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Role of Forest in Controlling Flood Hindi Essay| बाढ़ नियन्त्रण पर वनों या जंगलों की भूमिका पर हिन्दी में निबंध

233 Words Hindi Essay
बाढ़ को रोकने और नियंत्रित करने में वन एक प्रमुख भूमिका निभाते हैं। अपनी गहरी जड़ों में वृक्ष पानी का भंडार इकट्ठा करतें हैं । वन मिट्टी में पानी को जाने की आसान सुविधा प्रदान करते हैं। वे अत्यधिक पानी को नष्ट होने से भी रोकते हैं। और इसतरह भूस्खलन और ऊपरी सतह के क्षरण को भी रोकते हैं। अधिकांश बाढ़ संबंधी आपदाएं वनों की कटाई के कारण होती हैं। जंगल के पानी रखने की क्षमता बहुत से गुणों पर आधारित है। जैसे उसमे से एक है वनो का फैला हुआ क्षेत्रफल । ३०-४०% प्रतिशत क्षेत्रफल मे फैला हुआ मजबूत जंगल द्रुत गति वाले बाढ़ को ब्रेक लगाने मे काफ़ी हद तक कामयाब होता है। और इस तरह बहुत अधिक जीवन और संपत्ति का नुकसान को बचा लेता है । और बाढ़ से होने वाले नुकसान को बहुत कम करता है। वन सूखा को रोकते हैं। वन सूखा और बाढ़ के मध्य एक बफर स्टॉक का कम करते हैं । इस तरह वन इन दोनो के बीच संतुलन बनाए रखने का कम करते हैं।वन पृथ्वी पर एक वरदान है । वनों का पानी होल्ड करने की क्षमता इनका सबसे महत्वपूर्ण गुण हैं । इस कारण ही वन बाढ़ को रोकने मे सबसे महत्वपूर्णा भूमिका निभा पाते है…

Question Paper of ENGLISH LITERATURE Class 5 of a School Final Year

Roll No. R Name:
St. Peter's School
Class: V
Full Marks: 80
Time 2 Hrs.
This Question Paper Consists of 02 printed pages
1. Answer the following questions (5 x 5 = 25)
a) How did Tom make Ben and Billy work for him?
b) How did the white elephant help the forester?
e) How was the day spoilt for Tom?
d) Why did the white elephant decide to live in a distant cave with his mother?
e) What is special about the asses and men?
2. Read the lines and answer the following question: (8 x 3= 24)
a) "And there the puppy mews and mews And the kitten barks and barks " i) Name the poem and poet. (2)
ii) Why does the poet call the town "Curious' (3)
iii)what does the frog do? (3)
b)"Lets forget the treachery of the forester and think only of the King's goodness" (i)Who is the speaker?
ii)What treachery did the forester do? (2)
iii) How did the king treat the speaker (2)
iv) What…

My 'Lost Dollar Express' Your Opinion on the Practice of Lending and Borrowing Money English Literature

My Lost Dollar :
By referring closely to the incidents in the story My Lost Dollar' express your opinion on the practice of lending and borrowing money. My lost dollar is a short comedy story on the practice of lending and borrowing Money. The full story revolves around $1; which was being lend to Major Todd by the narrator. Major Todd was the close friend of the narrator and he was the member of University club of Montreal. Being a forgetful type of person mother Todd forgets about the dollar. Actually one year ago Major Todd was about to leave for his Bermuda trip and he had no change money to pay the taxi fare, Therefore he quietly ask for $1 from narrator. The narrator lend him the money, hoping that Todd would return the money. During the trip Major Todd from Bermuda send a note for narrator. The Nrator expected that his Dollar would be inside it but to his disappointment there was a simple note containing the information about the extreme temperature of Bermuda. After hi…

Question Paper of History Class 5 of a School Final year

Class V)
Time):2 Hrs.)
Full Marks: 80)

This Question Paper Consists of 02 printed pages.
1. Fill in the blanks (1 x 15 15)
a) Galileo was the first person to study the _________________ through a ________________
b)Christopher Columbus was a _____________________explorer who discovered ______________and_______________
c) After the Dutch came the ________________ from ______________and settled at Serampore. d) The first railway in India was constructed in______________ . It ran between _____________ and _______________
e) Educated Indians started bringing in ______________and ________________reforms to change the general outlook of the people. f)The First world war broke with _________, ___________ , __________ and some other countries on one side and Germany on the other.
2. Name the following:
a)The head of the council of Ministers.(1)
b)Machine used instead of ballot box. (1)
c) The head of the Republic of India.(1)
(3) d) Three main…

Question Paper English Language Class 5 of a School Final year

Roll No

Class -V
Full Marks: 80
Time 2 Hrs

This Question Paper Consists of 04 printed pages
1. Write a paragraph on any one topic. (15)
a)An experience in a crowded bus.
b) While walking on the road, you suddenly find a one thousand rupees note. What would you like to do with.
2. a) Write a letter to your friend inviting him her to join you in a picnic during the winter holidays. (10)
write a letter to your cousin about your hobby
3. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:
How often have you returned from a trip to the out doors disappointed at not having seen any animals? Some days even birds, other than bold and friendly ones, are hard to see. Wait There are certain explanations for this. Perhaps you were walking too fast or noisily on the dry leaf littered forest floor or you were talleing non-stop with a friend Or wearing bright-coloured clothes with a million little things jingling in your poc…

Question Paper of Moral Science class 5 of a School Final year

Full Marks: 40
Class v

I. Answer the following questions:(8× 2=16)
a) What made Rita so cheerful b) what does God want us to be?
C) How can we radiate beauty and spread cheer and happiness like the sunflower?
d) How did the man describe the nature to his companion?
e) How can life be destroyed?
f)How do our parents and elders show their love to us?
g) What is our duty towards our parents?
h) What is required to live in harmony in a family?
II . Fill in the blanks:(4 x 2=8)
a) Tree ______________ lasts for ever.
b) Happiness shared is happiness ______________.
C) ______________ is showing kindness to a person who does not deserve it.
d) Home is where the ______________ is.
Ill. What should be done and why? 4 x2=8
a) When you see your teacher struggling with a bundle of books,
b) When you see a blind man trying to cross a road.
c) When your friend is in need of money?
d) When your helper does not come to work?
IV) God measu…

State How the story 'Hunger' by Nasira Sharma brings out the socio-economic Inequality between the Have and Have-Nots

State how the story hunger written by nasira Sharma drinks out the socio economic inequality between the have and the have nots question mark what do you think is the reason for the huge economic disturbances between these two classes in the developing country. By Nasira Sharma
The story 'Hunger' is a criticism on the economic imbalance in the society. Here the author Nasira Sharma has brought out a difference between 'have' and 'have nots' during the Iranian revolution. After the Islamic revolution in Iran and the setting up of republican government, there was a huge economic disturbances. Various instances given in the story reveals about these social differences. First the story is introducing a Marketplace where a young educated man Rizwan is selling cold drinks. It is a crowded place and people are buying things lavishly. A rag seller Qasim is also found approaching to the place for selling the warm clothes. Though Rizwan is educated but he is facing un…