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Word Contraction English Grammar Class 2

Words (negative verb)Contractionis notisn'tare notaren'twas notwasn'twere notweren'thas nothasn'thave nothaven'twill notwon'twould notwouldn'tdo notdon'tdoes notdoesn'tcould notcouldn'tdid notdidn'tcan notcan'tshould notshouldn'tmight notnightn'tWatch the above video to grasp idea about word contraction.

Countable and Uncountable Noun-English Grammar

Singular and Plural Number for Class 2 is very common learning needed for the students. In this article we will show how to use few, many , littleand much for expressing singular and plural numbers.
Countable noun-A noun that can be counted. 
e.g. leaf-singular number,
leaves - plural number.

The important thing is to learn for elder students also is that what will be used to write few things for countable noun.
e.g. There were fewmen on the road. (don't use little because men are countable noun)

There were many men on the road. (don't use much because men are countable noun)

Uncountable noun-A noun that can not be counted. e.g. water, milk, air, honesty etc.
I have got  little milk .(don't use few because milk is uncountable noun)
I have got  much milk .(don't use many because milk is uncountable noun)
This video is with Hindi lecture