ans. I meet you in the library yesterday, didn't I?

7.Who will not help a man in distress? (Anybody....) (Anybody....)

Ans. Anybody will help a man in distress.

8.We found a few boys in the class. (USE:Many boys....) ( USE:Many boys....)

Ans. Many boys were not found in the class.

9.This shop does not accept cheques. (Begin : Cheques ......)

Ans.Cheques are not accepted in this shop.

10.I will help you if I can,” he promised me." (Begin : He promised me that)

Ans. He promised me that he would help me if he could.

Above 10 sentences are for practice. There are many sets of these type of sentences. it is our best effort to provide maximum practice sets to the students.

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