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Summary of Poem 'Silver' English Literature Class 4

The poem "Silver" is written by Walter de la Mare. The poem talks about the moon observing each and everything and how its moon light casts upon trees and animals. There is serenity all over, the night is shiny with the silvery shine of the moon. All the things and animals are drenched in the silvery shine of the moon.The poem begins with the moon moving slowly and silently with her silver shine and then she peers and sees the silver fruits upon silver trees. Then, the casement catches her beams beneath the silvery thatch. The dog is compared to a log who is couched and sleeping in his kennel with his silvery paws. The doves are sleeping with their silver feathers and the white breasts peep from the shadowy cote. The moon further sees the scampering mouse with silver claws and eyes. The poem ends with the moveless fish where the reed and stream are silver.

Reference to the context The Yellow Brick Road | English Literature

1."I am going to OZ to ask him for some brain."
Question a. Who wanted brain and why?
Question b. What did the speaker have instead of brain?
Answer a.The scarecrow wanted brain because his head was stuffed with straw and he could not think because to think one needs a brain. Answer b. The speaker wanted a heart so that he can love the girl whom did he loved.2."Brains do not make one happy."
Question a. Who is the speaker?
Question b. What did the speaker wanted and why?
Question c. What did he consider the best thing in the world?
Answer a. The tin wood man is the speaker. Answer a. The speaker wanted heart, so that he can love the girl. Answer a. He thought that the heart is the best thing in the world. By Layman Frank Baum
He was an American author. He used to write fantasy stories for children. The Wonderful Wizare of Oz was his best known work. It was also staged as play and a wonderful film.

Active Voice into Passive voice of Critical Sentences

Question 1. Whom do you want here?
Question 2.Sugar sells by the kilogram.
Question 3. They Called him a wise man.
Answer1: Who is wanted here by you?

Answer2: Sugar is sold by the kilogram.

Answer3: He was called wise man by them.

Question 1. You surprise me.
Question 2. Delete the useless SMS.
Question 3. Divert all my calls to my cellphone.
Question 4 . Take this medicine only if needed.
Question 4 . The children laughed at the beggar.

Answer 1: I was surprised by you.

Answer 2: Useless SMS should be deleted

Answer 3: All my calls should be diverted to my cellphone.

Answer 4: This medicine must be taken only if needed.

Answer 4: The beggar was laughed at by the children.

8. Relation between Angle of Incident Emergent Angel Angle fo Deviation and Angle of Prism Physic

When a ray of light falls on a surface of a prism, it deviates from its original path and the ray of light is broken up into seven colours. It is the constituent color of light. Due to this a spectrum is formed. The individual colour that is visible in the spectrum , starting from bottom are : Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Orange and Red. This can be remembered with this letter 'VIBGYOR'. Each letter is the starting letter of the color in the spectrum. Here the relation between incident angle , angle of deviation and emergent angle has been shown. This relation is very important and it comes in the examination. Watch the video carefully and comment if you have any query. in Δ MPQ
OR ∂= ∂1+∂2 -------- (eqn 1)
Or ∂1 = i1 - r1
Or ∂2 = i2 - r2
In quadrilateral APNQ, We can write
We can write, ∠PNQ = 180- A -------- (eqn 2)( Because ∠APN = ∠AQN = 90)
But for ΔPNQ, we can write ,
∠PNQ=180 - (r1+r2) -------- (eqn 3)
Comparing eqn 2 and eqn 3 we get:

Question Answer of The Poem ' The Violet' English Literature Class 5

Question:1.What is the color of the flower?
Answers: 1.The colour of the flower was violet.Question:2.What does the poet mean by a 'rosy bower' ? (Tick the correct meaning)
a)Shower of roses
b) A pleasant place in the shade under rose plants.
c) A hut covered with roses.
Answers: 2. The correct option is b)A pleasant place in the shade under rose plants.. Question:3.Why does the poet wants the violet to be in a rosy bower ?
Answers: 3. The poet wants the violet to be in the rosy bower to show its beaty , so that the poet can go to the valley to see the beatiful flowers.Question:4.What lesson the does the violet teache us ?
Answers: 4.The poem teach us to be quiet, modest and gentle.

Question Answer of 'The Ant and The Cricket' English Literature Class 4

Question:1.Why did the cricket began to complain? ?
Answers: 1.1. The cricket began to complain when he found out at home that the cupboards were empty with no food and the winter was to come.Question:2.What did the cricket do in summer months ?
Answers: 2. The cricket sang in the summer months.Question:3.Describe the condition of the cricket. ?
Answers: 3. The condition of the cricket was that he didn't have a crumb, flower or a leaf to eat on the snow-covered ground .Question:4.Whom did the cricket ask for help? ?
Answers: 4. The cricket asked a miserly ant for help.Question:5.What did the cricket tell her? ?
Answers: 5. The cricket asked the ant whether he would provide him shelter from rain and a mouth full of grain. He also said that he would only borrow and would repay her tomorrow .Question:6.What does wicket mean? ?
Answers: 6. Wicket means a small gate.Question:7. What does the word 'fable' mean?
Answers: 7. Fable means a short story which has animals as characters and w…

Summary 'The Ant and the Cricket' Class 4

The fable starts with a cricket who is in search of food and warmth in winter because he spent all of his time singing instead of collecting food during summer. He then sets off to see a miserly ant in hope that he would provide him with grain and shelter but the ant questions why and after knowing that he sang all summer, he hastily makes the cricket go away. So the fable 'The Ant and the Cricket' tells us that if we live without work and have a lazy life, we will live without food.